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  1. A new area code is coming to Columbia and the Midlands. How will it affect you? Move over, 803, there’s going to be a new area code in town. Beginning in May, new phone customers could begin receiving the new 839 area code depending on where they live. The 803 and 839 codes will cover the same central South Carolina area, which stretches roughly from Rock Hill to Allendale and Sumter to Aiken. And on April 25, customers making local calls will have to dial all 10 digits of the phone number, even if the call is to a number with the same area code. That change will affect mostly home land lines, as most mobile phones and office phone systems already require 10 digits, said Doug Pratt, an engineer with the S.C. Public Service Commission. The change will be effective for home land lines in April in preparation for the May 839 launch. A “permissive” period for 10-digit dialing begins Oct. 26, when customers can dial either 7 or 10 digits. “This is to get people used to dialing a 10-digit number,” Pratt said. “In April it will become mandatory.” The area code will be the fifth in the state, with 864 covering the Upstate, 803 in the Midlands and 843 and 854 in the Lowcountry. The 803 area code includes York, Lancaster, Chester Lexington, Richland, Fairfield and Kershaw counties. Beginning May 26, it will have the 839 area code added. Here are some effects, according to the PSC. ▪ Current telephone numbers, including the current area code, will not change. If a customer has an 803 area code, that area code will remain unchanged. ▪ The price of a call, coverage area or other rates and services will not change because of the new area code.. ▪ Current local calls will remain a local call for billing purposes regardless of the number of digits dialed. ▪ 911 calls will remain unchanged. ▪ If services accessed by dialing 211, 311, 411, 511, 611, 711 or 811 are currently available, they will remain unchanged. ▪ All services, automatic dialing equipment or other types of equipment that are currently programmed to dial a 7-digit number will need to be reprogrammed to match the new dialing procedures. Some examples are life safety systems, stored telephone numbers in contact lists in phones, fax machines, Internet dial-up numbers and alarm and security systems.
  2. Scathing comment from a Georgia fan: "Kirby Smart has not changed at all since he started at UGA, he has learned nothing from his first 3 seasons. He still coaches with fear and always plays it safe.His coaching style has not changed or evolved in any way. Even Nick Saban made changes when he needed too and he already had rings but not Smart, that's why he won't win a championship. Smart had a freshman QB with unlimited potential that would have added another dimension to UGA's boring vanilla offense but he was too afraid of change, so he never gave Fields a chance, a decision he will come to regret. In my opinion he is one of the worst coaches in the SEC, whenever UGA is involved in an upset we are always the upsetee and never the upsetter."
  3. I know it sounds crazy, and maybe sounds more like fan hype than reality, but consider if the following happens: 1. South Carolina beats Florida at home, and also wins against Vanderbilt, at Tennessee and at Texas A&M to finish 6-2. 2. After losing to the Gamecocks, Florida beats Georgia and everyone else on their SEC schedule to finish 6-2. 3. Georgia rebounds after the Florida loss to beat everyone else on their SEC schedule (including Auburn) and go 6-2. 4. Missouri beats everyone else on their SEC slate except Georgia and Florida to finish 6-2. You would have a 4-way tie for the East, and procedure dictates that you calculate your records against the other 3 teams. Florida would be 2-1 against SC, GA and MO South Carolina would be 2-1 against FL, GA and MO Missouri would be 1-2, and Georgia would be 1-2 Which means you would compare SC and FL, and since SC beat FL the Gamecocks would go to Atlanta. All 4 schools would get an SEC East co-champion banner though.
  4. 10. So much for the hot start. Georgia made a huge deal after the struggles at Tennessee that it needed to be sharper early on and come out with more production – it shouldn’t be such a struggle going into the locker room. Instead, the offense sputtered, Jake Fromm threw the pick six, and the Dawgs were down 17-10 at halftime. All of a sudden, South Carolina looked and played like it could win this thing. 9. The Georgia running game couldn’t get going. D’Andre Swift had a 113-yard rushing day, but he didn’t have any big dashes, and the team averaged fewer than four yards per carry. The South Carolina run defense is good, but it took its game up another level. The amazing Georgia offensive front couldn’t take control. 8. A 58-yard field goal try with 40 seconds to go? With the game tied at 17, South Carolina went for the lead, and PK Parker White has the leg, but that’s asking for WAY too much on a bomb of a try. Even worse, it gave Fromm time with a time left on the clock to get 30 yards in range for Rodrigo Blankenship. Considering the way the defense was playing, it wasn’t that horrible a try, but watch out for Will Muschamp to get ripped to shreds for not keeping the offense on the field and going for the 4th and 3. At worst, you miss, and you’re in the same situation. Convert, and obviously the Gamecocks have the puck on their stick for the win. In the end, it worked out. Georgia imploded with a bad illegal shift penalty, wasn’t in field goal range, and ended up going into overtime. 7. South Carolina QB Ryan Hilinski was having a game. He hit 15-of-20 passes for 116 yards and a touchdown with no picks before suffering a leg injury. Dakereon Joyner couldn’t do much of anything through the air, but he added enough mobility to give the Gamecock defense issues. He wasn’t able to lead the way to any points in the second half, but he didn’t make any colossal mistakes. 6. The South Carolina linebackers balled out in a big, big way. Ernest Jones and TJ Brunson were all over the field, and it was a terrific effort in the team’s best overall performance of the season. They swarmed all over the Georgia ground game, they never let Fromm get comfortable, and they didn’t let the plays get to the second level. It also helped that … 5. Israel Mukuamu just had himself a day. The sophomore safety made 11 tackles, took a Fromm pass 53 yards for the pick-six at the end of the first half, and he came up with what turned into the game-sealing interception in overtime off the tipped pass. His second pick, though, was probably the most impressive with the dive, extension, and grab. The D did enough, but … 4. College kickers. Parker White hit 7-of-9 field goals on the season, and he nailed the 49-yard try in the second quarter. All he had to do was hit a 33-yarder and South Carolina has one of the most amazing wins in the Will Muschamp era. Wide right. He did, though, nail the field goal in the second overtime for the lead, and Rodrigo Blankenship missed his shot. 3. +4. That’s what South Carolina was in turnover margin. Fromm threw three picks, the Gamecocks didn’t make any big mistakes, and it pulled out the great win with fewer than 300 yards of total offense and 11 penalties. USC didn’t play all that great, but the defense did its job and the team stayed alive, stayed alive, stayed alive, and it pulled it off. And now … 2. South Carolina can dream of a bowl game again. It’s now 3-3 and has to come up with three more wins with Tennessee, Vanderbilt and Appalachian State all a must. With this win, the Gamecocks are playing with house money – they got their big victory. However, blowing one of those three games, and struggling against Florida, at Texas A&M and Clemson, would ruin it all. It’s not happening now. This is the season-maker. 1. UGH UGA … the team just isn’t looking or playing good enough. However … It kinda sorta doesn’t matter. Of course the loss is a big deal overall to the SEC and to Georgia, but it has to beat Florida no matter what, and it has to win the SEC Championship. This takes out the potential of a 12-0 Georgia team getting into the CFP with a loss in the SEC title game, and there’s no more margin for error. With the way the Dawgs are playing, it’s a TALL order, but remember, Clemson was the College Football Playoff No. 1 seed two years ago and it lost to a Syracuse team that went 4-8. IF Georgia wins out – and that means it’ll have to beat Florida, Auburn, Texas A&M, and then take out Bama or LSU in the SEC Championship – of course it gets into the College Football Playoff. This, however, certainly doesn’t help.
  5. The fake impeachment movement taking place is part of an ongoing effort to drive President Trump from office. It is part of a determination on the left that Trump must be expelled from the White House. This coup attempt – which is exactly what it is – has nothing to do with evidence or any single accusation. As House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said when asked what she would do if the whistleblower accusation involving Ukraine collapsed, “We have many other, shall we say, candidates for impeachable offense in terms of the Constitution of the United States, but this one is the most understandable by the public.” In other words, no matter the evidence and no matter how many times President Trump and his team knock down the attack, there will always be another effort designed to drive him from office. This "destroy President Trump" coup effort developed in the first 24 hours after the 2016 election. On Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2016, a left-wing group announced emergency protests against Donald Trump in six cities that day. Within 24 hours of Trump being declared president, left-wing activists were gathering in Chicago, Los Angeles, Sacramento, New York City, San Francisco, and Albuquerque. As the organizers at Act Now to Stop and End Racism (ANSWER) announced: "In a shock result, Donald Trump has been elected president - but the people can rise up and defeat his bigoted, extreme right-wing agenda! The ANSWER Coalition is mobilizing across the country to organize and take part in emergency actions." These gatherings were just the beginning. Below is a partial list of the first week’s intense reaction from the left. The left’s first reaction was simply to protest Trump's election. It was essentially a protest against democracy and our electoral system. After weeks of sometimes violent protests, the anti-Trump movement realized that simply shouting and causing public nuisance wasn’t going to get them what they wanted. It didn’t take long for the members of the left to find impeachment was the best vehicle for their coup to drive the president from office. By Dec. 15, about five weeks after the presidential election and roughly five weeks before the presidential inauguration, Vanity Fair published an article by Emily Jane Fox headlined “Democrats are Paving the Way to Impeach Donald Trump.” The focus at that phase of the effort was the family business, the Trump Hotel in Washington, D.C. and possible personal financial improprieties (all of which disappeared within a few weeks and were replaced by "Russian collusion" as the focus of Democratic coup efforts). By the day of the inauguration, January 20, 2017, the impeachment hunger was great enough that the Washington Post headlined Matea Gold’s article "The Campaign to Impeach President Trump Has Begun." This effort to drive President Trump from the White House has never been about finding truth. It has always been about subverting the will of the people. You are not watching an impeachment process. You are in year three of an attempted coup d’etat, which started the day the president was elected. The evidence is there for anyone who wants to look. Post-Election Protest Timeline November 9, 2016 “Not Our President’: Protests Erupt Across the Bay Area After Trump’s Stunning Presidential Victory” - NBC Bay Area “Anti-Trump Alaskans Talk Unity, Look Ahead at Candlelit Gathering” - Anchorage Daily News “Thousands Join Anti-Trump Protests Around Country” - ABC 13 “Trump Victory Sets Off Protests On Both Coasts” - CBS Miami “Hundreds Gather in Portland Following Trump’s Victory” - WGME 13 “Anti-Trump Demonstrators Take to DC’s Streets” - NBC Washington “Anti-Trump Protests in Multiple American Cities Including Winston-Salem” - Fox 8 “Anti-Trump protest takes Tempe streets” - NBC 12 “Fires Erupt, Vandalism Reported at Anti-Trump Protest in Oakland” - ABC 7 “Thousands Protest Trump Election in LA, Block 101 Freeway Downtown” - ABC7 “‘Love Trumps Hate’: Protestors March Through Atlanta After Election” - WXIA “Donald Trump Victory Sparks Protests in Downtown Detroit” - WXYZ Detroit “Protests in Major Cities for Second Day After Trump’s Victory” - CBS News “Anti-Trump Protests Break At The University Of Michigan” - NBC 6 “Anti-Trump Protesters March Through Richmond For 2nd Night” - NBC 12 “Nationwide Protests Continue as Obama and Trump Strike Conciliatory Tone” - NBC “Oxnard Students Took To The Streets Protesting Trump” - VC Star “#NotMyPresident Protests in Downtown Greensboro” - WFMY News “Louisville’s “Not My President” Protest Wraps Up” - WLKY “Hundreds of Anti-Trump Protesters Close Down I-94 in Minneapolis” - CBS Minnesota “Anti-Trump Demonstrations Continue in Philadelphia for Second Night” - CBS Philly “Anti-Trump Protesters March to Iowa Capital” - The Des Moines Register “Students Hold Anti-Trump Protests at Texas State University” - KSAT 12 “‘Ignite Your Right: Humanity Against Trump’ Protest Friday at UMass” - Amherst Wire November 11, 2016 “Second Anti-Trump Protest of The Day Takes to Nashville Streets” – The Tennessean “More North Texas Anti-Trump Protests Planned Tonight” - CBS DFW 11 “Anti-Trump Protesters Gather in Downtown Miami, Block Traffic” - CBS Miami “Anti-Trump Protesters Take To The Streets In Grand Rapids” - The Collegiate “Denver High School Students Walk Out of Class in Anti-Trump Protest” – The Denver Channel “Vanderbilt Students Protest Trump, Shout ‘Not My President’” – The Tennessean “Anti-Trump Protesters Block I-80 in Iowa City” - KCRG “Anti-Trump Protesters Gathered in Southwest Bakersfield Friday” - 23 ABC Bakersfield “200 Gather In Burlington For Afternoon Anti-Trump Rally” – The Burlington Free Press “Round Three of Anti-Trump Protests in Dallas” - WFAA “Dallas And Fort Worth Streets Filled With Anti-Trump Protesters For Third Day” - WFAA “Anti-Trump Protests Flare in Large US Cities for 3rd Day” - VOA News “Protesters in Royal Oak March Against Trump and Bigotry” – The Detroit Free Press “Dozens Protest in Olympia: ‘No KKK, No Fascist USA, No Trump’” - My Northwest “SUNY New Paltz Students Protest Trump Presidency” – The Times Herald-Record “Anti-Trump Protests in Michigan and Around the Nation” - The Detroit News “Anti-Trump Protests Held in CT” - Eyewitness News 3 November 12, 2016 “Not Their President: UI Students Protest Trump’s Election” - The News Gazette “Anti-Trump protests at UNCG, UNCW” – WCNC Greensboro, SC “Students Hold Anti-Trump Protest on Campus” - WECT 6 News Wilmington, NC “Anti-Trump Protest: Marchers Burn American Flag, Fail to Block Interstate” – The Atlanta Journal-Constitution “Trump Protesters Take Over Downtown San Antonio” - My San Antonio “Anti-Trump Protesters March at VCU: ‘We Do Not Respect Blatant Sexism’” - CBS 6 “U.S. Protesters March Against Trump Presidency for Fifth Day” - Reuters “8,000 Anti-Trump Marchers Flood Downtown Los Angeles; Many Fear Immigration Policy” - The Los Angeles Times “Thousands Protest Against Trump in Chicago” - WGN9 November 13, 2016 “7 Arrested In Indianapolis Anti-Trump Protest, Where Hundreds Gathered” - USA Today “Day Five of Anti-Trump: Protests Continue in a Number of Cities” – NBC
  6. We need one of those Clowney/Ingram things on Saturday to have a chance. In fact we may need more than one.
  7. Sad to say, but a 13-14 SEC record historically speaking is not bad at South Carolina.
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