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  1. markymark550


    Long day of projects at the house. Kicking back now and sipping on some Woodford.
  2. markymark550


    Nothing wrong with Evan Williams. I know some people can look down at what others drink, but I tend to go with what is said at many of the tastings I've been to: the best bourbon is the one that tastes best to you. Overpriced and/or overly complex doesn't mean it's better.
  3. No, it wasn't a shock. I'm a little surprised this announcement didn't come sooner. We're going to have a lot of new faces to learn next year.
  4. markymark550


    This one? If so, then I'd be interested.
  5. markymark550


    The McKenna was definitely very good. The tasting guide at the Heaven Hill distillery pretty much told us that the only reason we could try it is because they keep so many bottles for the tastings and hadn't run out yet. I would drink it more often if I could, but again, I refuse to pay the price for it.
  6. markymark550


    I got to try that when we went to the JD distillery (different trip lol). It was very good, as was the Single Barrel Select. I got a bottle of Single Barrel Select....wound up drinking most of it during our 2017 Final Four run!
  7. markymark550


    Love bourbon. My wife and I took a trip to Kentucky a few years ago and went to lots of the distilleries on the "bourbon trail." Highly recommend that trip and outside of bourbon, Louisville is a pretty cool city. If anyone needs recommendations for distilleries, just let me know. My favorite is Woodford Reserve. I like that their mash bill has more rye than others and love that peppery, spicey bite. Old Forester 1910 and 1920 are both excellent imo. Old Fitzgerald and Henry McKenna Single Barrel (both Heaven Hill) are really good, but I wouldn't pay that much for it when there are others as good or better for a better price. Four Roses has some really good selections for the $40-$60 price. I would love to try some of the higher end bourbons, but I'm not going to pay those crazy prices. Secondary market for some is just ridiculous.
  8. I got curious about that as well and looked up the record book. The 83-84 season was our first in the Metro. Apparently, one of our games against Clemson and the game against DePaul were also designated conference games. Unfortunately, that fellow didn't remember it accurately. The book shows our first Metro win was against Cincinnati in late December. We did beat Notre Dame, but that was in early February.
  9. No. I guess y'all have given up. Rusty Staub aka "le Grand Orange" from his time in Montreal was the answer. I just happened to stumble on that from a post by Super 70s Sports on Twitter (which is a good follow imo)
  10. Good guesses, but not them.
  11. Who is the only player in major league baseball history to have 500+ hits with 4 different teams?
  12. Apollo 13 I thought the founders came out and said that was fabricated or there was more to it than just the late fee?
  13. Just saw this scrolling through Twitter
  14. I don't think history says that at all. He's spent 5 seasons coaching in a major college basketball conference - all at Texas Tech. Everything I've read about him says that he highly coveted the Texas job and his ties as an alum will keep him there for long haul...that is if he wins enough for the Texas boosters.

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