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  1. Glad that the Gamecocks are # 1. I was afraid that Baylor might jump to #1 after beating uconn. Sometimes it is nice to be wrong.
  2. I agree with you about Lloyd. On defense I want to go with Burch.
  3. Adding Wooley and Low has really ramped up the recruiting success. When you have a good product to sell, it makes recruiting easier. We currently have a great product; Dawn has been the best hire in quite a long time.
  4. A commander in chief that cares about our people in foreign countries.
  5. I will watch it. I want to see LSU beat them like a rented mule. It would be very satisfying if clemsux got a West Vriginia style beating (hang 7o+ on clemsux).
  6. Shaw was definitely a winner. I like Lattimore as a close second. Lattimore was an outstanding running back that only injuries could stop. Now he is helping the football program in both helping young men and in recruiting.
  7. He is the man that Champ chose to run the offense. Who am I to question his decision. I don't care who is the offensive coordinator as long has he does the job to help us win games. In the end, that is what counts.
  8. Best game played so far this season. Beating 2 top five teams early in the season foretells how good this team can be. The way they played Saturday is how the game should be played. Great effort and great result.
  9. Glad we won. Not the best performance,but Dawn has a lot of "teaching points" to use in practice. Very disappointed in the lack of free throw shooting. Hope that we are on our game tomorrow against Baylor.
  10. 2 for 19 from the three, less than 50% from the foul line, 18 turnovers just adds up to a poor night. Tomorrow it is Baylor and it must get better.
  11. I am very unhappy with this seasons results with the exception of the Georgia game. But, I still think that Champ can get the job done. This was a very difficult schedule and that should be taken into account. We lost three games we were favored to win and that is what makes me unhappy. The real question should be how long will it take to recover the status of the program if we give up on Champ and start all over again. I, for one, think that giving up on Champ may do more bad than good.
  12. SSDD we get n respect from the ncaa in anything we do.
  13. I was upset about the "false start" and the holding downfield. I remember what my coach used to say about officiating. He said that officiating was part of the game. they make mistakes,just like players do. But, they should never miss the obvious calls.
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