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  1. Perhaps, but he has confidence in himself and that carries over to the rest of the team.
  2. Great post. A lot of our defensive yardage given up came explosive plays in the Vandy game. I have to think that Coach White is paying attention to stats like these.
  3. Yeah, they need to keep that uni combo the rest of the home games, particularly the night games. I like the GAMECOCKS on the front of the jerseys.
  4. I also had wondered what happened to the guys who left us. Great post, Feathered.
  5. The tape on Doty so far is he puts up a lot of yardage, but can't get the TDs for one reason or another. I remember Mike Davis once saying that Thompson was good about reminding him and others what they needed to do in the called play. It may just be something as simple as that, but damned near impossible if a QB is not up to speed on the playbook like he should be. Noland has probably seen variations of plays very similar to what we are running now because he has simply has more experience than everyone else in the QB room right now.
  6. I really think we could have beaten UK with a combination of Doty and Noland, but Noland's hand was still gimpy right after the UGA game. UGA is obviously the class of the SEC East this season. Coach White owned up to making a mistake by playing too conservative in the first half of the UT game. I still believe we have an major upset in us at some point during the remainder of the season. TAMU has gotten so used to dominating us that it's hard for me to believe they will take us seriously. Straight up, I don't think too many opposing teams do at this point in the season. I really believe that we are a trap game for the Aggies at College Station this Saturday. We'll see.
  7. I thought we waited almost too late to put Noland in and I thought the only reason we didn't sooner was maybe because Zeb still had issues with feeling in his injured hand. Every coordinator has to stick to a system and Noland has no eligibility after this season, so I understand Satt sticking with Doty to get him the reps. Everyone is tired of watching bad Gamecock football. Poor Tommy Suggs seems so frustrated with it on the radio and I think we are all like that. Multiple OCs have come in here trying to run a Pro-style offense with sub-NFL players. The wins don't come early on but they stick with it. Then by the time the higher level of recruits to execute the offense is finally there, the OC is gone because of the horrible W-L record. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.
  8. Sorry to hear of his death this morning. RIP
  9. I believe the offense will be play better with Noland as QB. We may play something like we did with Thompson in the 2012 Clemson game if the defense plays better. It's hard to see daylight at the end of the tunnel right now, but I do believe there's a chance we get two more wins (one of those against Clemson) and get bowl eligible.
  10. They both compete for the starting job, but I believe Noland shows leadership and tends to more effectively calm guys down than Doty. Doty is pretty high energy, but sometimes you need to relax. I believe that's one of the reasons Shane brought him in here. It obviously works, too, and they play better with Noland under center. My WatchESPN froze up right after we missed the first down attempt instead of going for the FG. The look of disgust on the faces of our guys on the sideline shot that froze up was very noticeable to me and one of the reasons I didn't listen to much of the 3rd quarter on the radio.
  11. Well, there's your answer for this Saturday, folks. Thank you, sweet baby Jesus.
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