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  1. did you see waht happened to Southwest (that is what I was referring to) as well as the change in ticketing policy for american airlines? Basically if they don't have enough staff for a flight (due to not be vaccinated etc) they will cancel the flight and issue a refund and leave you to fend for yourself as you try to rebook flights...would suck to get to Charlotte (or any hub) and then get stuck
  2. flying is about to get really interesting
  3. Fantastic...that is what I have heard about my neck of the woods as well...our area is still very much so undervaxxed so our infections have been quite high
  4. cases still coming in like the tide?
  5. 80% isn't going to happen...the best you may get is 80% immunity rate (which is really what should be focused on IMO)
  6. I just hope that when delta burns out we don't have another variant waiting in the wings
  7. hopefully we will see this number start to ebb (I hope at least)
  8. Nice! This kind of thing is what it will take to get us out of Pandemic in my mind...people wone vaccinate for prevention can now access oral antivirals...hopefully if this proves efficacious then it will open up hospitals
  9. we were on the struggle bus and needed help...glad to see you back
  10. wow! That was an amazing summer of Music! I had no clue they all ran together like that...did you see the show at Willy B?
  11. ok...I was on the peloton last night and they played Enter Sandman and the dude said it came out in 1991 so I will guess Metallica (self named album) and if that is correct (or not) what about a GNR album because I think they toured together? Regardless if correct, that would have been and awesome show
  12. I know a ton of people who refuse to get tested unless they are worried about needing to go to the hospital...it is craziness As for the outdoor events, I just can't help but think that it spreads very poorly in wide open spaces
  13. this is a great question and brings back some great memories...makes me think back to what I was doing at those times...it is awesome how music does that...I was 14 at the time
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