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 South Carolina Gamecocks  vs.  North Carolina Tarheels 

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1987 Clemson at South Carolina

 #12 South Carolina 20 #8 Clemson 7. 

November 21, 1987 - #12 South Carolina 20 #8 Clemson 7. This game features the highest ever combined rankings of the Gamecocks and Tigers coming into rivalry week, and was televised nationally on ESPN.

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1984 South Carolina vs. Clemson 

At the end of one of the greatest seasons in school history, South Carolina beat Clemson, 22-21, in Death Valley to finish the 1984 regular season at 10-1. ... Under head coach Danny Ford, the Tigers had gone 12-0 to win the 1981 national championship.
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Now that spring practice is over with what's next? 

April 12, 2019

South Carolina football is done with spring ball. The players won’t hit the field in a practice setting again until around the start of August.

So what comes next?

Gamecocks coach Will Muschamp explained his staff takes the offseason in stages. Stage 1 came between the bowl and spring. Stage 2 was the five-plus weeks that were capped by the spring game.

“Now we’re in stage 3,” Muschamp said. “The month of April for us is a great opportunity. Our players will have a three-day lift schedule. They’ll have Tuesday or Thursday off and then they’ll have the other Tuesday or Thursday to work on things they need to work on, whether it’s lower-body flexibility, in the film room, different things they can do to help our football team.”

He said there was a full team meeting on Monday, recapping the spring game and punctuated with a message.

“I told our guys, be very mindful,” Muschamp said. “Each player, the question ought to be, what can I do to get better?”

That begins with a battery of exit meetings. Each player meets with Muschamp, their coordinator and their position coach. The aim is for frank conversation. The coach noted he doesn’t want players to be sensitive about things because deficiencies will be addressed as they turn toward improving those.

Then the staff will dig into some long-term preparation.

“We’ll start working on some opponents,” Muschamp said. “We’ll start some spring evaluations as far as going out on the road in late April and for the month of May. And we’re really working on a lot of opponents when we’re in the office right now.”

From April 15 through May 31, college staffs have 168 evaluation days to go on the road recruiting. They drop in on high schools, talk to coaches, take in practices and speak to teachers, principals or others who can provide some perspective on a player as a student.

It’s a crucial part of the recruiting process, as the evaluations let coaches show interest and foreshadow camp season come June.

South Carolina’s official workout program comes to an end when the semester does but then picks up when summer session starts. Players can come in on their own during the school’s Maymester, and Muschamp estimated 45-50 players will be staying in town to do that.


▪ April 15 — Start of evaluation period

▪ April 25-27 — NFL Draft

▪ May 13 — Start of Maymester

▪ May 30 — End of Maymester

▪ May 31 — End of evaluation period

▪ June 6-22 — On-campus camps

▪ July 15-18 — SEC Media Day


▪ Midlands, April 24

▪ Lancaster, April 29

▪ Greenville, April 30

▪ York, May 2

▪ Sumter, May 7

▪ Myrtle Beach, May 8

▪ Atlanta, May 9

▪ Charleston, May 14
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Long Center: Gamecock Weight Room

January 16, 2019

The Long Family Football Operations Center is open for business in Columbia.

South Carolina’s long-awaited football center opened recently and the production arm of the Gamecock program is eager to show off the Ken & Cheryl Wheat Weight Room found in the Long Family Football Ops building.

If this is your first time hearing about South Carolina’s new football ops building it is located next to Williams-Brice Stadium and is 110,000 square feet of impressive architecture. The new football operations center will host South Carolina’s recruiting center, locker room, weight room, athletic training room, coaches’ offices, meeting rooms, dining room, equipment room and player lounges.
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