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  1. Well, at least Babers has beaten Clemson.
  2. Up 3-1 and lose the series. Some major Barves-ing the last 3 games.
  3. Saw that Minter is getting the start. If what I read on Twitter is correct, this will be his first start since 2015 when he was at Texas A&M.
  4. I'm so ready for this season! I don't think we would have made the tournament last year, but I really missed March Madness. I think we have the capability of finishing top 5 in conference. 4 of 5 starters are returning and experience in CFM's system should pay dividends. I heard Cary Rich on Heath's show last week and he said that Leveque looked much improved on both ends of the floor.
  5. It's weird seeing an 11 by the name. Nowadays, BJ probably would have been suspended for a game or 2 for the throat slash gesture.
  6. Be fair...he hit a player and choked an assistant Here's a link if you want to know more https://www.cbssports.com/college-basketball/news/wichita-state-coach-gregg-marshall-under-investigation-for-allegedly-abusing-players-denies-allegations/
  7. Looks like Bryse Wilson will get the start against Kershaw. If Kershaw is 100% healthy, this will be a tough game. Need to make Kershaw work into deep counts to limit his innings and to see if his back is still bothering him. Wilson's career ERA is right around 6, so the Braves' offense better show up. Hate to say it, but I think this will be a Dodgers victory in another bullpen heavy game. Gotta hope that Fried and Anderson can pitch well on short rest the next 2 games.
  8. Glad to be wrong and it was nice to see us throttle a lesser opponent.
  9. Former Gamecock target, would love to add him to the team, but doubt we try to get back in with him. We're over the scholarship limit for 21-22 season as it is.
  10. That game is one of my all-time favorites. Loved seeing Clowney make Murray his own, personal rag doll.
  11. I think we'll win, but not by as much as we should. With the weather this weekend, I'd expect a big dose of Harris and Fenwick. It's probably going to be a rushing and defense heavy game...so Muschamp will probably like that. Honestly though, nothing would surprise me, including us losing this game.
  12. "Why did you a-holes put my kibble in this fancy-ass cup?"
  13. I noticed this addition when gamecocksonline updated the roster and was wondering about him. Seems like a decent shooter - 37% from 3 and 81% from the line. I know appearances can be deceiving, but he looks really thin. He probably needs to spend a lot of time in the weight room this season if he wants to try to earn minutes at a P5 program.

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