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  1. if you look at the reports out of Israel and South Africa, it appears that while Omicron is contagious, it is a far milder version of COVID with fewer symptoms(mild cough/body aches/may or may no lose smell)...I guess we will see in 2 weeks if there is a spike in deathes while I am certainly no virologist, I do know that "in general" these viruses weaken with time in terms of killing their hosts so maybe/hopefully that is what we are seeing here! Unfortunately only time will tell!
  2. if I see any mountain bike trail I assume it is brutal lol...as a road cycler I spend 90% of my time in the saddle just grinding out the miles...howerver when I mountain bike I speant about 10% of the time in the saddle and it is such a different exercise...I love it!
  3. Amazing…makes me want to get back out on trails…thanks for sharing awesome photos
  4. lets see the gamecocks prove it...I really like to see these types of comments and hunger
  5. we have a tendency in years past to make backup qb's look like heisman contenders...I can't wait to see how we do! I hope that they are as hungry as they appeared against the gators
  6. would Fuente consdier coming here as an OC?
  7. I have no problem with that at all....in fact I find it somewhat criminal if you lie about this to people
  8. well said...he claimed that he was immunized which was straight up bullshit...dude is a pseudo-intellectual moron
  9. I look at this season as one of cautious optimism...while the Florida game was nice and a surprise I am curious to see how we match up against Missouri as I hope we see the team that beat florida as opposed to the team that squeaked by ECU and Vandy One thing this season makes me realize is how bad of a coach Muschamp was at the end of his tenure...no excuse for what he did and absolutely no excuse for the contract that Tanner gave him and then bought out
  10. I don't think that A-a-ron has ever been accused of being a smart dude...he has shown his ass and is a quack
  11. 10? I know that Tennessee had the most at around 30 as it gave us the nickname as the volunteer state
  12. from what I understand it is the same amount as the second injection....I would contend that it is working and that your immune system is primed and ready to go!...I would try tylenol for the fever and hope that you can ride it out...hope you feel better soon and if not I would call your physician and get their opinion quick question...I assume your booster was Pfizer...were you original vaccines pfizer as well? Pretty good research coming out showing that mixing the vaccines may provide better protection
  13. it is a great question...I looked it up...12,000 rivers...crazy! I just read that 3/4 of all fresh water in Alaska is stored as glacial ice
  14. I wonder who counted them all
  15. well I would contend that is a good sign that you are mounting a good response...the booster through me for a loop for a day or two
  16. LOL...my wife when to Duke for grad school...trust me it causes some consternation but no matter how much smack she talks I remind her that the last time we played them in Basketball we knocked them out of the tourney
  17. SA...that is awesome...my youngest (4th grader) is getting his vaccine as we speak! They got it in last night and the pediatrician called us and asked if he wanted to be first so we were like Hell yeah!
  18. a state that size probably numbers in the thousands
  19. it is probably a huge number based on the size of that state as well as the glacier activity...
  20. must be a big number since I must be within 100....so I will guess 1145
  21. Hmm...I had just never seen camel milk cheese...so maybe a clue? How about a goat? Though I love goat cheese I know it is lower in fat

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