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  1. I watched part of their game against Vermont. Their offense struggled as they shot under 30% from the floor. Based on what I saw if our defense comes out and is intense and physical like it has been, we should have no problem getting the W.
  2. I read a post very, very similar to this on the 247 site. Do you go by MCR on there, per chance?
  3. I like that he's an alum, but he would be 64 when next season starts. If he's done at MSU, it wouldn't surprise me if he retired.
  4. They just released their new logo: https://i.makeagif.com/media/5-14-2015/2WtOQ3.gif
  5. I want to know what CFM said at halftime. He definitely lit a fire under their asses. The margin of victory was right around what I thought it would be, but I didn't think we'd put up 90. I was expecting more like a 70 to 75 points. I like it though, high scoring games are fun to watch.
  6. I'll be interested to see if we can keep up the defensive intensity when the competition gets better. So far, the season has been what it should be...a power conference team imposing its will on a lower conference team. That said, it looks like we have the athletes and hustle to keep it up.
  7. I think I'm more shocked that Moorhead doesn't even have a buyout.
  8. If we won 3 in a row to close the season, I would be very happy and give credit where it's due. However, that doesn't mean I'm just going to blindly be a Muschamp supporter. Changes still need to be made, regardless of how good or bad the end of this season is. I'll be more likely to support him if he makes changes on the coaching staff, but I don't think he will voluntarily make a change (hopefully Caslen/Tanner force it) and we are stuck with more of the same next year.
  9. Overall, I'm happy with how we played. There were stretches where it was sloppy and disjointed, but that's not abnormal for a Frank Martin team, especially for the first game. On defense, there were too many lapses as it seemed like they didn't know who was supposed to rotate and close out on a shooter. With it being a younger team, they will get better over the course of the season. Rebounding in the first half was a bit of a concern. It seemed like nobody wanted to box out and let UNA get a lot of offensive rebounds. Lastly, we need to shoot free throws better. Frink and McCreary look like fish out of water at the line. With McCreary's athleticism, he might leave a ton of points at the line. Nothing jumped out at me to worry about on offense. As the rotation gets set and guys settle in to their roles, I think the offense can be really efficient.
  10. The exhibitions for both basketball teams have me really excited for this season!
  11. Re Hugh Freeze 1. It's rare that a head coach will voluntarily leave a job to become coordinator somewhere else. Most coaches have too much pride to endure a move down the ladder. 2. If BMac is making $650,000, and they want to stay around that salary, Freeze isn't coming here. With their enormous online school, Liberty is basically printing money and could afford to give him a raise to not even entertain the thought. I think as it stands now, he's making at least $1,000,000 a year at Liberty with incentives possibly raising it another mill or two. I don't know about y'all, but there's no way I take a pay cut that substantial. If Muschamp gets fired/resigns and Freeze uses Liberty to rehab his reputation, I could see going after him for head coach (not that I would particularly want him though).
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