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  1. Because they have a history of advocating gun control when its politically convenient. They talk about extremes while remaining silent on other serious infringement issues
  2. Nra doesn't give a shit about rights either, all they care about are numbers and gun sales
  3. MFB

    Liberal Fear Thread

    It was his own supporters you complete dumb f**k
  4. MFB

    Liberal Fear Thread

    https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2019/nov/11/donald-trump-jr-walks-out-of-triggered-book-launch-after-heckling-from-supporters "triggered"
  5. Still clueless about what that transcript actually is, even still it admits he was asking a foreign entity to investigate a political opponent in exchange for something
  6. No thoughts from any of the super patriots on Donald Trump stealing funds from a charity where he raised money for veterans?
  7. We know who TL would vote for, big fan of stop and frisk
  8. He is way too stupid to understand
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