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  1. last night I was bored (obviously lol) and I re-read this entire thread from beginning to end...it is amazing the level of optimism that quickly spiraled to pessimism and has now landed at realism...it was nice to read something that could easily be politically charged and see us all mainly getting along
  2. based on strategic location we must support the Ukraine...hopefully Putin will stand down
  3. not bad for a 2-star...he has played well this season and glad to see him get the recognition
  4. Rocky is the best part of the story...and I agree about Artemis I read that they are looking at making Project Hail Mary into a movie and that Ryan Gosling has signed on to produce and act
  5. I just finished Project Hail Mary based on what I saw on here...it is without a doubt one of my favorite books I have ever read...just enough science to be interesting and intellectual without going overboard...I like it better than Artemis and The Martian (though admittedly I saw the movie first and really like it)...I ordered a copy for my father in law for Christmas
  6. STS

    Dec. 7

    absolutely! I can't even imagine living in times where that was going on versus what is going on today
  7. I think I tend to agree with you...it seems like the portal is the only fair legitimate thing to do for NCAA athletes (as much as I hate and what it has become)...no one should ever be limited from trying to further themselves and Lord knows that Universities do it by firing coaches, coaches do it by leaving for other jobs...yet the athletes were stuck and had to stay unless they wanted to be penalized. It is crazy in retrospect and honestly I am suprised it took this long to change.
  8. I also like Family Man and Family Stone
  9. for me when the time changes I don't ride during the week with my work schedule...I hate when the time changes
  10. last time we were there our best player opted out...I can't see that being the case for any of our players this time! If we protect our QB I like our chances but then again of course UNC may not like the Beamer name and have an axe to grind (but I doubt any players actually care)
  11. if the rate of death was higher with COVID then I think we would not see any issues with vaccination rates...it is a shame that it became politicized at its inception
  12. It's a Wonderful Life is one of the best IMO
  13. Amazing person let alone coach
  14. I felt pretty crummy from about 24 hours starting about 12 hours after injection...hope yours goes well Since I am in clinical trial, I just got message that if pfizer does a change for omicron I will be in that trial as well but only time will tell on that one! Everyone stay safe!
  15. Charlotte for selfish reasons...I want to go! I was there last time for that horrible game so I feel like it could not possibly be worse
  16. Yeah that makes the most sense based on growing up in Phoenix
  17. dang...big kid there! I hope we use him if he comes! I wouldn't mind seeing Rattler as well but that is a pipe dream
  18. STS


    Agree 100%...when I think about Dabo I think about him being one of the first that worked as a CEO of the team as opposed to the coach per se...he has laid out a model that obviously works and he did well in his early years selling himself to recruits and their parents
  19. STS


    now that was a clutch performance
  20. STS


    Malzahn at Arkansas comes to my mind immediately...now that being said he also entered with Mitch Mustain and Damian Williams so it was most likely a package deal
  21. it will be interesting to watch the countries already facing omicron to see if hospitalizations are on the rise...if it is indeed a milder form of Covid and evades the vaccines, then I may not be all the upset if I get it if will give my body's immune system another tool to fight Covid should a more virulent strain (re)emerge
  22. great point...it widens the gaps immensely to the point that FBS really needs to separate into two divisions IMO... Personally I would not mind seeing a P5 national champion and a G5 national champion
  23. was lincoln riley opposed to joining the SEC? I agree that this move looks like it was to avoid being around with OU joins...can't say I blame him
  24. if Beamer leaves I would be shocked...I just can't see it happening...of course if it does then back to the drawing board again and at this point I am not sure what Ray Tanner has to sell to anyone

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