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  1. Thanks for explanation...I saw she won a bunch of Grammies and I had no idea who she was
  2. I think that socialism and socialist ideas are indeed crazy as hell
  3. my concerns about "Medicare for all" is that Medicare is pretty shitty insurance...I hope that if it is forced upon us (and I do think it happens eventually but maybe not in my lifetime) that either reimbursement will have to go way up or our health will suffer. Maybe the fact that it is called "medicare" is what bugs me the most...I don't know but there is a reason that physicians stack other patients ahead of their medicare patients
  4. yet when you drop it in like that when it is wholly unnecessary that is like something Trump does...when he says something like "I have been told..." The fact that you felt to include it is straight bullshit and all I needed to see to get what you are getting across Well let's take this particular thread and this particular politcian....Warren was absolutely part of the problem while she was getting hers and now she wants to be the champion for the solution...to me that makes her batshit crazy. Someone who can only fund their platforms by taking from the wealthy and giving it away is batshit crazy....someone who wants to enter into private loan programs and start forgiving debt is bat shit crazy. I wont even go into her other social platforms that I disagree with as it is outside of this thread but I do think that she is crazy. I don't think that it will do anything other than push us towards socialism. I won't even comment on Sanders. We are allowed to think that people are crazy As for your feelings on Trump...I don't blame you one bit for feeling the way that you do
  5. wtf does she care as long as it doesn't come from her....this is the bottom line lol
  6. not to mention that college education is not a guaranteed right nor is it a requirement for success and happiness
  7. I think that her ideas are wholly impractical from both a social and financial stance....if you want to make this about identity politics then that is on you. I don't give a shit if I am a misogynist b/c I don't support Elizabeth Warren as I was a racist b/c I did not support Barack Obama. I guess when substance is challenged then turn to identity politics as that is the way of the left these days. Otherwise you can take comments like that and go and f**k yourself...either way I don't give a damn as it does not make her anymore or any less of a good candidate How many times have you claimed to hate trump? At no point have I ever considered that to be a feminist platform...
  8. no to mention she is batshit crazy and a liar so she would fit right in the white house lol
  9. when you can't or refuse to succeed, why not just take from others...makes perfect sense
  10. it is a ridiculous stance on this issue....they can call it whatever they want that makes them feel good about taking from some people and giving it to others especially when Warren is on record stating income limitations and stratifications as well as tapping into the uber-wealthy...you know let them pay for everyone's kid to go get a shitty degree
  11. well Warren is on record stating just that as a means to fund her program
  12. do you really believe this bullshit? Please tell me you are joking....if you owe someone 100K and I pay it on your behalf you are going to sit here and act like you did not solely benefit? That is straight up craziness...like seriously crazy
  13. that is ridiculous....you act like the student received nothing (ie education)
  14. I am curious...do you know the percentage of those who took the loans for grad school who are in default vs those who are in default strictly for undergraduate loans? I would imagine that the lion's share of debt default is for those who undergraduate loans
  15. did you read how Warren is proposing to fund it? Seems pretty self explnatory based on her own quotes
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