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    Good post and I agree except that you make it sound a little too much like we've only got 3 players back and 10 new guys. It's not quite that bad. (only 7 new guys) That's also why I think Frank will use the early OOC games for teaching - somewhat like last year but this time with much more upside. Skip the injuries and we win 18-20 games.
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    There will be a lot of new faces this fall, but more talent than we've had in a long time on the same team. It will be fun to watch them mature. The OOC schedule this year will probably be used by Frank for some "teaching moments" for the new guys. But we have a core of experience players who know what to do. I'd be disappointed if we enter conference play at .500 again. Really, the new guys are at guard and center. But Bolden has practiced with the team as have Couisnard and Moss so they should catch on quickly. Leveque, Henry and McCreary will have a steep learning curve. My hope is that Kotsar has figured some things out and will re-dedicate himself. He quit playing at the end of last year.
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    From horns to spurs: How Kingston took over Gamecock baseball By CAM ADAMS | 04/28/2019 | 7:21pm After losing to the LSU Tigers in the SEC Baseball Tournament semifinals, the Gamecocks headed into Selection Monday at 35-25 overall with an SEC record of 13-17. Former South Carolina head coach Chad Holbrook and the Gamecocks hoped they had a good enough résumé for an NCAA Tournament bid with the 10th best strength of schedule in the country and No. 32 ranking in the RPI. However, the Gamecocks did not hear their name called. It was the second time in three years South Carolina was left out after making the tournament 15 straight years from 2000 to 2014. Graphic by Jayson Jeffers // The Daily Gamecock This was an odd spot a program that won two back-to-back national titles just over five years ago and was left out of the postseason once again. Eight days after the Gamecocks learned their postseason fate, Holbrook resigned as head coach of South Carolina baseball, finishing with a 200-106 record in 2017. South Carolina athletic director Ray Tanner told the Charleston Post and Courier Holbrook resigned "to pursue other opportunities.” Holbrook was hired as the head coach of the College of Charleston Cougars a little more than a month after leaving the Gamecocks. Tanner hired former South Florida head coach Mark Kingston to take the reins of Gamecock baseball after leading South Florida to a 42-19 record with an NCAA Tournament bid. "I continue to be impressed with [Kingston’s] ability,” Tanner said after hiring Kingston. “He is so well-rounded to handle the challenges and meet the expectations that we have here at the University of South Carolina." The hire displeased some Gamecock fans as Kingston wasn’t necessarily a “big name” coach that fans were looking for. Their displeasure continued into the 2018 season as South Carolina started off with a 20-17 record. With only three games above .500, the Gamecocks were likely to be left out of the postseason back-to-back years for the first time since the in two decades. But the new head coach had other plans, and the Gamecocks bounced back. They swept No. 19 LSU reaching 13-7 as they headed into Selection Monday. And unlike the 2017 season, the Gamecocks did hear their name called and went to the Greenville Regional as a two-seed. South Carolina defeated Ohio State, East Carolina and UNCW at the Greenville Regional, then lost two out of three games to the eventual national-runner up Arkansas in the Super Regionals. From taking over a program that just missed the NCAA Tournament to being one win away from the College World Series, Kingston rejuvenated South Carolina baseball.
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    Some Recruiting Thoughts & Facts 2020 Recruiting Facts: 1. Gamecocks have 0 current top 50 players committed, but we are in the top 2-5 with 2 (Burch and Evans). Clemson currently has 6 committed (which is ridiculous and makes me throw up in my mouth) 2. Gamecocks have 4 top 100 players currently committed (Doty, Lloyd, Walker, Kaba), plus add Wyman at 133 to give us 5 top 150 players and Huntley 180 player top out at 6 top 200 players. That is better than every other team in the country except Clemson, Bama, Notre Dame, and OSU. In other words, we only trail behind the CFP field members from the last couple years. I'll take that any day of the week 3. A list of notable programs Gamecocks CURRENTLY have more or just as many top 100 commits than: Georgia, LSU, Oklahoma, Texas, TAMU, Michigan, Penn State, UT, Auburn, USC, etc. That is one heck of a list of programs to be in front of at the moment. 4. Gamecocks are in the lead group with 9 top 150 (5* Burch, 5* Evans, Keyshawn Lawrence, Reggie Grimes, Myles Murphy (lead), Ja'Qurious Conley, Ze'vian Capers, Desmond Tisdol, Tank Bigsby) 5. Gamecocks could realistically have 10 top 150 players in the boat. Take the five we currently have committed and add Burch, Murphy, Conley, tisdol (who we might lose to AU) and Bigsby. That would more than double the amount of top 150 players we signed last year. 2020 Recruiting Thoughts: Though the Gamecocks don't have a few guys in the boat yet, Gamecocks are in good shape with many and are currently in step the with the best teams in the country on the recruiting trail. Let me say that again, the Gamecocks are in step with the BEST TEAMS in the country!! Gamecocks are currently recruiting at the highest level RIGHT NOW when it comes to elite talent. The chips will continue to fall as they may, but don't worry about Gamecock recruiting. Thy are in excellent shape and could be in even better shape come the end of the summer. One of the big knocks on this staff to take the team to the next level is the ability to land elite talent to South Carolina. This staff has already shown the ability to evaluate the 3* talent well (Wonnum, Mukuamu, Roderick to name a few, I could go on). So one of the last pieces of recruiting seems to be falling into place. If you look at the numbers, they started that trend last year and are continuing that trend this year. Also keep in mind that it does take time to develop that talent and to get that talent in the program, but I think the trajectory of the Gamecock program is very high for the next few years. It certainly seems to be on the recruiting trail.
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    First, the Gamecocks currently have five hope to be seven SC players. Clemson has two and one is a coaches son. The Gamecocks are definitely getting their share from Ga. and NC. Also, Boom has ventured to go after more national players. This staff works tirelessly to identify talent from SC and anywhere else it may be. This and the last few cycles they have gone to Al., Fla, Ca, Va, Md, Tn, and others. He has beat out Kirby and Dabo on a few. I really think eventually Clemson will regret not trying to wrap this state up. Kirby is far from closing the borders for Ga. Coach Muschamp To think about where the Gamecocks were 3-3.5 years ago, it’s pretty incredible what Champ’s been able to accomplish. There’s a lot of in-game stuff I’m sure you can debate, but I’m absolutely thrilled he’s our football coach, and I believe he was the right man for the job.
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    This is key to me as well, especially on 3rd and short and even 4th and short to help keep drives alive and eat clock when we are up.
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    L M A O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Asleep at the switch.
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    Ummm......except that these are all girls scheduled to play for Dawn.
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    As long as the running backs can be productive and pose at least a little threat, the entire offense will be better.
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    I agree the key word is consistency. If that is accomplished, then my vote would be better. Keeping the turnovers down is going to be paramount. By doing so, I believe the defense will do their job admirably. 30 points per game is nothing to sneeze at.
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    I'd have to agree with that.
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    2020 SC PG Myles Tate of Hartsville visited USC Monday with his parents, and spent a 5 hour meeting with Coach Martin's staff, as well as with academic staff: Read More Here (Free Article)
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    2019 Depth Chart Here is my two deep: Agree what changes would you make? OFFENSE QB - Bentley / Hilinski RB - Feaster* / Denson / Dowdle / Turner WR - Edwards / Urich WR - S. Smith / Vann WR - O. Smith / Terrell TE - Pollard / Register TE - Markway / Hinson LT - Hutcherson / Nichols LG - Gwyn / Douglas C - Stanley / Manos RG - Rhodes / Moore RT - Wonnum / Carty DEFENSE DE - Wonnum / B. Johnson DT - Kinlaw / Smith DT - Sandidge / Pickens DE - Enagbare / K. Thomas / Sterling LB - Brunson / Thompson LB - Jones / Greene LB - Fennell / Louis CB - Mukuamu / Sanders CB - Smith / Dixon NB - Horn / Williams S - Cook / Dickerson S - Roderick / Ibe
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    Anything less than 18 wins and I'm disappointed.
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    FLA. I think they were overrated last year and we should have beaten them. Things also seem very unsettled there as of now.
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    I love this take on things. What I want to add is this (and I'm NOT trying to be a negative Nancy here so please take this as simply adding to what you're saying and not trying to detract), most of what you are talking about above is the newcomers to our team/system - Seventh Woods, Micaiah Henry, Wildens Leveque, Jair Bolden, Jermaine Cousinard, Trae Hannibal, Trey Anderson and Jalyn McCreary are all players we have never seen on the court as Gamecocks. Throw in Justin Minaya (who played in just 5 games for us last season and is coming off injury), as well as TJ Moss (who played in just 7 games for us last season and is also coming off injury) as some who haven't been seen playing much with the current squad. What this means is that you realistically have only Lawson, Bryant, and Kotsar with meaningful minutes on the court together. Of those players (Lawson, Bryant, and Kotsar), only Lawson finished the season in double digit scoring (though Bryant came close, with 9 PPG). Bryant has unlimited athleticism and is fun to watch, but his assist/turnover ratio is NOT good right now, and his FT % is downright awful - seconded only to the MORE awful Maik Kotsar. What I'm saying here is this... we need to temper our expectations out of the gate. We may have another season that begins like last year did - with some shocking losses and some close losses against some quality opponents (though I am more hopeful than not that this will not be the case). It WILL take time for this team to gel a bit. But that day WILL come, and when it does, I think this Gamecocks squad has the chance to be one of the most athletic, quickest, and a team with the highest shooting percentage that we've seen in an awful long time. Let me add that I did not mention Frink in the same breath with Lawson, Bryant, and Kotsar only because he was coming off the bench and was mostly a "spot" player last season. I think Frink, of ANY of the players from last year, has the most to gain from an offseason and pre-season workouts with his new teammates. He's a guy who has HUGE potential once he fully grasps the nuances of Frank Martin's defense - a luxury he did not get last year. As to the others, if even half of them live up to billing, we're in for some fireworks this season. A team that can run with the best in the league - and I mean that quite literally. I think we will be able to handle the speed of an LSU, the firepower of the Kentuckys and the Tennessees and the LSUs of the league, and a team that can literally stop ANY team we face with some high pressure defense. The last of those things is the area that has me the most worried, at least initially... our defensive pressure. Frank's system works best when he has guys who have been in the system for 4 years. We've got ONE player who qualifies in that category this year (Maik Kotsar), with Justin Minaya being the lone Junior with experience as a Gamecock, but a guy who also sat out the entire year last year due to injury. Bolden, of course, brings experience (also as a Junior), but has only PRACTICED as a Gamecock, and we all know that league play is fast-paced, so we'll see how he adjusts. All of the above summed up... I'm VERY excited for the 2019-2020 season to begin. The tools are there for an incredible ride. But I want to be careful to not put TOO much pressure on a team that has only 5 players with any time on the court as a Gamecock. They WILL come along, but it is going to take time.
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    Made changes to reflect our offer. Thanks for the heads up bud!!
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    Add Reynolds to the list of solid prospects we're recruiting for 2020, like Hall, Tate, Timberlake, and Cross. The proof of the pudding is whether we actually get any of these to sign with us, but at least the list looks good.....
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    I like what I see here, but honestly don't know much about Jamille. I will say this... Eric Musselman, the new coach at Arkansas, is actively recruiting Jamille alongside some pretty impressive power forwards. He must see SOMETHING he is high on with the kid.
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    JUNE 14, 2019, | by CHRIS THESPURSUPSHOW.COM Q&A With 2020 Wide Receiver Commit Michael Wyman Chris sits down with Gamecocks 4 star wide receiver commit Michael Wyman in the first of a weekly Q&A series. Q: Talk about the recruiting process. What have been the best and worst parts for you specifically? MW: “The recruiting process has been a blessing. I am beyond grateful for the opportunities that God has put in place for me and overwhelmed with great supporters.” Q: Coming out of the state of North Carolina, how familiar were you with South Carolina football coming up? MW: “My interest has for the most part been with the SEC division of football.” Q: What went into your decision of committing to South Carolina? MW: “The academic and football opportunities South Carolina offers played a major role in my decision to commit to SC.” Q: You’re a very active guy on social media and promote a lot of positive messages about USC. Do you feel like that’s something that is important to you, being an ambassador for Carolina on social media? MW: “I feel it important for other recruits and their families to see the great opportunities SC has to offer. I am grateful to receive the blessings and support so I show my gratitude through social media.” Q: Talk about your relationship with the coaching staff. What did they say their plans are for you once you step on campus? MW: “My mom, family and myself have developed a great relationship with the coaches and staff. I am appreciative of the welcoming from the supporters, fans, coaches and staff have shown me and my family” Q: Obviously, the Gamecocks are loaded at the QB position for the forseeable future. What’s your relationship like with Jake Bentley, Dakereon Joyner, Ryan Hilinski, Luke Doty, etc. and how excited are you to have one of those guys throwing you the ball? MW: “SC has great QB’s. I am excited to be apart of their program.” Q: What would you say is your biggest strength as a wide receiver? MW: “My biggest strength as a wide receiver is my height, weight, routes, separation, agility, strength, body control, speed, field vision, hand & eye coordination.” Q: On the contrary, what would you say is the biggest thing you’re looking to improve on when you make the jump to the college level? MW: “I am excited to learn and advance with the team, coaches and staff.” Q: What are you looking forward to most about being a Gamecock? MW: “I am looking forward to getting a higher education, the excitement of the fans, bonding with the team and staff.”
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    We need to play Jacksonville State just to show them who rules the coop!
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    Gamecocks offer 2021 OG Jared Wilson, 6-4 325 from Clemmons, NC.
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    In a very physical game, Toronto has one last defensive stand to deny Golden State a three-peat. View the full article
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    Pretty interesting turn of events regarding this: We have offered Harris, who has de-committed from Miami today and re-opened up his recruitment, and has also declared that he is re-classifying for the 2020 cycle.......
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    I posted a similar topic on another board "which I won't go into here" {raptorcox steps up on soap box} Panthers got a lot of flak when they first started with the Charlotte Panthers idea. Being that SC was being teased that the team was shared between both states, almost like "hey, Carowinds is close to the border.. they must love SC as well" Some of us know better. I do watch several games and went to my first NFL game there during the Jake Delhomme years (Rams won that day), there isn't a South Carolina feel to this team.. none whatsoever.. can you imagine the politics involved if there was a SC NFL team, especially during the confederate flag issue? Heck, the Harlem Globetrotters wouldn't even step foot in Columbia. I know this isn't the universal view here, and I am glad to be a counter-point on this issue.
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    Yes, I would love this. I remember in 2010 we neat Alabama, and then got upset in Lexington the following week. Lost 31-28. The next year in Columbia? We beat them 54-3.
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    Jeff Dillman, the Director of Football Strength and Conditioning is in charge while other staff members have to step aside during this period
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    That's not weird, that's called "normal" to the NCAA.
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    Why do I have the sneaking suspicion that ours will be one of the heads rolling?
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    The sadness is that we might have the same record at the end, yet actually have a much better team!
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    Here’s to 20 more years!
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    If I dropped my cell phone in a lake, that would be the only fishing I have done in the last 3 years...
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    Sarah Stone / The Daily Gamecock Former Gamecock quarterback continues to lead three years after graduating By MATTHEW EDWARDS | 05/28/2019 Over three years after graduating from the University of South Carolina, former Gamecock quarterback Perry Orth still has the same values and work ethic as he did when he was on the field at Williams-Brice Stadium. Orth started as a walk-on at South Carolina in January 2013, and working behind quarterbacks Connor Shaw and Dylan Thompson motivated him to compete for the starting job even more. While Orth was a walk-on, he worked at a local grocery store stocking shelves to help pay for his education. In the fall of 2015, the special moment came: Orth was officially on scholarship. (CLICK TO VIEW)
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    Coach Boom came in with a chip on his shoulder (in a good way) and wanted to prove he could do the job. I think it worked out with us as because RT knew it would some time to repair the damage that had been done and not the 2-3 years most schools offer, expecting miraculous results. Champ knew to start with the foundation and, lo and behold, there is a good, solid one starting to form and results are appearing, which creates the repeating cycle of wins leading to recruiting and vice versa.
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    We want skin! We want skin!
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    Wouldn’t be surprised to see Scott Cherry return to his side (and that wouldn’t be a half bad hire for him to make, either).
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    Shouldn't we let these primadonnas go to UK or Duke to lose in the NCAAs and move on to the NBA-DL? (wink)
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    From Grantland article in 2015 - Seventh Woods’s unusual name is derived, his parents say, from the Book of Genesis. “And God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it he rested from all the work of creating that he had done.” http://grantland.com/features/seventh-woods-high-school-basketball/
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    I heard this morning on 107.5 that the Jones kid from Abbeville also runs track. He has actually been timed in the 40 at 4.6. Dang !!
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    6-0, 195. He needs to put on a little more weight to keep that name.
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    In 2016 I predict Donald Trump will win the presidency.
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