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  1. Turned more farmers into being dependent on the government.
  2. He doesn't care what you think. He just wants to argue and name call.
  3. Eh...CC trolls as much as me (not as cleverly). He's pretty solid and serious on 2A and somewhat on healthcare, but it seems if something doesn't interest him he isn't above drive by sniping.
  4. I wish you would frequent here more. You, at least, have a bit of intelligence in your posts and can have a sense of humor.
  5. I think the country is tired of all the childish name calling in politics. I could be wrong here though. I think most of you here spend too much time in a vacume of right wing sites and only associate in life with a certain segment of like minded people. This may be true of me to a certain extent as well. I don't take this place, or the last one, seriously the majority of the time because of this.
  6. Nevermind, I thought you said you wanted to have a serious discussion.
  7. I think Trump's creepiness and past actually help Biden. I'm not trying to argue, you asked my opinion. There is absolutely no energy behind Gabbert at all. The "fake indian" crap only matters to hard core Republicans, who Warren doesn't stand a chance with anyway.
  8. Biden, because of the Midwest swing states and if all the impeachment stuff doesn't bring out anything more damaging to him. The young people won't turn out from him as much nationally but it really only comes down to six states. Bernie is too far left even though he would be my choice. Warren is a woman so won't even get a chance with a large segment of to hear her out, even though she probably is the smartest and hardest working candidate. If Pete Buttigieg wasn't gay he would win hands down.
  9. Well, that is another way to say what I was getting at. A little more understandable to him, no doubt.
  10. The pilot hit the panic button on accident. I'm not aware of his/her ethnicity, religion nor do I know him/her.
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