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  1. in general deans are there to raise money for their schools...especially those of professional schools
  2. at least the moderator can mute them
  3. do it over zoom...while I did not watch the debate instead opting for tylenol pm and a good book, apparently moderating via zoom would have been welcomed
  4. and the NFL wants to continue them playing next weekend
  5. oh I hear you man...I am just so dang conservative lol
  6. cool...not that I commit fraud but I alway worry about audits lol...but then again I hardly run anything through my corp...hell I don't even run my cell phones through it lol
  7. how far back can the IRS legally go on an audit? Just asking for personal reasons more than for this particular case
  8. Ok makes sense...I just can't understand the tax lingo and sorry if I don't take the NYT as an authority on much of anything at this point which is why I wanted a non-biased CPA opinion so when you pay a consultant is that like paying a contractor? Yeah I understand the CPA role...I guess I would have thought that the IRS would have been onto this for quite some time
  9. wow...how do you feel about the patriot act...all of these activities by agents of the government are disturbing on so many levels...
  10. that is what I don't understand...was it illegal or was it done in accordance with the tax code? People's income and people's worth are hardly the same thing and that is why I hope that MFB will explain...if he cheated then he should be held liable...if he did not cheat then not sure I get the problem unless we want to simplify the tax code and go to a fair tax or flat tax
  11. I honestly don't understand what he is being accused of...that is why I asked someone who is a CPA to explain as he is capable of doing it without politcial bias and influence
  12. are you under the impression I am accusing him of a crime? I don't even really understand the taxation...if he did nothing wrong from a legal standpoint this is a nothingburger
  13. I think that people are accusing him of a crime...otherwise I am not sure the point Then again is people one here support Trump gaming the system to his maximum advantage, I hope that I never see them complain about people gaining the system to maximize welfare, etc and any other program as it all takes money from the same bucket

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