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  1. he is a man of his word and refunded my "donation"...good luck to all and if you land somewhere else let me know as a couple of you have my email address. It is obvious what happened in this forum! To the owner...thanks for being a man of your word! Go cocks! I am out!
  2. I put STS in the memo for the donation ...I will let you know when it returns and then I am out
  3. You know how I fell about politics...but you are absolutely correct it is total bullshit at best and censorship at worst
  4. I donated to this site...if you delete the political forum I wAnt a refund as that is the reason I come here...siNce you took my money I feel fine to say this is total bullshit all the way around...too many snowflakes apparently in the threads and administration of this site
  5. yeah...no idea where I was headed...my train of thought derailed
  6. bro....you gotta work harder lol...you gotta get at least 5-6 votes (insert voter fraud joke here lol)
  7. I discovered the problem lol
  8. I agree...that is stupid crazy. My bet is that htey are on cell phones and not paying a bit of attention! And yes that would piss me off to no end! I know in the south we rarely use our horns but maybe the yankees got this one right lol
  9. I know that in Tennessee at least, if your car goes over the thick white line you are deemed to have entered the intersection...you might ask why that is a big deal...it is because with red light cameras that is what they are looking for...if you tires touch or go over that line and the light is red, you will get a ticket. Now I don't konw about stopping car lengths away from it, but I refuse to approach that line especially if there are any cameras around
  10. that is pretty dang accurate
  11. Food for thought: Did you know that the reimbursement rate for removing a benign tumor is lower than for removing a malignant tumor? You can't bill until the pathology returns...to me stuff like that is crazy in terms of medical coding
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