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  1. Democratic politicians ignore and deflect questions about inflation because their policies tend to cause it and Republican ones are just collecting a free paycheck most of the time. I think Republican ignorance is the main reason for Trump being elected in 2016 and I have personally enjoyed it when he made the Republican establishment in DC nervous and uncomfortable. But that's all he knew how to do most of the time and people will sour on him once they find out all of the things he really wasn't doing that he should have been. The vaccine distribution for starters and I am sure there will be plenty others.
  2. The drop was slightly lower than the one in 2010. Comparing the percentage drops is where I got the "twice as much" statement. The chart above doesn't show the dip that occurred during GHW Bush's first term and there was also a small recession during the Desert Storm draw-down that scared a lot of people. The percentage of drop during the 2012-2013 period was nearly twice that of the previous recessionary periods. You find hard to believe what a certain group of people, including myself, already had to learn the hard way. These people are a large part of Trump's base and will still be out there whether Trump's second impeachment trial prevents him from running for President again or not. I have come to the conclusion this past year that Trump is a brand more than a practical leader for this country. While Biden's policies will undoubtedly make some people nervous, I do believe there is now finally a chance for sane discussions in DC about them now.
  3. I remember I had one last year or so, but I haven't been able to find it. I did, however, find another one that was dated 2011 so there is a cut-off going into Obama's second term. https://seekingalpha.com/article/315890-real-disposable-income-per-capita-since-2000 The key is correcting for inflation, which this chart does. The other link I saw broke out the recessionary periods during Presidential terms. It contained data that went up to 2016 or 2018 IIRC. That chart had another drop in 2012-13 like the one in 2010.
  4. The way the math on this works is that the cost of goods and services will go up and those folks who are already making 15$/hour and slightly higher will lose their buying power if they don't lose their jobs. The increase in cost of goods and services will also limit a good deal of the buying power increase intended for the low wage earners. Federal employees and contractors may see the most benefit of the suggested minimum wage increase, but that's about it. The drop in disposable income during Obama's second term was twice that of the drop during the previous two individual recessions, but there was no panic that would have caused another recession because everyone knew it was going to pay for the ACA individual and employer mandates. That is the grain of salt when you say the increase is overdue. And this will also be the foundation of the political war that is yet to come in the Beltway in the coming year. You're still fixated on Trump rather than seeing this as Liberal vs. Conservative.
  5. I agree and I also think the NCAA may waive the record requirement to allow a full tournament of 64 teams this year. AUB essentially is running a track meet this year with very little defense. They killed us and it would have been a much closer game with Frink and McCreary available. It hasn't happened often, but athletes HAVE died from the 'rona and Frank's system is more physically demanding than the average program. Frank has said the 'rona was a lot tougher too deal with the second time around, which kinda leads to me to believe his first positive test several months ago was a false positive. I still think there should be a pause in the season to allow for make-up games.
  6. Frank's teams have always been notoriously undisciplined for whatever the reason over the years. The Covid-19 stuff is just another variation of that theme for me, but we also knew BB was going to have a much more difficult challenge with the 'rona than last season. Muschamp didn't appear to have the Covid issues, but Frank also has an open NCAA case still hanging over his head. I think that's really why he has lost his hair. He knows we could potentially fire him for cause depending upon the NCAA's final judgement. Yeah, we're losing, but at least the team has been trying to win instead of having that Belk Bowl attitude. The other thing is we also promote the student athlete culture and expect out kids to go to class and do it right. The down side to that right now is school kids have been responsible for some of the positive test spikes from what I have heard. Auburn hasn't had a positive test since July and I really, really find that BS hard to believe. As far as the testing goes, we may be getting plunked because we are actually following the rules and trying to protect our kids.
  7. South Carolina (3-4, 1-2 SEC) continues Southeastern Conference play on Saturday when it hosts Auburn (8-7, 2-5 SEC) for a Noon matchup at Colonial Life Arena. Beth Mowins (play-by-play) and Jimmy Dykes (analyst) will handle the call for the ESPN2 broadcast, while Derek Scott (play-by-play) and Casey Manning (analyst) will have the call over the air on the Gamecock Radio Network.GAME INFORMATIONArena: Colonial Life Arena (18,000)Broadcast: ESPN2 Play-By-Play: Beth Mowins Analyst: Jimmy DykesRadio: Gamecock Radio Network In Columbia: 107.5 The Game Play-By-Play: Derek Scott Analyst: Casey Manning Sirius: - | XM: 191 | Internet: 962Watch: WatchESPN/ESPN AppLive Stats: GamecocksOnline.com https://gamecocksonline.com/news/2021/1/22/mens-basketball-gamecocks-host-auburn-saturday-in-sec-action.aspx
  8. To me, the $12.9M lump sum payment says a couple of things: 1) A contract like this should never happened. 2) Reducing excessive spending may be the primary reason McMaster pushed for Caslen's hiring. 3) Tanner is a rookie AD who gets too emotionally attached to his head coaches and it clouds his judgement with contracts. 4) Recognizing the negative impact of Covid in college athletics that is basically beyond any coaches' control may have prevented us from bartering any further on the buyout at the time of Muschamp's firing.
  9. I heard him say in an interview some years ago that he always liked the nickname Bad Henry he got when the Braves were in Milwaukee the most. Dude would jack one out of the park on the first pitch and make a pitcher look stupid all the time in Milwaukee. 100% natural. Never on the juice like so many others today. RIP Bad Henry.
  10. https://www.dawgsports.com/2021/1/20/22241493/will-muschamp-uga-salary-comrade-secret-agent-muschamp https://ugawire.usatoday.com/2021/01/20/report-former-south-carolina-head-coach-and-uga-alum-will-muschamp-working-with-georgia-football/ Might free up some cash for us, eh?

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