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  1. Doty just ain't it. I hope some stud high school QB see's this and wants to start for an SEC team as a true freshman.
  2. 90.7% of the eligible population in my county have received at least one vaccination shot. I was impressed when I heard this. The local officials have done a great job.
  3. Bexar County and San Antonio officials lowered the risk level here to mild.
  4. Or, just say you haven't been vaccinated yet to get a booster. I think it's the same dosage.
  5. @LBC what do you know about this?
  6. In today's world, it wouldn't matter where the research is done. A virus like Covid-19 was gonna be uncontainable.
  7. He reminds me of DJ Swearinger. Gotta be careful about taking away his edginess.
  8. I think Scabies are a bigger mite and harder to kill than Chiggers. The females burrow into your skin to lay eggs and it's miserable. I have no idea how I was exposed to them, in the 72 hours before it got so bad I actually had very little contact with anyone and that's when they said I was exposed. Ivermectin kills the hell out of them though but it takes your body awhile to rid itself of the eggs and the ones burrowed in the skin.
  9. Covid-19 is a new virus to medicine and science so it's been a learn in the fly in many aspects. Coronaviruses aren't new though and they have been working on vaccines for them for over a decade. I heard it would take 80 to 85% including children, to start to eradicate Covid-19 but that was before the varients started appearing. Medical personnel have always worn masks to prevent infection spread. I think it's common sense that natural immunity is great, but it seems like pretty much everybody is going to get it at some point now and the more natural immunity and help from vaccines the less sick people will be. It's my understanding that Australia has been in a more locked down situation than us from the beginning and they just not too long ago broke 1,000 for the whole continent if I remember correctly. I don't think lock downs are the answer though for many reasons. Vaccines and boosters are just like are for the flu and many other communicle diseases.
  10. Yep. It was Mr. Dunderbach's when I first started working there in high school, then Don Cobble who owned it broke away from that franchise and renamed it Hofbrauhaus. He has passed away but I'm still close to his family who all worked there as well.
  11. About twenty years ago I ended up in the hospital with a horrid case of Scabies. Once they figured out what it was in the ER they spread Ivermectin cream over my whole body and admitted me to an isolation room. They talked about giving me the oral form of it, but either because my kidneys had already started to fail and they thought it would make them worst, or they thought they killed all the Scabies, they never did. Those Scabies were one of the worst medical experiences of my life and I've had some bad ones. They lay eggs in your skin and even though they were dead I was uncontrollably itchy for like a month after I was discharged.
  12. It seems like places in Columbia stay in business longer than most. I tried to find a picture of Goatfeather's and found out it had just recently closed and reopened as Goat's some of the same employees.
  13. It seems Patterson was free to us living on campus when I attended but not very good. Russell House was much better but cost money. I worked at a deli and German restaurant in Columbia Mall the whole time I was on campus so I didn't have to eat much there.
  14. That still isn't doing much to stop the spread of COVID, kinda like taking Theraflu if you find out your have the flu in a quick enough manner. Sadly, not everyone in this country has access to healthcare in a way as to diagnose quickly. Everyone does, however, have access to a free vaccine.
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