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  1. Just got word that I'm going back to the office on Monday. Apparently we're going to have alternating weeks of in the office and telecommuting. On the one hand, I'm ready to get back to the office. Too many distractions at home when I'm working. On the other hand, it has been nice being able to sleep later, not have to drive to downtown Columbia, and wearing gym shorts and t-shirt while working.
  2. Brandon Fields, rated as the #37 prospect in high school announced he will enroll at USC and forego the MLB Draft. Great news for the Gamecocks if he sticks with this decision. https://southcarolina.rivals.com/news/elite-baseball-signee-brandon-fields-to-enroll-at-south-carolina As I understand it though, he will still go through the draft since high schoolers are automatically eligible for the draft. Deciding to go to college will likely lower his draft position unless a team just wants the compensatory pick in the 2021 draft. Still a wait and see, and hopefully we see him next season.
  3. Can you really trust Grant though? I mean, he is a Clemson guy after all. Wouldn't be the first Clemson person to distort the truth to better their public perception.
  4. Sir Charles has you covered https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nba/bulls/2020/05/06/charles-barkley-doubtful-rift-brother-michael-jordan-end/5174180002/
  5. El Arroyo has quite a few hilarious signs.
  6. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I hope nobody actually googles 2 girls 1 cup because of that picture.
  7. I can't lie, I would probably do the same if it was a bourbon truck
  8. He must be back into that good good again.
  9. If they can't prove that a Duke booster paid them or provided other impermissible benefits, I don't think anything will happen to Duke. It will be another Corey Maggette situation. If they can prove it, there might be some kind of punishment, but I doubt it will be much. NC Central, on the other hand, will get hammered for it.
  10. I have used them and they work pretty well if you just need to extend the range by a small distance. I think most extend the range by about 500 feet. After that, the signal tends to get spotty. If you need coverage for a larger area, you may want to look into a mesh router. The mesh system is more efficient and seamless than an extender, but also more expensive. Check out this article for the pros and cons for both systems: https://www.pcmag.com/how-to/wi-fi-range-extender-vs-mesh-network-whats-the-difference
  11. Devin Carter, a 6-4 shooting guard from Miami committed to the Gamecocks. He's the son of former NBA veteran Anthony Carter. 247 has him as a 3* prospect. He's originally in the 2020 class, but will spend a post-grad year at a prep school and be part of the 2021 class. https://247sports.com/college/south-carolina/Article/Devin-Carter-commits-South-Carolina-Gamecocks-basketball-146426413/

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