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  1. I will give my score picks later. Here is what I see... We have trouble on the road and lose to Georgia by 7 and A&M by 2 or 3 just missing the CFP. Sadly, Georgia gets the East with one loss and goes on to beat LSU. Final 11-2 after we kill someone like UVA did us last year.
  2. Get Jordan Burch to go with the other winners we got committed, let Ryan get some playing time this year when Jake has us up a couple scores. Sadly, that just means saying next year one more time but that Long center is going to start paying off and we will see it with a Natty in the next 2 years. Those sweet Gamecocks fans gave 50 million dollars to see that Natty and our good recruiting coach has the right coordinators to do it.
  3. They see we have our injured players back in shape and actually have a depth chart with talent because of the guys that had to fill in last year. They biggest thing is we have experienced players and even if we lose to a couple of the top 10 opponents, we will still keep a decent ranking. If we get some upsets I am hoping for, we will be a top 10 team. I wish I was wrong but I just feel we are going to drop 2 road games. As much as I hate it, UGA will win in Athens by 7 and A&M will just get by us in a real close one.maybe 2 or 3. Sorry but Bama and Clemsux will miss the CFP this year thanks to us!
  4. I love what Coach said when asked about the schedule... WILL MUSCHAMP: I’m not worried about the schedule. I’m worried about the Gamecocks. That’s all. Press folks can look at our schedule and say we will be doing good to win 6 or 7 games. As long as they want to think that, go ahead, but I just can't take my glasses off this year. Our team, The Gamecocks, that coach is talking about, are going to get it done. Tough Schedule = only 10 wins
  5. Joyner provides a huge benefit in the running game. Anytime a D has to deal with a running QB it makes a huge difference. As far as his passing, I am not sure. If you look on the video, it was almost like he was hopping up to throw the ball every now and then. Really odd form. Not sure if it is because he is only 6'-1" or what. Ryan on the other hand has a tremendously smooth pass and always seems to put it right on the numbers. He also looks around instead of staying focused on one receiver when it is not a screen play. No doubt he is a very talented passer and I can easily see him as our back up and hope he gets some playing time when Jake starts blowing them out. He is also 6'-3.5" which make sit easier for him to see down the field.
  6. They forgot to put Bentley on that list. With all our Sr. running backs, we should be able to play action the heck out of them like Garcia did to Alabama with Lattimore and Maddox in 2010. I really think Jake is going to do it this year. In 2005 I watched Byrnes blowout a team in the state championship at Willy-B. I just got a feeling Jake is going to be just as explosive this year. And after a huge 10 win season he should be a candidate.
  7. OT Sadarius Hutcherson 315, 320 OT Jaylen Nichols 315, 320 OL Jordan Rhodes 325, 330 OL Chandler Farrell 289, 295 Not sure why your list didn't have all of them but this is looking like a very credible O line. Chandler is a little smaller but has experience. Muschamp said of the Wando products. “Chandler Farrell (from Summerville) is a young man that walked on to our football team and earned a scholarship and is competing to be a starter at the center position, possibly a guard position. He’s done a fantastic job.” I hope they can both make big holes for the RB's but also protect our QB so he can win a Heisman which I hope will be Bentley.
  8. I think in the Spring game we did see some of just that. There were some different looking plays called that the O looked really comfortable with and a couple that they seemed to still be a little off. I am sure that by game time against UNC the O will be fully used to his new plan and we will all really like the changes. No doubt he is a smart coach and he will know just what they can excel with but like every coach, you got to know what your players can handle. I think him and Champ got that down.
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