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  1. My point is the millions and millions who had the virus and survived prior to vaccinations…those people survived on natural immunity and it dwarfs (fortunately) the 700k…you said that natural immunity didn’t stop 700k…you are right it stopped way more…luckily now we have another way to gain immunity but I can understand those who have antibodies not wanting to have a vaccine mandated when it’s goal is not really what the goal should be
  2. Say what? Natural immunity saved way more than 700k
  3. Great question…I would be really interested in a study like that
  4. The problem with vaccine mandates are that they ignores the fact that millions have natural immunity due to having the virus…a more scientific basis would be to prove immunity as opposed to proving vaccination…science doesn’t lie and vaccination is only one way to gain immunity (and the safest in my eyes for sure)…one thing I would find interesting is to see if those with breakthrough infections ever had immunity built in the first place
  5. edited...sorry to hear about your dad...now is not the time for me to make any sort of point
  6. there are zero actual studies...anecdotal evidence is fine if that is what you wish to base therapy upon....your example ignores all the factors that contribute to someone getting covid and is nothing short of confirmation bias. I hope that ivermectin works but to tout it as anything other than anecdotal b/c of the paucity of controlled study is dangerous...have you seen the studies out of Argentina or are those incorrect due to their outcome? As for the vaccines...you very well could be correct about side effects and people may die waiting for them to manifest themselves...but then again you could be wrong thereby potentially exposing others...I just hope you are masked up
  7. unfortunately the world we live in and that is sad of course we also allow pharaceutical companies to advertise directly to the consumer and I think that is wrong as well (which I realize is not the point of this in the context of this thread)
  8. agreed...and I don't even think stupid/gullible is even the right word(though it applies)...I think steadfast in their beliefs with no chance of being wrong and people taking that pride to their graves...while I may not agree with their choices it certainly impacts the community and that is wrong
  9. absolutely...not to mention all the shitty ass food they probably eat that is pumped fulll of steroids/hormones/(fill in the blank) and not to mention smoking
  10. while I do agree that this is yet another drug (remdesivir and hydroxychloroquine as well) that has not panned out following limited studies (argentina/egypt) I will not sit here and act like the FDA is infallible has always been on the up and up when it comes to people taking things when they are terminally ill...it is shocking that a state institution would give this to inmates
  11. STS

    WTF Thread

    I am not sure he understood what it meant when someone told him to take a bath with salts
  12. STS

    WTF Thread

    hmmm...alec can I have Meth Head for $1000 please? That part of Tennessee is one of the worst in our state for Meth abuse and sales and that is saying something Meanwhile in Florida...of course no pictures to confirm story https://www.foxnews.com/us/naked-woman-golf-cart-florida-standoff-armed-suspect?fbclid=IwAR03CF0X3ayNGH6bkFbahhAtk_DbWAq7mAeAsJA1Z1LOSAme_FxtJJPz220
  13. After reading about SA's covid infection, I have resigned myself to the fact that at some point I will get COVID...I am so glad that he did well demonstrating the efficacy of the vaccine...this weekend we went to the lake in Georgia and along the way when we would stop for gas in SC we were pleased to see that it appeared that a vast majority of people were wearing masks...as an aside I did stop at this place on 25 off of I26 in Tuxedo NC in which I was masked shamed...not for not wearing a mask but for actually wearing a mask
  14. Boom! Tennessee is leading the nation in the incidence of COVID in children I am sitting here just waiting for me or my children to get COVID...not an easy feeling
  15. Yeah...TB...meaning I have friends who have adopted children from other countries (not sure if that is your case as well) that have had TB in the past making COVID a big problem should they contract it Shoot me your address and I will drop some in the mail!
  16. take care and I hope for a speedy recovery...keep us updated...if you find your kids are not impacted and you need some N95's let me know! I have a ton that I purchased last year during the pandemic! I pray that you have no long term issues and the same for your wife and children! Have any of your kids had TB?
  17. our hopsitals just shut down (again)...I hope that you don't get held up any further!
  18. while I agree that it is probably the law, we still triage organ transplants etc based on health of individual as well as lifestyle choices...so I don't see how it would be any different to triage covid care based on decision to be vaccinated or not now that it is has gained full approval
  19. do you know the breakdown on ages and vaccination status?
  20. delta is beginning to show dangerous trends in pregnant women who are unvaccinated...not good
  21. no idea lol...I don't think it was 52 b/c I believe that Jasper Brinkley used 52

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