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  1. It looks more sports oriented now, although I remember in 1987 a piece of the goalposts ended up there after the clemson game. I'm "friends" with Tannyhill on Facebook and sent him some of his own football cards when he bought Group. He said he was going to display them.
  2. I put more time in effort in our defense than I did on any project or paper from a regular class, and probably learned more from it. I had quotes from Ghandi, Thurgood Marshall and MLK and all they had was a bunch of circumstantial evidence (you couldn't see through the honeycombs enough to identify anyone) but it was enough. I was Stan's dad 20 years before South Park.
  3. I got caught shooting bottle rockets of our balcony in The Towers. After a valient defense before the Student Housing Committee me and a floormate we're banned from on campus housing after our freshman year. The last week before summer break we went to a bait shop and bought 20,000 crickets, put towels under our doors, and gave the crickets their freedom. You could still hear crickets chirping in Snowden well into the next school year.
  4. Slightly, very slight arm soreness after the second Pfizer. That was it, I felt better than normal actually.
  5. 1986-1989 Snowden 3rd floor freshman then I moved to Lee St about 3 blocks away from Five Points. First time I ever heard Rock Lobster by the B-52's and Lola by The Kinks. Both would have people swinging from the rafters. On busy nights a few times we collected cover out on the street but we didn't work there.
  6. They are always referred to as chicharrones here in South Texas. I've seen them offered in tacos and I ordered one once and it was horrible, just mush. I hear in Central America they are served moist, one at a time on a platter to the wealthy.
  7. A cool rendition of one of the only pop songs I've liked from the past 20 years. I love when bands work with orchestra and everyone looks like they had fun.
  8. Becky Hammond will be the first woman to coach a NBA team. She has put in her time as Popovich's first assistant and coach of the Spurs summer league teams. It wouldn't surprise me if she is successful either. Mike Budenholzer(Bucks) and Monty Williams(Suns) both coached under Pop and may very well meet in the NBA Finals.
  9. Yep. Says he regrets it now.
  10. Correctemundo! I looked it up after I asked the question and apparently David Allen Grier and IceCube turned it down as well. They got the right guy though imo.
  11. Who turned down the role of Bubba in Forrest Gump? There may be more than one, but I just read this about this guy.
  12. I spent from age 5 to 10 in East Texas and they were around every year. I, of course, collected the crunchy to torment my sister and her friends.
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