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  1. so why should they get access to university campuses and not the student body?
  2. I just meant if police officers saw it...may start tailing you to help fund the police
  3. you have a "defund police" bumper sticker? I bet that goes over really well while driving out in public
  4. this particular slogan was based in idiocy
  5. it is a not a rant when it is true...maybe when somethign that people truly love is effected they will see the errors of their ways but for some reason I doubt it
  6. it is an amazing site to behold (if amazing is the right kind of word)
  7. most stereotypes are based on statistics...call it what you want I guess but it is no longer racist
  8. I have done a ride along...it was pretty neat but then again I don't live in a hotbed of criminal activity outside of meth
  9. so quoting statistics, even when they are inconvenient does not make you a racist...as long as there are stats...I agree but hope that you continue to live by your explanation
  10. I think that a good gas grill is the best place to start...I would invest in a good one. I have always had weber genesis...my first lasted 15+ years with only replacing the grates and my second one is 3 years and counting...they are on sale at lowe's at least once/year. PRior to those I had cheap grills that I always had to replace yearly my next purchase may be an outdoor griddle
  11. I agree 100%...I don't know how you accomplish this but I am all for it! There should not be a layer of protection between the police offices and those that they are charged to serve and protect
  12. I totally agree with what you say here...the risks are far too great. Maybe football coaches really aren't worth 7-10 million/year
  13. the purpose of a university is not to provide for a football team...the purpose of a football team is to provide for a university
  14. our state of emergency "surprisingly" excluded college and professional athletes...it is a damn joke. People here are pissed that high school football may not happen...it is freaking pathetic it also does not cover church gatherings...I (for one) am pissed that my home church has re-opened their doors through a reservation system

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