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  1. It's kinda true, but for them lately as well. I like our future better than theirs though. Tennessee is a mediocre high school football state and they're not getting the national guys they once did. Also, quickly getting the reputation of a coach killer program.
  2. We should start a NBF Memorial GoFundMe. We'll build it in Kingsport and it'll be a redneck mecca. They will travel annually to visit and get their teeth pulled.
  3. Hoes with phones "Matt Gaetz: Women detail drug use, sex and payments after late-night parties with Gaetz and others - CNNPolitics" https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2021/04/14/politics/gaetz-parties-women-drug-use-sex-payments/index.html
  4. You guys go from "he doesn't do shit" to "he's turning the country communist" pretty quick.
  5. The Soviet Union was governed by communists. Russia is controlled by oligarchs. I preferred the communist, they had more honor.
  6. Israel is our ally? Wish someone would let them know.
  7. Never gonna be more than a 40% guy no matter how ardent the 40% are. The Republican Party needs to move on with somebody with a vision for the country and not themselves, but I'm glad they aren't. As for Liz, she's a whole lot better than Dick
  8. I wish we could appoint Harris Pastides lifetime President. All the other ones and the Board itself always seem to be embarrassing the University.
  9. QT and Buc-ees are NOT similar. One is a stop on the way to a destination and the other is a destination.
  10. "Texas-sized gas station Buc-ee's has a plan to come to Anderson" https://amp.independentmail.com/amp/5756143002 The one planned for Anderson alone will have 175 openings.
  11. Yeah, that happens here as well. Buc-ees always comes out a winner though
  12. Not many QT's here and they are certainly nothing to brag about.
  13. I can't believe you are cheating on us. I get disappointed in the backwards views on my schools message boards and then realize that other schools sites are probably just as bad.
  14. Yeah, only 260 openings at 40 24-hour stores plus warehouses. These are closer to Wal-Marts than 7-11's = no staffing staffing issues.
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