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  1. ^^^^This. I think there was a lack of confidence in the ability to make the easy plays. There has been a lack of swagger on the field for several years now, I saw a little of that on Saturday, granted it was CS, but attitude makes a HUGE difference.
  2. Anything is possible any given Saturday, and I am hopeful but know that our secondary and it's depth is just not up to the caliber it needs to be from an experience perspective. If we can tackle, I think we can keep it close.....
  3. Our secondary is still anemic. Not much progress in 3 years. It’s easy for me to arm chair qb but I would think dbs would be taught from very early on to look for the Ball. It’s hard to do when you’re beaten so badly that you’re on a dead sprint to recover I guess. And for the love of goodness, can someone teach someone how to wrap up when we tackle? Looking forward to the changes champ makes and how the team gets around the new qb. In my opinion it’s not about Jakes talent, it’s a about his inability to make players around him better and play for him -that’s what separates mediocre from good. I’m still believing we are on an upswing
  4. Thanks folks. Gamecock living in a sea of orange in East Tn.
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