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  1. Y'all went from wearing a mask is tyranny to it's ok for police to shoot people really quick.
  2. Nah...you're not worth any serious thought though.
  3. Maybe not Tiger and bobsledding though. More like Davis Love III and curling.
  4. You should be like a golf or winter olympics fan. Not sure why you like college football.
  5. Many, not most this time, like to shoot dogs.
  6. Most cops beat their wives and girlfriends.
  7. How did anyone take advantage in Colombia? A cop with three buddies kneeling on the neck of a handcuffed man for over 8 minutes is much different than a moment of passion between civilians. Have you watched the video for the whole 8+ minutes? If you haven't, you should.
  8. Maybe this will give some cop second thought before murdering the next unarmed black man. Probably not though.
  9. Since the beginning of the human race men have been the ones to fight and forage and get captured while the women are left alone to raise children. I learned this from books that I found in bookstores.
  10. I hope they keep protesting until those two are arrested.
  11. Investigation continues and charges could be upgraded. The important thing is to get this murderous thug off the streets.
  12. It helps with fighting Covid-19 and one's golf game.

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