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  1. I don't know man, Oregon won a game in the NCAA Tournament this year by a final of 2-0...
  2. Exactly! "Frank is gone"......oops, looks like Frank is not gone. LMAO at this thread.
  3. Thanks everyone for your votes and your responses!
  4. So us and Texas get A's. Love it!
  5. This is it in a nutshell. All of you all arguing with Ace in this thread are idiots. The stats alone that he's posting are kicking your ass, yet you keep digging that hole. Brilliant commentary Ace, I agree with the vast majority of what you're saying here. And by the way, I am not a guest, nor have I ever logged in as one. Minus the detractors, this has been a very enjoyable thread to read.
  6. Got that big series at Texas coming up this weekend. GO COCKS!!!
  7. Great list above. Maybe it's just me, but every time I saw "Scar" in that list, I thought of:
  8. Hopefully this class will pan out and I won't have to post this guy at the end of April:
  9. 109 points allowed? I mean what in the actual hell happened there?!?!? For a guy who emphasizes defense, this is beyond embarrassing.
  10. Alshon Jeffrey played for a 2A school. Just sayin.
  11. On the list yesterday was an interesting mix of Stone Temple Pilots, Tool, Echobrain and Sevendust. Today's list TBD.
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