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  1. markymark550


    That is next up in my queue. Looking forward to watching it.
  2. Happy for AJ, but he's going to have to show out in the summer league to make an NBA roster. Hopefully he plays well enough that some team, any team, will give him a chance on a 2-way contract.
  3. Lol. I'll rep the towers too. Stayed in Moore my freshman year, although I knew people in each of the 4. I won't lie, I was sad when they tore them down. As for Group Therapy, I've never been there. Went drinking in 5 Points plenty of times, but always tended to go to Village Idiot or Delaney's. We'd go to Yesterday's once in a while too.
  4. That sounds really interesting. Too bad I don't have AppleTV...hopefully it will be available elsewhere in the future.
  5. Would never have come up with that. What was the name of the documentary? I'm always looking for a good music doc.
  6. My first guess would be Aretha Franklin - I Never Loved a Man the Way I Love You (album that had Respect on it) However it sounds like it might have been a surprise, so it's probably not her.
  7. The NL East is so bad this year. It's crazy to think with both the Phillies and Braves hovering around .500 that the Mets can't get a lot of separation in the standings. Given the Mets' propensity for meltdowns, I wouldn't be surprised if they don't win the division.
  8. With Acuña going down for the rest of the year, I have pretty much checked out of this baseball season.
  9. None of the above. I let God wash it when it rains.
  10. If it's not Germany or Liechtenstein, it has to be Austria, Switzerland, or one of the Benelux nations.
  11. Fugging kind of sounds Germanic...so, Germany?
  12. I would guess it was during the war, probably towards the end, in order to help fund it. 1863 or 1864?
  13. That was going to be my 2nd guess.
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