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  1. I remember this commercial coming out when the Iraq war was ramping up around 2003. Still a great one after all these years.
  2. Zephyr would have been a great name, but no more Lincoln-Mercury for a while now. Capri would have worked, too. The sad thing is you know Ford paid everyone in the audience to look and act like they were excited about it.
  3. This is our first 3-0 start since the 2016-17 Final Four run year. Pretty or not, consistently winning means a lot in a Frank Martin system because it usually mean the team is on the same pages. It's still one game at a time for me, but we're looking good so far. UConn beat UF last night and Evansville upset UK the other week. We just need to keep chuggin'.
  4. #NotMyMustang They have already tried this. It was called the Edsel.
  5. Went to see it Saturday. 10/10 I liked the first-person viewpoint from those on-board the USS Enterprise. This also goes for the Pearl Harbor scenes aboard the Arizona. I had the privilege of watching the CAF Pearl Harbor re-enactment and the planes are just suddenly there dropping their bombs. To me, it is a much better movie than the recent Star Wars chapters combined. I also like how it portrayed the role of enlisted men in the daily operations of the ships. The scenes inside the submarine Nautilus are just damned incredible. The merging of CG and live action was pretty much seamless and the movie will probably get an Oscar or two for that alone. This is a style of movie that just isn't made anymore. There is also a scene from the Officers Club halfway through the closing credits that pretty much nails that era of music down pretty good. I will probably see it a few more times in the theater and then pick up the DVD when it comes out. Just a damned good movie IMO.
  6. Pole building. Lawnmower. Contract. Mmm-kayyy?
  7. We knew the upper-tier games were going to be tough this season, but it's the losses against the lesser teams that have been the issue. A win against Clemson is highly unlikely and firing BMac is the only thing that will improve the team next year.
  8. https://twitter.com/RobbeeeRob/status/1195079421679550464
  9. Zia wasn't as polished as the others with the initial pressers when they got on campus this year, but I got the feeling she was just going to be a baller for us regardless. I was unable to watch or listen to the game. Did we look like we had a physical hangover from the Maryland game?
  10. Will is basically in the same position that Dabo was after the WVU bowl game and before he beat us and turned the corner. I would rather see Will figure things out and keep movin' forward. TAMU and CLEM are winnable games if the guys stay up mentally for the games. I would like to see us strangle the sheot out of Clemson's offense and get the win to finish the season off.
  11. Gamecocks Hit the Road Again Wednesday https://gamecocksonline.com/news/2019/11/12/womens-basketball-gamecocks-hit-the-road-again-wednesday.aspx Tip-off: 7:00 pm TV: ESPN+ Radio: 107.5 The Game
  12. Yeah, JDC has been in that high draft pick/worst team hell until this year. Big drop-off from Spurrier to whoever at Houston. A championship-level coach like Pete Carroll knows how to get the most out of him.
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