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  1. I love The Office. Probably my favorite show of all time. Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.
  2. That Gardner-Webb game is one to watch out for. They've had a good history of beating power conference teams and led for about 25 minutes against Virginia in the NCAA Tournament. Granted, I believe their best player graduated, but they'll still be a very well coached team.
  3. Yes! Right now my goof is avoiding work.
  4. Hope he has a speedy recovery. And good luck to him with whatever he decides for his future.
  5. 49-10 bad guys I think Hilinski has some plays that give us hope for the future, but overall I think we struggle on both sides of the ball. Hope I'm wrong and would love to eat crow.
  6. Fried pitched a gem tonight. 1 hit over 7 innings and looked like he still had some in the tank. Acuña is inching closer and closer to a 40-40 season.
  7. Yeah, I was thinking 55K-60K show up. On the one hand, you get to see Hilinski's debut. On the other, you're playing a team you should crush the week after a deflating loss. I could understand either decision.
  8. No. Tanner said not for this upcoming year, but they will revisit the issue next year. Heard a radio interview with him a while back and he alluded to not wanting to spend the money on infrastructure at Willy B since there are renovations planned for after this season. Will be easier and more cost effective to wait. Now, why they won't at basketball games, I have no idea. CLA is already set up to sell beer. I really think he wanted to wait to see what kind of backlash other schools get before committing to selling alcohol.
  9. I don't feel sorry for the Nats at all lol. I agree with you though, last year and this year have been 2 of the funnest Braves teams I've watched.
  10. Important stretch of games coming up. The next 14 games are against the Nationals and Phillies. Great opportunity to effectively clinch the division.
  11. I really want to land Timberlake. Unfortunately, I think the limited scholarship situation will be detrimental to our chances.
  12. I think this may be the most talented team Martin has fielded here. We'll find out if that talent will translate to wins. I'm pretty sure we'll be picked in the lower third of the conference, but I think we'll finish in 5th or 6th place. Just hope we do well in the non-conference games to make a postseason tournament.
  13. To me, it seems that McClendon has control of the play calls at the beginning of the game. If we get a big lead of say 10+, I think Muschamp has him reel it in and go conservative. That would be good and all if we had a shut down defense and could rely on them keeping the lead. Going conservative bites us in the ass every time.
  14. Thanks guys! Planning on making this my home now that CT is done. Liking it so far!
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