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  1. DO YOU EVEN UNDERSTAND WE CANNOT RECOVER FROM THIS ECONOMICALLY IF THE LOCK-DOWNS CONTINUE? 10 MILLION PEOPLE HAVE FILED FOR UNEMPLOYMENT IN THE LAST TWO WEEKS. THERE IS NOT ENOUGH MONEY TO PAY UNEMPLOYMENT FOR THE MILLIONS WHO WILL BE UNEMPLOYED IF THE LOCK-DOWNS CONTINUE. Have you learned how to make your own toilet paper yet, Ace? Looking forward to you posting about having to use your hand. The perfect Son of God came to earth to save us and instead our sins murdered him. He could have ruled the Earth forever, but instead my sins (and yours) murdered him on the Cross. John 3:16 After his Crucifixion and Resurrection, Jesus came back among the Disciples to instruct them on what they had to do, but they did not recognize him because he took the form of someone else. They recognized him from his words and demeanor. If he took on another form then, he can certainly do the same now because he is God. Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. Jesus came to Earth as the Lamb, but will return as the Lion. When someone dies, no matter the reason, it's the end of days for them and their spirit either goes to Hell or Heaven. The end of days has come and will continue to come for a lot of people no matter when, how or why they die. Are you ready, Ace?
  2. Luke 12:13-21 Three years ago a childhood friend who was like a brother to me was diagnosed with Stage IV pancreatic cancer. Six weeks later he was gone before I could even get home to see him before he died. Two years ago my mom had a stroke and died two days later. Make it easy on yourself. When God is ready to take you, he takes you. It could happen tomorrow. Are you ready, Ace?
  3. Here is another misleading link from scientists. https://www.sciencealert.com/the-new-coronavirus-could-have-been-percolating-innocently-in-humans-for-years Perhaps the scientists don't know everything about the virus and people may be more resistant to it than we have been led to believe, eh? Scientists merely analyze the world that God created. The face of Jesus will be coming through the clouds. Are you ready, Ace?
  4. I am just posting screenshots of official SC DHEC websites. And you're right about it being a bad deal if the infections continue to ramp-up in warm months. My point is people die from things other than COVID-19 all the time. People are not going to doctor's offices for normally serious issues besides COVID-19 out of fear and their staffs are having their hours cut. My BIL is a smoker in his 60s with COPD and he was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes several years ago. He has to be able to get to a doctor every now and then for the diabetic issues and he's had some scares. So he's screwed either way right now and he's scared just like you are. If we are locked down to the point where the other health-related types of deaths started to go up higher than those for COVID-19 then we have to ask ourselves what is the point. The intersection of that and a cratered economy is where things need to be lifted by a fair amount. You're assuming the lock-downs will stop the infections, but if they really have no noticeable effect then we can't continue to crater the economy. None of us really want to think about that, but that is a possibility. One of Mario Cuomo's people said the other day the common cold is also a coronavirus. If this thing spreads like the common cold, then there's not much we can do. I think the authorities know that might be the case, but they're not saying anything.
  5. Not really. Hospitals don't have the patient capacity to handle the overlap.
  6. This is the data for the flu from the 2017-18 end of year report from DHEC. This is by week number instead of month number for the reporting year. The 2018-19 data is not posted, but this is where the spike usually happens and there should be no overlap with CV until next December. They need to ease up on the lock-down stuff if the CV infections begin to taper off in April like the flu does every year. The major issue is lack of patient capacity at health care facilities during the overlap periods whether or not a treatment is found.
  7. There are 15 CV deaths in SC as of today. Up 2 from yesterday. As a comparison, flu deaths for this year are at 109. SC DHEC tracks the flu season from the end of September of one year to the next and this is Week 12 in their system. There were 149 deaths at this point last year. At face value, it may look like the CV social distancing is reducing the number of flu deaths if you look at the totals, but you may have to watch the entire reporting year to get an accurate answer.
  8. https://www.cnn.com/2020/03/28/opinions/coronavirus-grandparents-glock/index.html
  9. Just going by what a trained medical professional who couldn't diagnose told me, dumb-ass. https://scdhec.gov/infectious-diseases/bacterial-diseases/whooping-cough-pertussis Have you gotten Sammy the squirrel's lab results back yet, Dr. Doolittle?
  10. Here is the SC DHEC's exponential forecast of new cases in the near future.
  11. The Alpha and the Omega Man.
  12. Oh, yeah, you got that right. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/whats-in-democrats-coronavirus-bill-arts-funding-union-help-and-more I have always voted for moderate Democrats in the past, but no way in hell I would do it now. This is the reason a Republican President needs to stay in the White House. You can't fix stupid. #TrumpLandslide2020
  13. The rural areas are not being affected as bad and don't have the social interaction that the urban areas do. Protecting against the virus is a moot point if most everyone in the country is out of work. The rural areas need to be opened back up in a few more weeks.

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