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  1. that looks freaking amazing! What kind of smoker do you have?
  2. thanks...will pass along information! I live in Tennessee so I assume there is something similar here
  3. Makes sense...i was not looking to make money just want to make sure we are made whole
  4. Great info...I know absolutely nothing about cars lol
  5. I thought about the squeaky wheel on social media as I checked to see if anyone else posted about it....but I did not want to hold it against the owner if the attendants were breaking protocol. We have a good friend who is checking on this with the state and will follow up with the owner. We do know who they buy their fuel from wholesale but I feel like if that is the problem, it is between the owner and them as opposed to being between me and the wholesaler I will keep you all posted....when I went to speak with them I recorded the entire conversation. Tennessee is a one party consent state for recording but I did tell them I was recording so maybe that is why they were evasive but it certainly made them look shady
  6. My bet is that they had no idea...I can't imagine that they would do anything nefarious to cause this BUT they should have handled it better...my thought it was maybe rain water seeped into the holding tanks? I know that the gas will float on top of the water...maybe I am naive b/c surely they did not think that they could do away with this if they do it on purpose. I have obviously been reading up a bit and read where that if the caps are not scewed onto the holding tanks properly, then water can get in there fairly easily! My biggest concern is what will happen if they have to rebuild part of the engine...will that take away from the value of the vehicle should we trade/sell it in the future? My best friend is an attorney and she is checking with the state departs of commerce and will follow up with the owner but it was shocking to say the least...I mean I don't even know how one would spot this potential problem!
  7. well my wife went an filled up her car (Volvo SUV) at a local station and then about 2 miles down the road the car sputtered 3 times and then completely turned off in the middle of the road (thank goodness she was not on an interstate)...the car requires premium fuel and she swore that is what she put into the tank but I was concerned that this could be the cause... We had the car towed to the volvo dealer by AAA to diagnose the problem and correct....so they pulled the fuel from the engine and immediately called us to tell us that what they pulled from the gas tank was 97% water and that it had cycled through the engine and that this is why it stopped. Apparently the gas pump she used was pumping out water and the only gas in her tank was what was there prior to the "fuel up". So far our bills at Volvo are adding up. I returned to the gas station the next morning to discuss this with the attendants and to get some information to see about finding out if their liability insurance would cover the repairs. Volvo said that they may have to replace parts of the engine but who knows if that is true....however the gas station workers would not give me the name of the owner or the owner of the property and gave me the phone number to their fuel supplier. I was shocked that they were so evasive....and it also appears that at least one other person had come in with the same problem. I know that I will get this resolved one way or another but has anyone ever run up against something like this? We were hoping to avoid getting our car insurance involved but I guess if it drags out we will be forced to and have them litigate the matter
  8. I will believe him to USC when he signs his LOI...I just do not understand why he did not after he committed...I get waiting on teammates to a point but I would prefer that he had shut it down but no worries I hope to see him in Garnet and Black
  9. that is I mentioned 4 year scholarships...my friends who played D1 football had scholarships that were renewed each year...I don't know if that is the norm but if they are only given year to year scholarships then they should be able to come and go as they please
  10. While I agree the NCAA if far too ambiguous in the application of their own rules in terms of sitting vs not sitting out a year...I think that is what he referred to as fields used a suspect reason to request the waiver...imo they should drop the one year sitting out period u less they want to do the same to coaches
  11. I agree 100%...when something benefits the actual athletes Then I am all for it my only caveat would be if schools offered 4 year scholarships as opposed to one year
  12. STS

    WTF Thread

    was looking for christmas presents last night and stumbled across this....I think it is a gift that most every woman would covet this holiday season NSFW https://www.uncommongoods.com/product/plush-organs#213370000013 and for the record I was looking at the brains
  13. so are there kits that you buy to do that type of light show? We have a house in our neighborhood that does it and I have always wondered how....in their case when you pull up they have a sign with a radiostation that you tune to and the lights match the music....their neighbors absolutely love it (ok that is sarcasm)
  14. that is a great description....she was not my kind of music but I thought she was quite a great singer
  15. brain cancer from what I understand....terrible loss IMO
  16. let's see how he does with USC talent as opposed to UGA talent...I want him to be a winner but winning at UGA and winning at USC are two totally different things
  17. while in school in Memphis, I made it my ambition to get a plate on the wall...
  18. STS

    WTF Thread

    just when I thought I had seen it all
  19. STS

    WTF Thread

    That is amazing! I love the line in the writeup about it being cheaper to buy a fridge
  20. I was about to say the same thing...in all honesty once we lost bowl eligibility he never should have played
  21. I have been hearing quite a bit of rumblings here in my area that Fuente may be leaving Virginia Tech for Arkansas...anyone else hearing this?
  22. Faith is based on experience/confidence/trust as opposed to proof....in this case we have both experience and proof that this is not working As you can tell, I have zero faith in CWM as a coach...he is a good person and a good mentor and a decent recruiter but he certainly does not appear to be a great coach

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