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  1. No better way to beat the #16 Vols than this. Rubber match tonight at 7:00 pm EST in Columbia.
  2. Yeah, he was a great player on a mediocre team, but there are a lot of guys from smaller schools with the same problem that still end up in the NFL. Ironically, I now think the NFL overall as a mediocrity issue past the 4 or 5 premier teams.
  3. https://www.foxnews.com/us/breonna-taylors-mother-blm-louisville-fraud Poor blue collar Southern Whites laid the foundation for NASCAR, but then they got aced out when the TV money started rolling in. That's part of the reason for the CBF flying at some of the events. Blacks still don't realize it yet, but they are being NASCAR'd by BLM leadership.
  4. Two separate police reports were taken from the women. Not sure if serious. I have said from the beginning, as have others, that the charge against Penland was justified. He should have just called the police and let them handle the situation with the young man.
  5. Pentland's actions were wrong and illegal, but he apparently wasn't just attacking a young Black man for no reason.
  6. Here is the presser by Sheriff Lott. You need to pay close attention to the last half of the presser. https://www.wltx.com/video/news/local/soldier-charged-after-viral-video-incident-in-columbias-summit-neighborhood/101-134f8c89-6653-461d-84e6-e144fb653604 He is intentionally sidestepping the questions about the victim messing with two women before that and that's probably what led up to the confrontation. Lott is trying to avoid the racial protest violence that has plagued other cities recently, but it's clear from his comments the victim was acting appropriately with the two women who were part of the complaints taken by the RCSD after the incident. The video at face value is disturbing, but there were things going on that led to the confrontation. Lott said the kid's behavior was inappropriate, but didn't justify Pentland's actions and he's right. The kid's not a minor, either. It makes you think the RCSD is intentionally keeping quiet about the kid's behavior before then to highlight the justification of the charge against Pentland. There may be some legal action taken against the victim later, but Lott is correctly focusing on handing out justice in a potentially explosive situation.
  7. The facts would say that the Midwest and Pacific Northwest have become the new Old South in terms of race relations.
  8. Straight up, I thought we didn't have enough innings in this one to get the win and turned the game off to do yard work. It seems like opposing coaches have figured what we struggle with and give us that kind of pitcher in our Game 1's with them. Glad we got the two wins, but we really shouldn't be struggling that much with anything at the plate at this point in the season.
  9. The media hype Twitter for transfer Reese shows him wearing Lawson's number, so am I correct in assuming AJ is gone?

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