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  1. St Nick was Greek and Weller 107 antique is garbage
  2. If what he alleges is true he may have provable monetary damages....however he can’t afford to make this about his character bc as noted he is scum so I can’t see punitive damages/character damages being any type of award if he can recover anything it would be attorney fees...my bet is it is all bullcrap and the people with deep pockets were not complicit in any wrongdoing if any occurred
  3. But maybe Biden can body shame her too
  4. You missed the entire point but that does not surprise me
  5. I don’t disagree with you in this either
  6. While I agree it is tasteless...maybe trump should not put his head on Rocky
  7. Do you have a legit source? Breitbart is not legit...I google searched and every source is super biased...I want to save my opinions until verified if actually true
  8. Do you mean like get a rogue agent from a foreign county to give an unverified dossier upon which faulty FISA warrants could be based and granted? That kind of up and up?...just admit all you care about is the parties involved and get off your high horse
  9. I am making fun of how it started as global warming until it got colder...then it became climate change...climate change is a much better name
  10. and he also judged Trayvon Martin and will judge us all
  11. so once again...it is ok for you to judge and not leave it to God...got it! Just b/c he is suing them does not mean he will win
  12. dude the democrats have been trying to impeach him since the day he was elected
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