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  1. The one about cloggers upstairs describes my apartment exactly. Sounds like a damn herd of elephants up there. Thank God it's only temporary as the builder is about 6 weeks out from finishing our house.
  2. That was embarrassing. I had high hopes for this season, but unless something changes soon those hopes will be flushed down the toilet.
  3. UF with the great troll job
  4. RIP Hammerin' Hank He had great influence on and off of the diamond.
  5. Thanks. Let me take a bow. Lol Only reason I remember that is because I was at Carolina when Kenny transferred. I was disappointed because you could see flashes of being a very good rb in the little bit of playing time he got.
  6. Disappointed to see Hilinski go, but I understand and wish him well.
  7. Only person I can come up with is Kenny Irons. He rushed for about 2,000 yards in 2 seasons at Auburn.
  8. It really killed us that we only made 1 FG the last 7:47 of the game. Other than that, I feel we played well against a tough team. I hate to make the excuse of poor officiating, but they were terrible. I agree with y'all about Will Wade. He's a lying, cheating piece of shit.
  9. I thought Urich retired because of a shoulder issue?
  10. Since he died 40+ years ago, the obvious answer is Hubert Humphrey. That might be too obvious though, so I'll say Tim Scott is the fake one.
  11. Lawson with 30 points. Is this the most points scored by a Gamecock since Thornwell dropped 44 on Alabama?
  12. We're starting to pull away a little bit. Gamecocks lead 51-38 with just under 13 minutes to go.
  13. AJ having a strong offensive game. 16 points already.

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