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  1. I live 10 miles from there. The owner was so mad that he never got invited to be a member at Augusta National that he decided to build his own and try to make it nicer. It sure is close just missing the big tourney and the history. I never played there but did get to go see it once.
  2. I worked at the Masters one year. Had a management position, a golf cart, and a black badge that gave me access to everything, even the club house. I walked the entire 18 on Tuesday after they finished practice. I would truly love the chance to play there. The roughs are nicer than most of the fairways I have played on. I like Woodside Plantation in Aiken. It is private and probably the hardest one I ever tried. I actually shot a 68 my last time playing. I was so thrilled I didn't even play the back nine.
  3. This kid is going to be a huge plus to our team. I just about got him committed. Okay, he is just a Center, but he is huge and strong. Oh, and it could be a couple years before he commits. But this is his second year and they finished 2nd last year. So what if he is still young. He loves the Gamecocks with his Grandpa. Jacob Nix is a 6 year old playing flag football but the kid is really way bigger than most kids his age and he really wants to play football. I may need to move him to D next year because he loves to tackle. He got in trouble last year because instead of grabbing the flag he would tackle them. That's why we got him on the O line this year. Can't wait to go watch him play at 2 and then he will go watch the Gamecocks with me. Don't forget that name. In 11 years you might hear it again.
  4. And I thought this guy was a gamecock fan. How dare he pick us to lose this game? I understand our D bothers him too, but he doesn't have faith in the O to outscore Missou.
  5. The one I ask is...CAN THE DEFENSE PLAY IT'S BEST GAME OF THE SEASON? I really think Hilinski will be fine. He played Bama like a veteran. Away game won't bother him. I think he will only have to throw about 30 times this game. Our RB's are going to be getting plenty of carries and will hurt the Missou D. Bryant might get a couple good passes, but it won't be enough. My big question is our D. They were supposed to be really good this year now that they did not have all those injuries. Well, I think we are all waiting to see that really good team come play like we felt they could. I watched last years Missou game; they were so so but had a couple flashes. I just hope they can get it all together this week and then keep it there the rest of the season. I still feel they are good. They just got to bring it.
  6. So glad that for just a moment, people can forget football and realize there are people out the that really do need help. This simple act, raising 3 fingers at the start of the qtr. could be just what someone watching needed. To see that people really do care for them. Some people really are afraid to ask for help. When they see this, they might feel okay about asking. She was not an athlete, but my own sister killed herself. I knew she was going thru a lot but did not expect her to do that. I just wonder, if she had seen something similar to what all those athletes saw, would she have reached out? We all are probably familiar with Kenny McKinley. so much talent, but who knew what struggles he may have been dealing with. Who is to say one of the players on the field last Saturday doesn't need to see this. Grateful for young QB and his family trying to reach others to prevent the pain they had to deal with. I really can't explain what it is to have a sibling do that. Even after over 40 years, it is still hard for me to accept my sister did that. We never will know why, but we can try to help others.
  7. I really wondered about him after watching CSU, but last week he showed us all that he is really a good QB. That many yards against Bama. Throwing fast enough to avoid but a couple sacks. One stupid rookie pass to the end zone when we were being blown out. I was just really impressed with the guy and was really glad we finally got a really good QB. I think this Saturday he will shine like he did against CSU. Not saying Missou is like CSU, saying Missou is nothing like Bama. They will be trying to slow down Rico and Feaster, and Ryan is going to have a field day. Then when the Secondary backs up, Rico and Feaster will bust thru for lots of yards. Over / under is 61 and I think we can get 35-40 of those. As far as potential, I only see 2 two more losses if our D can improve. 8-4 is doable. If our D has more problems I still see 7-5 because Ryan and company are going to score a lot of points.
  8. They have played nobody teams. Just like Bama was a huge difference from CSU, we should be a huge difference for Missou. I feel like Ryan is going to eat these guys up; possibly over 400 yards. I feel like Rico will get another 100+ yards and Feaster might to. I see 500+ yards offense. Sadly, I am not super confident in our D yet. They might give up some yards too. Bryant will get some shots but hopefully Kinlaw will get him. Going to be a lot of points.
  9. Rico saw a great young QB get all kinds of yards against Bama. I imagine a lot of WRs would want to be part of what Ryan is going to do around here. I mean after 324 yards in that game, and Rico running for over 100, I can see him getting some 400+ yard games against other teams. And with his release times being so quick, lots of WRs see the ball with him in there.
  10. When you have a guy like Lloyd committed and Harris is only a Freshman and may still RS since they don't seem to want to play him much, it is a little hard to get another RB to commit unless he is sure he will win some playing time. We also got Zach Doe and Fenwick here. Both were decent prospects. Our RB staff is looking really good for the next 3 years.
  11. I don't think I will try that. I was told Banana and Mayo was good to, but I am not really interested. It may be great. I mean, I love Sushi so I have been told I would eat anything. I say, as long as it don't eat me first. I actually learned how to roll up my own Sushi but it takes to much time to call it a go to snack. These are my rolls...
  12. A group of about 30 from my small (100 member) church went to the Ark Encounter 2 months ago. They really loved it and the museum that is in the next town. They say each took a whole day to see, and that the information given was really in depth. After actually building an Ark the same as Noah's and what it took to build it, they were definitely able to teach visitors a whole lot. Sadly, several atheist groups try to ban it and stop public schools from taking students there. I imagine if the Ark of the convenient or the actual Noah's Ark were discovered, they would try to hide that too.
  13. God did not intend for there to be signs. I think he has hide Noah's Ark and the Ark of the Covenant or just took them to Heaven. Just like he hide the Garden of Eden. Kinda like, where is Lazarus? I mean, he was raised from the dead. I still ain't seen the guy. Some things just weren't meant to be seen. They would counter the need for Faith. People got to have Faith or God could of just put us on strings like a puppet.
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