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  1. sounds right to me
  2. I am a member of the asheville bike market on FB...you can find some pretty good deals occasionally on used bikes...I bought a full suspension Specialized MTB for under 1000 on there...however I will say when it comes to road bikes the fit is everything so you may be different sizes in different manufacturers due to the difference in geometry...if you are getting started you need something to help keep you a little more upright until you get used to the endurance positions (different than the hybrid for sure)
  3. I would also add canondale, especially in the realm of road bikes!
  4. my son has a trek marlin as well...that price is what we paid last year...we felt lucky to get one
  5. a friend of mine sent me this...they see all my posts on FB in which I highlight much of what we talk about here...when I read this article it makes me think of Corpsman...I think that many of us are at this point! Stay safe! https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2021/08/health-care-workers-compassion-fatigue-vaccine-refusers/619716/ I realize this is an opinion/editorial but I feel that is a good bit of unspoken truth
  6. that was a great trivia question
  7. your ending is correct lol
  8. I would bet that if the vaccine caused the clots that it did indeed save his life since the worse cases tend to get microthrombosis as part of the inflammatory cascade...that being said I have not seen research with that large of a time between vaccination and thrombosis to confirm a definitive link...glad he is on the mend
  9. Personally I would have more sympathy for the unvaccainated stance if they were not so dang outspoke about being anti-mask...you don't want to be vaccinated? Fine but wear a damn mask (not saying that this is your opinion but just that of the anti-vaxx/anti-mask crowd)
  10. wrong continent but small country
  11. I think that things will change once they gain full FDA approval...I watched this special (on some channel back in the fall) that was about the constituitonality of requiring vaccinations and there is constitutional support to require it for the public domain...personally I can't wait
  12. this goes both ways...as much misleading information I see about he virus I see and equal if not more disinformation about the vaccines...the amount of confirmation bias that I see on a daily basis is a sight to behold...but at the end of the day the virus doesn't give a damn about people's individual opinions and will infect anything it can
  13. wow...that is exactly where I think our schools are headed as well...our school board put off meetig until Aug 24...I just don't understand the mentality
  14. we won't attract WR's until we prove that we have a qb who can get them the ball consistently...I miss the big body receivers
  15. Oh yeah man...absolutely! I just see people using that 43% number as a reason to not get vaccinated! I have zero problem with a business requiring proof of vaccination to enter!
  16. pfizer still keeps you out of hosptials regardless...the study above is one non-peer reviewed study and since the main outcome I am concerned with when I took the vaccine was death/hospitalization I would contend that I am happy with my pfizer...pfizer still has the same efficacy as moderna of keeping you out of the hospital but maybe not the ability to get the virus
  17. our schools which opened last monday (aug 2) have had 100 cases (students and faculty) of covid since they opened...no mask mandate and about a 55% vaccination rate in the community (from what I understand)
  18. and what are the penalties for ignoring this requirement? How to enforce? On the spot antibody testing or just the piece of paper than can easily be counterfeited? That being said they can do what they want with private business in my opinion so good for them! I would fear some collateral damage from these kind of rules (however)
  19. it does beg the question that could our pets serve as spreaders? Or even animals like rats/pigeons etc in larger cities... it had never crossed my mind that it could jump to other species (well I guess it did jump to humans from bats in wet markets)
  20. LOL...I can totally see that with some of the folks we have around here as well...I was wondering if we could mask up the deer? Would you hook it on the ears or antlers on the bucks?
  21. https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/coronavirus-antibodies-detected-us-wild-deer-180978366/?fbclid=IwAR1va-2D1UsMKSGppsIRHgRnynrWB-QZ6UMKE6yZnESz8_TFjoTcwaG-XSQ Intresting if true
  22. STS

    Bowden dead

    any type of glandular cancer is bad...bobby bowden RIP Yancey...keep it up! We are all pulling for you! Cancer is a motherfucker (can I say that on here?)
  23. sore arm, felt like crap last night...this morning nothing
  24. the problem with the vaccines is that they were not all the same and IMO a good bit of the initial hesitancy was the fact that a particular one tended to have many side effects compared to the others...it iwll be interesting to see what happens if/when the mRNA vaccines get FDA approval b/c then mandates can begins The current hesitancy is based in nothing remotely approaching science as opposed to playing the statistical odds (which I get)...as rare as death may be there are 600k+ and counting who probably wish they had the opportunity to have had the vaccine to given them odds to beat the virus

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