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  1. that doesn't surpise me one bit....we have a poster here on this forum (Sporkgod) who is a professor and can attest that the pressure at these universities first and foremost is on grants and research dollars coming into the university and teaching being behind in terms of importance. The amount of money that these grants bring into the universities can be staggering...you can be the shittiest teacher in the world but if you bring in grants and research dollars you will succeed at the university level. My wife who is a full professor at a small school had her tenure and promtion based almost entirely on publication and grants as opposed to anything that she does in the classroom
  2. I think that even at higher tuition that Harvard may be more affordable than schools that cost less....my assumption (and this may be incorrect) seems to be that they take care of their own through networking and job placement that will lead to higher salaries and thus not having trouble repaying any school debt that they may have. This probably provides a sense of pride in their university that they turn around and pay forward by donating back to their school and thus raising the endowment....I would love to have gone to an IVY league but I had no connections and I was a marginal student...I am jealous as hell of the opportunities and doors that a school like that opens but it was not the case for me and I can live with that
  3. how else would one read that....it may not have been her intention but you don't get to choose how other perceive you
  4. the truth of why I chose Furman is pretty funny....we were driving to look at Clemson and as we were driving through Traveler's Rest I spotted the golf course at Furman and had my parents drive in there. I immediately fell in love with the place as I was most interested in a smaller school. The other schools I was accepted to (outside of large state schools) and considered were the College of William and Mary, Hampton Sydney, Wake Forest, Centre College (Kentucky) and University of the South. I was by no means a good or accomplished student so I did not receive any scholarship support. I was a chemistry major and had aspirations of going to graduate school if dental school fell through. My father and mother and sister were all PhD chemists (two from USC) so I assumed that is where I would end up. I never use my chemistry degree per se nor most of the other classes that I went through there for my liberal arts education...however it did teach me critical thinking skills that I guess I applied in dental school. I found dental school to academically be quite easy though overwhelming in terms of sheer material. I felt that the best thing that Furman taught me was how to study....what I can't necessarily say is that I could not have gained that somewhere else. I did try to do ROTC when I arrived at Furman but due to blowing out my knee (unhappy triad) in high school playing soccer I was unable to join according to the guy in charge (who incidentally was my advisor until I declared my major) because I had the surgery to repair and was still rehabbing. I applied to Furman I guess in either late '94 or early '95 and enrolled in Sept of 95 and graduated in May of 99. As for loans for undergrad I had none...as for dental school I had/have quite a bit (but even still nothing compared to what people are graduating with now as a buddy of mine that I work with owes about 375k). I think that when I graduated from dental school I owed about 120K give or take at just a smidge under 3% interest so I will take my sweet time paying them back...I chose UT-Memphis for dental school b/c as far as state schools go it was probably the cheapest in the USA as well as one of the more diverse schools outside of Meharry in Nashville and Howard in DC. I also got into dental school at UK, MUSC, and UAB but after looking at the costs it could not be justified in my mind. I think when I was at UT-Memphis tuition was like 8K/semester and then the rest of the loans were housing, food, instruments (I had 30K in instruments when I graduated that were useless) and paying for the dental treatment of my patients to ensure I graduated on time
  5. you can interchange words all you want...you said that college makes people better adults and that is straight up elitist bullshit....going to college is by no means has a monopoly on production of good people
  6. you want to slip in college and education being interchangable as you changed your tune...you said that college makes better adults and I vehemently disagree with that assertion
  7. The purpose of Furman is to educate those who pay...God, my mother and my father are who I can thank for making me the person that I am at this time...a diploma on my wall does not make me a good person or a better person than anyone else
  8. college is not the only access to education that we have....it is really that simple
  9. you said college...not education and if you don't know the difference ther is no use going any further as I would content that your college experience did not educate you
  10. how in the world does that make better people? That is straight up bullshit as well and elitist at worst....IMO what makes someone a better person and member of society is when they gain personal responsibilty I will take 20 non-college people who work their ass off for every college grad who thinks that they have done something and that the world owes them a thing
  11. Going to college is not a necessity to succeed in life. If you decide that is you best bet then go for it...but also pay for it yourself. If you choose wisely I have no doubt it will help you succeed but it certainly is by no means guaranteed...a college education (IMO) is an asset just like any other asset and some assets are better than others and some assets depreciate and you take a loss....it sucks but that is life
  12. do you expect taxpayers to pay for your mistakes? It is a damn shame you did not have an advocate at that age....the colleges certainly aren't advocates nor are lenders
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