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  1. Not sure how they figure that. We got both LSU and Clemson on the road. We got Georgia, A&M and Florida to play. All 5 currently top 10 teams. Tenn. is even ranked 25 in one poll. In my opinion, this year coming is just as tough as last year. Forbid what happened last year we may be 4-0 to start the season but then it gets real tough. UF, Tenn. and A&M. Then Vandy followed by GA and LSU back to back weeks. Wofford right before Clemson is a little bit of a breather but unless Bobo and Champ can make some big changes we might be lucky to go 6-6. I just don't see those other 6 teams having a schedule as hard as ours. I mean Ga. Tech is playing ACC teams. And the sports media thinks the Big 10 is huge football. Maybe for a big 10 team but not for an SEC team. Oh well. Just hope we can squeeze out a couple upsets for an 8 win season. That would be huge for us.
  2. Hate I had to work and did not get to see any of the game. Get to watch it in the morning when I get home. Really glad they pulled it together in the 4th. Miss. St. is a really good team and this is a big win. Sounds like our D had some issues but hopefully Dawn will get that fixed fast. Georgia and Ole Miss are no where near the team Miss. St. is, but we face Tenn. after them and will definitely need a strong D against them.
  3. After the big win against Virginia, we looked really sad those next 3 games. I had almost totally given up on these guys. Then we have a huge win against UK. So what did I expect? Thankfully they proved me wrong and kept things together today. They really looked like a team that can compete today instead of laying down like the Stetson game. Now comes the big question... were the wins against Vir. and UK a fluke or can we really play? We find out the answer to that Wednesday. These guys did really good against those other 2, now we face #4 Auburn. I would love to see them pull out another upset. Being they kept their head in the game this time after the UK win, may be they can surprise Auburn too.
  4. Bolden was on fire today. 5 of 7 from 3pt and had 6 assist. Just glad him and Couisnard got more minutes in (34 and 37). Lawson (16 min.) was shooting better today but still absolutely zero assist. I don't know why he is that way. A Guard is supposed to get assist, not try and do it all himself. Really glad the team looked a whole lot better today. But still had a lot of fouls against them. Giving them 41 foul shots is too many. Thankfully the D was really strong when they didn't foul.
  5. Already beat 5 ranked teams and our Ladies still have to play 6 more top 25 teams including U-Conn on the schedule. And with 3 freshmen starters not only are they winning, they are scoring 90+ points a game these last 4 games. Our football team was disappointing. Men's Basketball is getting disappointing. SO SO thankful for our Ladies being such a great team. And watching them play leaves no doubt why they are ranked #1 this year. Great team work, great assist, great rebounding, fast breaks. Just fun to watch and really glad the schedule is so tough. They can handle the heat and have been proving that. I work nights so it is hard for me, but I hope plenty of folks go out to support these ladies and enjoy some great games.
  6. Like said, I think they were young but I also think they were improving a lot this year. Really hard to say when not many of us were happy with the OC and his play calling whether we had a decent line or not. At times it looked like no protection for the QB. Other times, no holes for the RB. But like stated, this year, it is time to put out. They are not freshmen rookies anymore. I think Sadarius is going to be a huge influence on those guys. He could have gone and would have probably been drafted late but still drafted. But he decided to come on back for one more year. For a freshman, Nichols played some good ball. You rarely saw him let someone get to the QB. He still needs to learn more about those draws, but I think he will be a big star on our OL. As far as Wolford, he has years of experience himself. I feel he is a good coach for that position. Once again, the OC has a huge influence on all that they try. Coaching career (HC unless noted) 1995 Kansas State (GA) 1996 Emporia State (OL) 1997–1999 South Florida (OL) 2000–2002 Houston (OL) 2003 North Texas (OL) 2004–2006 Arizona (OL) 2007–2008 Illinois (OL) 2009 South Carolina (OL) 2010–2014 Youngstown State 2015–2016 San Francisco 49ers (Asst. OL) 2017–present South Carolina (OL) 16 years as OL coach. A couple as asst in NFL. 5 years as a HC. You would think he knows what he is doing and he is probably great with those players as far as telling them what they need to do to make it to the pros. Time to see us have a truly superior OL. Time to see if he can have them ready for some smash mouth football because that is Bobo's way.
  7. Well, I guess DAK is staying. He could become a key part of Bobo's offense. Even if just as a receiver.
  8. Need them to play like they did against Virginia. Florida is not as strong of a D and I think our D can slow UF shooting down some. Kotsar gets to earn his keep a lot in this game. If we can get them down it would be great but they can rally. We need our strongest D play this game and need to get some steals again.
  9. I felt Bobo could be a big improvement for our team. We desperately needed changes in our Offensive scheme. Do I think he can make us an 8 win team again in one year? Not really sure. If he can get an upset or two, he should be able to. But at least 7 should be doable. Now Bobo has brought in a seasoned QB and a big time FB, TE prospect. Will they both be starters? Only time will tell. For now we just have to wait until the spring game and see what they look like out there. I definitely plan to be there live this year. I know they won't be showing everything they plan to do, but it will be great just to see things be different. Bobo has one heck of a job ahead of him to make this a winning team again, but he sure did have good records at Georgia. Back to the topic, can 2 transfers make a difference. I think so, and I think it will be in several ways. Hill not only can play, he can help coach Ryan and Doty. If Ryan wins the starting role, it will be another big plus having Hill and DAK to back him up. If DAK stays. And personally, I was always a fan of the I formation and smash mouth football boosted by play action. And they say Prentice can catch good, so if no one is open long on the PA, the RB will be protecting the QB, and he will be open in the short field. Put DAK in there and he can follow that FB around the corner and still have the option open. It would be nice to drill those defenses some. Glad we got some B-ball to follow. Spring can't get here fast enough.
  10. That statement has only been reported on CNN, MSNBC and a ton of liberals on FB. Like I told you, keep listening to that BS news but don't quote it to me. I just wish you would sit back and really consider that you are being lied to by national TV and FB post. Our President is trying to help our nation while having to fight the Democratic party and all their lies, tooth and nail. If they had just once tied to work with him, instead of against him, this nation would be worlds better than it already is becoming. You have done nothing but claim the same kind of stuff they do. You really need to look at the truth for a change.
  11. Man you are not to bright. He can incite Iran all he wants. They have nothing that can compare to our military and do not have many allies either. Our President is standing up for America and the soldiers that lost their lives over there and you cuse him?
  12. You need to quit believing CNN or MSNBC. They are the only ones saying President Trump is going against advise of his intelligence. The only "Intelligence" he is going against are the same ones that made up all that Russian coalition crap. Believe me or not, he is far from stupid. He thinks everything out in detail before proceeding. Case in point, the attack he stopped on Iran after that tanker and drone stuff. When some of that same "intelligence" you talk about thought that was a bad decision. Or the "intelligence" in the House that were upset he did not tell them he was going to Afganistan. Keep believing those fake statements. I will keep believing our President and keep loving what my 401K is doing.
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