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  1. LOL he just got involved you uninformed moron. Yet he IS the racist one. What a dumb****
  2. I got ya. I think it is more specific to the individual police departments and sheriffs offices but those ultimately fall under the local branch so I do agree to an extent. I think it is more that our government is ineffective in actually accomplishing much of anything. We have the 2 party system that campaigns on their normal talk but never really changes anything
  3. Are you saying the riots are happening because the mayors are democrats? I'm not sure I follow
  4. Pay attention man. Look at who they call racist and talk about as less than human, blacks and muslims. They have toned it down a bunch since being called out back on cockytalk but those 2 are the most vile, racist dirtbags on this website. They are 100% part of the problem we are facing in this country today.
  5. I tried but you can't even answer the first most basic question. WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH BLM?
  6. I'm a grown ass man you racist garbage
  7. Stop trying to associate the protesters with the rioters. You know good and well black lives do not matter to all people, take your back handed question and go pound sand
  8. Wtf are you talking about? Black lives clearly do not matter to all people as you are a sterling representation of that here. What do rioters tearing up shit have to do with BLM and the peaceful protest? Oh that's right you can't tell them apart because you are a racist dirtbag
  9. Then why mention BLM, what does that have to do with anything? Oh let me guess, you are insinuating the only people were rioting were black AND uneducated because you are a racist douchebag. No implication about BLM except you mentioned them in the f***ing title! What a goon
  10. In the title, it was literally the 2nd word
  11. Please show me where they said it was BLM that vandalized the monuments
  12. The only thing this indicates is that your ignorant little bird brain will only believe what it wants to. I don't give a flying fart what you got a degree in, you have got to be the most gullible moron in here. You literally perpetuate fake news all day long.

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