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  1. It is weird how that works. Success is riding on the coat-tails of others apparently..
  2. I posted a similar topic on another board "which I won't go into here" {raptorcox steps up on soap box} Panthers got a lot of flak when they first started with the Charlotte Panthers idea. Being that SC was being teased that the team was shared between both states, almost like "hey, Carowinds is close to the border.. they must love SC as well" Some of us know better. I do watch several games and went to my first NFL game there during the Jake Delhomme years (Rams won that day), there isn't a South Carolina feel to this team.. none whatsoever.. can you imagine the politics invo
  3. I will add this, his heart is in the right place, just needs to trust his teammates to get the job done.
  4. Thanks for this info, I need to see the girls play again!
  5. what's wrong with testing out Benedict once in awhile (wink)
  6. Try just pasting without the [youtube][/youtube]
  7. I would say the NC State wins are sweet due to the QBs they had. Close calls against East Carolina were unexpected.
  8. Well, the fact that Louisville was impacted gives me hope that eventually the Tarheels will get something.. besides, maybe Seventh is here because he knew something. He wouldn't come to USC if he thought our program was affected.
  9. I read something awhile back about the ones involved and it was weird that UNC was unscathed...
  10. If there is an improved roster, that would be a success in my eyes.
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