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  1. I will try the carrot cake.
  2. This too shall pass.
  3. I like Fenwick's work, what little we have seen so far. He is my vote for being a top performer this season. Also looking forward to seeing what Lloyd can contribute.
  4. Maybe we could drop the crossover conference games and play a 10 game schedule. That way we wouldn't be playing LSU and tex A&M. lol
  5. It should remind us of how good Dawn is. In my opinion she is the best of the Gamecock coaches.
  6. I feel very sad that the Gamecock women can't play for the National Championship that they deserve.
  7. It looks like they just flew right by fraught. lol
  8. Lest we forget, Bernie is not a Democrat. He is listed as an independent in the Senate.
  9. Is this the Gamecock curse? The first time that we have the hands down best team in the country, they decide to cancel the tournament. in past years, the national champion in football was decided by the polls., why not decide the basketball champions the same way this year? I doubt if they do determine the champion this way,but I think that our girls deserve to be named National Champions.
  10. How can the California ultra liberals ever get reelected without all of their illegal voters ?
  11. Good to have Amihere back. Hope she has a good outing.
  12. Wasn't he also Sgt Garcia in the Zorro series ?
  13. Glad that the Gamecocks are # 1. I was afraid that Baylor might jump to #1 after beating uconn. Sometimes it is nice to be wrong.
  14. I agree with you about Lloyd. On defense I want to go with Burch.

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