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  1. And when you ask 'em "How much should we give?" They only answer, "More, more, more..." It ain't me, it ain't me, I ain't no fortunate son.
  2. Taxing the super rich is a boilerplate gimmick all the Dems use now, but the reality is their "free money" plans are a crock of poop that hits the middle class eventually. They pointin' the tax cannon at you and me. It ain't me, it ain't me, I ain't no fortunate son.
  3. It's not so much the losses but how we lose. Even if the number of losses is low but Frank is not really trying to coach and win the games we lose, we're screwed. The pollsters and selection committees know his tendencies by now.
  4. Hopefully the State Department has been smart enough to pull its people out of the embassy in the short term.
  5. Kobe Bean. Damn. Now there are saying there were 9 on the flight instead of the 5 initially reported. T&P for family and friends of the victims.
  6. Buttigieg is the most electable of the Democratic candidates, but he is too young and too soon. His status is very similar to that of Obama when he first came on the scene giving the keynote speech at Democratic National Convention in 2004. He needs to age a little and get some more political meat on his bones. I also don't think the USA is ready for an openly gay President yet, but it may be in 2024. I do, however, think he is the next Democratic President one way or the other because his high IQ is very similar to Bill Clinton's and he would be very good at bridging the party gaps to fix our national problems. But he's four years too early right now.
  7. At my previous job, 30 engineers were told their jobs were going to India within six months to a year before the plant eventually closed. The type of degree and where you got it from is dang irrelevant when the market for said degree is quickly disappearing due to trade imbalances and currency manipulation by China. There's the people in the large cities in the Midwest and Northeast, where the corporate offices are, who make the decisions that send good-paying jobs overseas and then there's the rest of us. The 2016 election and the next one in November is about the rest of us.
  8. WatchESPN wouldn't stop buffering for me, so I listened to the second half on the radio. Nice to get a rule-rather-than-exception win tonight. Vandy goes to 0-24 and ties the wrong kind of SEC record tonight. Jerry Stackhouse is gonna have to earn some coaching bucks this year for Vandy.
  9. I don't agree with the media people about the liberal arts comments, but ...
  10. Most people didn't realize the North Koreans were as far along with their missile program until Trump prodded Kim into showing it to the world. The Iranians specifically targeted the living quarters of our troops to kill as many Americans as they could and would have been successful had we not had early warning of imminent danger. Most people didn't realize how lethal and accurate the Iranian missile systems were until Trump prodded the Iranians into showing it to the world. The Iranian military is a legitimate threat to the free world just like the North Korean military is. Trump showed it to us in his own unorthodox way, but everybody gets it now. Trump was just repeating what the relevant military commanders were telling him at the time. You sure as hell don't let our enemies in Iraq and Iran know a base is vulnerable to attack because of decreased manpower to please a bunch of Internet trolls, either.
  11. Several key Democratic Presidential candidates are unable to campaign in Iowa right now because they have to be in an impeachment trial that was intentionally delayed by a senior Democratic party leader for no apparent reason.
  12. Obama's policies are what happened to them. Duh.
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