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  1. https://southcarolina.rivals.com/news/gray-wants-to-instill-new-dbu-mindset-at-south-carolina DBU. Boy it has been awhile since I heard that phrase. Would be nice if these players put their all into being just as good a some of those others from before.
  2. Just shows neither OSU nor Clemsux can play against real teams.
  3. I have read a lot of comments on each of the new coaches, i.e. OC, DC, S&C. But now, how do you feel about all the staff in general? I really think Beamer being brand new as a SEC head coach has done a really good job. He did not go chase big name ex HCs. He went after some people that showed real talent where they have been at. I mean our new OC was just an assistant coach for the Panthers, we got a guy from W. Kentucky, and a guy from Marshall. People most of us have never heard about. So how will they do? I think this is going to be just the guys we need to get this team turned around. We already see Beamer's talent at bringing in some good players. He got a couple really good transfers already. And seeing some of the players say they will be back now, that is big. I just really think Beamer has put together a good crew and Sept. can't get here fast enough. I really have grown to respect some of y'all a bunch. What do you think? BTW. It's not "Spurs Up" anymore. We need to make it "Beam Me Up!"
  4. I really did not care for Bobo's choice as far as starting QB, but even with Hill in there, he did have some creative plays. With the right HC, we may see the Bobo that won so much at UGA. I really don't think we will know our complete staff until all the games are completed. I just feel Beamer is after some coaches that are busy with bowl games.
  5. Do you think Beamer might get Lattimore back on the staff here? Shaw as QB coach, Lattimore as RB coach?
  6. I don't see anything wrong with him staying there and trying to win what they can. I would assume he is already working on new coaches and recruits at the same time. The man has been on winning teams 18 of his 21 years. He may be wanting to add one more championship. Either way, looking forward to seeing what he will bring to the table here.
  7. Was a great game. I had to follow on live stats but it kept me glued in the 4th. Our girls started with a 6 point lead but Gonzaga came on strong and actually took a 4 pt. lead. Thankfully our D turned it up and with 2 minutes left they took the lead back for good.
  8. Great game to watch. the next 3 week be a little more competition. 119-38 was a good way to start the season.
  9. Dawn is letting the bench players get some playing time and they all look like they could be starters
  10. Sadly, before we hired Muschamp, there were some really good looking candidates out there but we did not get one of them. I really did not think of Muschamp after seeing how he did at Florida. He was a surprise to me. I just pray there are not any more surprises in our HC this time.
  11. Being this season basically means nothing, we will go 10-0

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