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  1. Why aren't you in Virginia with your guns?
  2. More great NFL games today you can't watch.
  3. Who have you seen more pictures of? A. Donald Trump and Barron Trump B. Donald Trump and Lev Parnas
  4. This dude hung out with everybody who Trump knows and took pictures.
  5. He was referred to as "the President, now pending" at the swearing in of the Chief Justice.
  6. He should of just fired her then instead of "things are going to happening to her".
  7. He didn't want to incite anyone any further, which is a good thing. If he would have acted upset people like the Lexington County militiamen would have been clamoring more.
  8. It's a 410 shotgun (sp?) in the back of my closet that my grandfather left me. Last fired (if that is the right term) when I was like 7.
  9. Didn't Hitler do the same thing in Germany in the 1930's?
  10. They should have used this in Obama's impeachment trial. Oh wait.
  11. I'm bringing a gun to a Virginia casino on election night to watch Bernie's acceptance speech.
  12. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/01/17/trump-impeachment-defense-to-include-ken-starr-alan-dershowitz.html Epstein defender and probable child rapist Alan Dershowitz as well as Ken Starr, who did nothing to stop all the rapes at Baylor, have been chosen to defend Trump in the Senate.
  13. I know you are playing, but you complain often how everything is so partisan and this is one of the few entities that isn't. Plus, they are more important than ever now in the Age of Alternative Facts.
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