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  1. I know all about working my way through and serving in the military to pay for college...I did both...I'll save you the sob story because it's not all that unique...that doesn't change the issue of college being too expensive for a huge chunk of this country. Smart kids with dreams of moving up the economic ladder who simply can't afford the opportunity to make their dreams come true...in one of the 'richest' nations ever You deciding to join the job market as a skilled laborer 40 years ago isn't the issue either. That quite simply doesn't address the larger issue being discussed. I'm not only around and speak to 20-16 year olds all the time I am current raising and funding a 20 year old and an almost 16 year old as I type this. I...along with their mother...who I met while at USC...have spent the better part of 30 years busting our asses so that both of them will not have to take out huge loans to pay for their college degrees and be able to get their degree without anything approaching huge debt. One is currently at NC State on a partial academic scholarship and the other is a Sophomore in high school with enough money saved in her college fund to get her through four years at an in-state public university as I type this. We are lucky to be able to provide this for our children. There are countless others who simply don't have the ability to do the same. We live in one of the richest countries in the world yet we also have one of the largest wealth gaps on the planet and as I type this the United States ranks 27th...27th...in the world in economic mobility...moving up from where you started and addressing economic equality...27th! A huge portion of that starts with affordable/reasonable higher education. Education is the key to upward mobility and the US is 27th. There is a problem with our system...period. That being said...I don't pretend to know how to fix it and I don't believe making it free makes any sense what so ever but something needs to change.
  2. Just trying to connect the dots...the draft ended in 1973...you said you weren't quite old enough so lets go with 17/18....you got a job at 19...that would be 1974/75...you finished college in 1999...24/25 years later...24/25 plus 19 is 43/44...you were a 43/44 year old man with over 25 years of work experience and I assume a home/auto/etc. when you got your degree? And you believe most 17 year old kids looking to get into a good school so they can get a good job and rewarding career in a far more competitive job market than you or I ever faced should choose the same path you did? That the 'system' should work this way? Get a job in 1975 in a completely different world and then follow up with a college degree 25 years later? It certainly should be an option but this should be the exception and not the rule. BTW...Good on you for everything you have accomplished! Seriously, truly something to be proud of...it just isn't the path we should expect or desire for most to take in our system of higher education. And just to clarify...I am NOT for free college...I am however for doing something about relieving debt and making it more affordable for a larger percentage of the qualified population.
  3. The thread also known as..."Women who won't f**k MBG either!" You can take the Incel off of 8Chan but you can't take the 8Chan out of the Incel...absolutely text book
  4. No...in fact the impeachment hearings are considered public hearings...there are all sorts of electronic devices and people not directly associated with the proceedings allowed in the room. An impeachment trial in the senate is a wildly different undertaking...everyone in the room during the trial has been sworn in and faces disciplinary action...including legal consequences...for disobeying any aspect of the rules or oath they all took. They are radically different...believing the ONLY difference is the R or the D behind the persons name is less than...accurate
  5. I would argue that if both were 'not paying close enough attention' yet one of them decided to publicly question the 'Patriotism' of a purple heart recipient...among others, Iraq War veteran and active duty military officer for over 20 years with degrees from both Cornell and Harvard because he had the stones to tell the truth about something he was involved with...a truth that has been nothing but supported via other testimony, email records, transcripts, etc...when all that person has ever done in service or defense of her country was once be a contestant in a miss teen beauty pageant in Tennessee with a Home Economics degree from Miss. State that the person that only streamed golf isn't the one who's 'worse'...but that's just me
  6. Sure thing...this is going to take a while but when you ask for the facts and proof I feel obligated to give them to you: First, the ousting of Viktor Shokin wasn't unilateral or related in any way to the investigation of Hunter Biden or Burisma...nor did Biden or the United States start the push to have him removed. This started months before Biden or the United States ever got involved and years after Burisma was actually investigated and years before Hunter Biden ever got on the board there...so just to make clear...there was NO investigating into Burisma or Hunter Biden what so ever when Viktor Shokin was finally ousted. There is zero truth to the idea that Biden did anything to STOP an investigation into Burisma...there wasn't one and the one that had already been done and concluded occurred years prior to either Biden...Joe or Hunter...being involved...on any level. Whenever you hear people refer to Ukraine as 'the most corrupt country in the world'...they are literally referring to the period of time under former Ukranian President Poroshenko and his former prosecutor-general Viktor Shokin. Ironically enough, this was during the same period when Trump campaign manager and current incarcerated criminal Paul Manafort was working with corrupt, Pro-Russsian, Anti-NATO, Anti-American, politicians in Ukraine that help Ukraine earn that dubious title. Several months before Joe Biden had ever gotten involved in this situation the European Union...who despite what Donald Trump keeps claiming actually has given far more aid to Ukriane since the Russian invasion than the US...had been calling for the same thing...the ousting of corrupt prosecutor-general Viktor Shokin based on the fact that he was NOT doing anything about the massive widespread corruption in the country but was actually facilitating it. Just as the US needed to assure that there were steps being taken to clean up the widespread corruption the EU was dealing with the same issues. At the same time...again well before Biden got involved...the IMF...the International Monetary Fund...was calling for the same changes...only on an international level. The IMF was concerned that because of the wide spread corruption that giving Ukraine aid without condition was simply to risky. Nothing was being done and part of that problem was the same Viktor Shokin...as well as some other institutional issues that simply weren't being addressed. The United States needing the same guarantees put Joe Biden in charge of the US official stance and conditions for dealing with the Ukrainian gov't moving forward. Clean it up or aid was in jeopardy...this is when Biden does what he does. In concert with the EU and the IMF he tells Ukraine that the universally understood corrupt Shokin simply had to go...as an official representative of US policy. Again...at the time there was NO pending investigation related to Burisma or Hunter Biden...that investigation had been closed...finding no issues...years before Hunter Biden ever got there and Biden gave them the US Governments official stance. It worked and aid was released. In fact, prior to Biden making his demands known two prominent Republican Senators...Rob Portman of Ohio and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin...were on a similar push and were demanding...and I quote..."Urgent reforms to the prosecutor-general's office and judiciary" in a letter sent in early 2016 to Mr. Poroshenko. A Poroshenko government adviser even stated at the time: "EVERYONE was pushing for Shokin's resignation, not just Biden. The difference was Biden came with an amount of money Ukraine found hard to ignore. If the Europeans had had that leverage, they would have used it." We move forward after all this takes place and current President Zelensky runs as an outsider literally on the platform of cleaning up the widespread corruption that existed and wins by a landslide. But the US doesn't just take his word for it so the US DOD actually went through the process of certifying that Ukraine was doing all the right things to receive new rounds of aid. In a letter sent to four congressional committees Undersecretary of Defense for Policy John Rood informed lawmakers that he "Certified that the Government of Ukraine has taken substantial actions to make defense institutional reforms for the purpose of decreasing corruption and increasing accountability." This certification was required by law for the release of the $250 million in security assistance for Ukraine. It was good to go...then Donald Trump and Donald Trump alone decided he would hold up that aid for two reasons and two reasons only...they had to do Trump a favor...Ukraine had to publicly announce an investigation into a debunked conspiracy theory and Russian propaganda claim that it was actually Ukraine who hacked the DNC servers and not the Russians who interfered in the 2016 election and to announce an investigation into the Biden's...one of his main competitors in the 2020 election...a hold that has already been determined to be unlawful. This doesn't even include the fact that Rudy Colludy and a couple of long time thugs would be the point men outside of all official US policy directives or the illegal surveillance and personal and professional character assassination of US ambassadors who had been in country fighting corruption for years so they could circumvent the system and try and pull off this complete scam for nothing but personal benefit...as Dr Hill so eloquently put it...'A domestic political errand'. These two events are NOTHING alike...let alone...'exactly the same'. If you have any questions or need any further fact based info just say the word! I apologize in advance for any misspelled words or grammatical errors...it wasn't the point
  7. The second article of impeachment was for obstruction of Congress...keeping related documents and direct and involved witnesses from being able to be reviewed or spoken to. Keeping related evidence from the American people during a legitimate...Constitutionally sound...investigation after information came forward indicating very real and serious issues and possible crimes. Yesterday Trump confessed to exactly that: "Honestly, we have all the material. They don't have the material" They have the material and witnesses with relative information related to a legitimate investigation but are actively standing in the way of letting it be seen, reviewed and/or investigated during a very real and constitutionally supported Congressional investigation...that is in fact obstruction...and they know it and the President just admitted it.
  8. This isn't true...I'll be glad to explain the differences
  9. Very true...our President...who also never served...actually said he doesn't like U.S. Prisoners of War literally BECAUSE they got caught...he likes people who didn't get caught...while referring to not catching a sexually transmitted disease while fucking around NYC as 'his Vietnam'...it really doesn't get more disrespectful than that
  10. Of course he never served in the military...has there ever been anything more obvious?
  11. If they have served their time...non-violent...felons should absolutely be able to go through the same process as anyone else...assuming there is in fact a background check done that addresses the past felony...and purchase/legally own a firearm. If they are a convicted violent felon then no...they gave up that right the moment they committed said violent felony.
  12. *I had not read the multiple responses after the answer to my direct question so of course my follow up question has been addressed...my bad That being said...I really do have an issue with what you consider an 'infringment'. An infringment is a act or mechanism related to the undermining or the breaking of terms of a certain agreement/understanding/etc. Meaning you are operating under the assumption that the 2A was in fact meant...and designed by our founding fathers...to allow toddlers to buy sawed off shot guns at the 7/11 without ID or consent...but that lawmakers have been undermining or breaking some original agreement and understanding via 'common sense' laws/restrictions...that you have already said you get and agree with. That it did indeed mean anyone, any kind, any where , any time without retriction or associated laws of any kind. We will obviously never completely agree on this so I'm not planning on beating this dead horse to a pulp but I again stand by my origianl statement...Gun laws in general are NOT infringments on the 2A...it was NEVER intended to mean any body...any weapon...any time...without any restriction...ever. But that because it was important to maintain a well regulated militia...and hence a free state...etc...the RIGHT itself would always be protected as long as the purpose was to accomplish what is cleary stated in the amendment itself. As you know I am a multiple gun owner and grew up both hunting...not all that much but some quail/upland bird/waterfowl...and just shooting shit for the fun of it...I am not 'trying to take your guns away' but I do not agree that every common sense gun law...like the ones you have already openly admitted to agreeing with...are 'infringments' on some original promise to protect responsible gun ownership for any number of reasons. Some certainly are...many simply are not. Thanks for clarifying your position...especially after your boy MBG said he does in fact support toddlers being able to buy sawed off shot guns at the 7/11...as long as they knew how to use them and when to use them...I shit you not!
  13. So just to clarify...you would fully support allowing 7 or 8 year old children being able to acquire 50 caliber sniper rifles and sawed-off shot guns without any form of ID or parental concent from any place willing to sell/give them one...and you believe this was what the founders meant by..."A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."? Thank you for your honesty!
  14. Do you believe convicted violent felons and third graders should be able to buy 50 caliber sniper rifles and sawed-off shot guns at the 7-11 without an ID?
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