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    As has been mentioned before by SA, we try to let this go, and let you guys handle it on your own. I don't come to this forum unless I get a notice from another member complaining, and I got a few on this nonsense. The moderators are on both sides of the fence on the political stuff, so don't start playing the martyr. SA and I don't agree on much politically, but as you can see, we agree on this. It is possible to have differing points of view, and not tell people to kill themselves, or hate them, or call them names. Most of you on here are so caught up and drinking the Kool-Aid of your party, that you can't see what's right in front of you, and can't realize you are being duped by all 535 jackasses in Washington into arguing with each other about who's worse, while they rob you of your freedom and money. I don't personally care what names you call each other, or what threats you make against each other, I'm just following the rules that have been set up by those who own the site. If I, or you, or anyone else don't like it, we can go somewhere else or start our own site. As far a racism goes, I think you are confusing prejudice with racism. Everyone in the world is prejudiced, but very few people, percentage wise, in this country are racist. There is a huge difference, and most people don't know the difference. When I start getting notices while I'm working, about people slapping each other with their purses in the PF, and I have to stop what I'm doing to deal with it, I get cranky. Now, as Andy Griffith would say, Y'all act like you got some smarts.
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    This is a great example of why we have such a hard time moderating in the politics forums. We had the same issues at Cockytalk. Which is why the PF went away for some time and then came back. My personal opinion is that we let just about everything go, but certain things cross the line. Where that line is, is that hard part. Telling someone to kill themselves crosses my line. But this is not my site.
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    What ass did you pull 'the view' out of? I have never watched that show. Nice deflection though.
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    Ace you really have a way with drawing comparisons from very different situations and somehow thinking you are making a valid point.
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    LA county has more covid infections than 44 states? Surely that can’t be true as it was a blurb on the news
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    I'll get the response for you Ace. Russia, Russia, Russia, you are all Russian propangandist. Russia Russian Russia Russia. Oh yeah and Russia.
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    It's amazing how racist they are. Well not really. I wonder if they all have 8X10 color glossies of Robert Byrd hanging on their walls?
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    RIP Chicken in the bread pan pickin' that dough!
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    I don't pretend that it is all one way, or that blacks/minorities do not need to take initiative themselves. MLK pointed the finger at whites but also his own people, and they need another leader like that. But there are too many closet racists on the white side - which is understandable, because we have had it good for a long time and we want to keep what we have. And that includes police - would Chauvin had kept his knee on a white man for that long? I am going to continue to speak my mind and call people out that deserve it - maybe it will do some good, maybe not. But at least I tried.
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    Expect protests in tater town in 3...2...
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    Has nothing to do with Maga, but an American company sponsoring someone who despises America.
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    Maybe Kap should be mad at Anthony Johnson, the first legal slave owner in the British Colony that later became America. Yes, Anthony was black, it was 1654, and along with the black man he was found in court to legally hold as a slave he had white “indentured servants” who acted as slaves. July 4th is our nation’s birthday. There were free blacks in 1776. Should their descendants celebrate 7/4 or Juneteenth? Hate to burst your bubble, but no country is free of racism or inequality. Racism isn’t a one way street, you’re seeming to imply only white people can be racist. This country has made tremendous strides in changing things, your continued babbling about systemic racism is ridiculous. It diminishes every accomplishment made by minorities. He certainly is entitled to his first amendment rights to free speech, I’ll certainly defend his right to say what he wants. As will many other people, which blows your systemic racism thoughts apart. The flip side of it, is when he wears Castro or Che shirts and criticizes/blasts our country, others have the right to criticize/blast him. It’s people like you who want to stifle discussion, every time you read something you disagree with you flip the racist card. It’s not just you, Boca, your alternate login names, or others here...it’s people in this country who demand one sided conversation.
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    Applying 21st Century standards to the 18th and 19th centuries is BS. People, attitudes, beliefs and everything overall was far different then. History is history with all of it's warts, blemishes, beauty, and ugliness, and there is not a damn thing we can do to change it. But what we can do is learn from it and do our best to keep the bad things from happening again, unless we want to repeat them by banishing them.
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    Because he's an absolute ass kissing lackey?
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    ... has been nominated by President Trump to become the new Superintendent of the Air Force Academy. https://www.usafa.af.mil/News/News-Display/Article/2246578/lt-gen-richard-clark-nominated-to-be-next-academy-superintendent/
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    She'll love me, I look like Dennis Rodman.
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    meanwhile, People in Alabama are throwing Covid 19-Parties to see who gets infected first.... SMDH. https://www.cnn.com/2020/07/02/us/alabama-coronavirus-parties-trnd/index.html Some young people in Alabama are throwing Covid-19 parties, a disturbing competition where people who have coronavirus attend and the first person to get infected receives a payout, local officials said. The parties are being held in Tuscaloosa, and infected people are urged to attend so others can intentionally contract the virus, City Council member Sonya McKinstry told CNN. She said she heard about the trend from fire officials. "We thought that was kind of a rumors at first. We did some research, not only do the doctors' offices confirm it, but the state confirmed they also had the same information," she said. During a presentation to the City Council this week, Fire Chief Randy Smith also said young people in the city are throwing parties with a payout if they catch coronavirus, McKinstry said. The first person confirmed by a doctor to have coronavirus after the exposure wins the money made off the ticket sales, she said. Over the past few weeks, there have been several parties in the city and surrounding areas, and probably more that officials don't know about, she added.
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    Oh - you mean after the Bush Administration assured everyone that Iraq had, and was continuing to develop, Weapons of Mass Destruction? Which was the basis of those decisions and votes? And after the Bush Administration outed a CIA operative, when her husband dared to provide the TRUTH, which was counter to the party line? Sorry, Bush and Cheney deserve all the credit for cooking the books on that one. W wanted to erase the negative legacy of his dad, and they forced a round peg into a square hole to do it. People that voted in favor of the war, based on their assurances that there was WMD in Iraq, get at least a partial pass.
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    The flu mutates all the time which is why there is a new flu vaccine every year. There are many different strain circulating any given year. The vaccine formulation is changed every year based on what strains the CDC predicts will be more prevalent the upcoming season. Sometimes they are rights, sometimes not. Often somewhere in the middle. But even in 'off years' it offers some protection. And along with people having been exposed previously have some immunity, The flu is kept under control most years. Covid is spiraling out of control right now. Zero-vaccine, zero pre-exposure in the populaion. So please stop spreading disinformation and comparing this to the flu.This is not the flu.
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    Anyone can have their indiscretions wiped out by becoming a democrat it is really just that easy lol.
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    They can ride along a with a Chicago gang, and fix black on black crime.
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    you have a "defund police" bumper sticker? I bet that goes over really well while driving out in public
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    Its been proven we can win the East. Yes its not going to be a year in year out thing, but switching conferences is crap. It also maybe Mission Impossible for Muschamp, but he is our coach for now.
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    I think that a good gas grill is the best place to start...I would invest in a good one. I have always had weber genesis...my first lasted 15+ years with only replacing the grates and my second one is 3 years and counting...they are on sale at lowe's at least once/year. PRior to those I had cheap grills that I always had to replace yearly my next purchase may be an outdoor griddle
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    I totally agree with what you say here...the risks are far too great. Maybe football coaches really aren't worth 7-10 million/year
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    I agree there's plenty of waste at all levels of government. There should be a 'defund x' on just about everything. If the $ comes from taxation, there will always be those who mismanage it. However, a reduction in funding might not get the immediate or even long term results they want. It could result in less $ to pay the qualified officers, fewer capable officers on the street, and increased crime. Think its bad now, wait till they have less $. With better management and real oversight waste would be found and repurposed on things to improve the quality of law enforcement. Continuous improvement top to bottom. I do agree something needs to be done but chanting defund it doesn't look like the best step.
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    The Nuggets have officially announced Dozier's two-way deal is a multi-year NBA contract. View the full article
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    That is a great "what-if" question. Having Stonewall instead of Ewell at the head of the Corps probably would have made a difference. Would Jackson had taken Cemetery Hill? Who knows.... Jackson certainly wasn't perfect (see Seven Days battles), and Ewell actually did well (agressive) to take WInchester on the way up through Virginia and Maryland to Pa. I'm not convinced it would have meant certain victory for the South at Gettysburg. And even if did, the North was still between the AofNV and Washington, where other troops were waiting. It would have put even more pressure on Meade to react and yes caused the public and politicians to shit their pants, but I think it would have meant another deadly battle.
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    I think the missing piece is motivation. Your example of WW II is correct - even with the victors getting to write the history, there is no question that Hitler and the Nazi regime were evil, and America was trying to save the world from entering a truly dark era. I still think that our youth would respond if there was a war that clearly needed to be fought and won. But when we have reasons like the "domino effect" or getting rid of "weapons of mass destruction" (that were not there), if is hard to be zealous enough to risk your life.
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    You guys know your history. I had to chuckle at your description of Bragg, Johnson and Hood sucking wind. Bragg and Hood have forts named after them - so we are defending naming American forts after BAD confederate generals? Come to think of it, maybe that is why they are named after Bragg and Hood - their weak efforts cost the Confederacy the West and allowed the Union to be saved. So maybe they are heroes deserving of having forts named for them!
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    a habitual liar lied...why is anyone surprised? Trump would do and has done anything to help himself and will f**k anyone (including anyone that supports him) along the way...whether he knew or not is immaterial IMO...it is his JOB to know and ignorance is no defense
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    After 20 years living in FL, this comes as no surprise. The hunting rules are so restrictive, few hunters bother to even try. As a result, it is not safe to swim in fresh water anywhere in the state. Even backyard pools can become a gator pond. https://read.ilovehalloween.net/alligator-found-on-an-alligator-pool-float-in-florida
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    As far as I can tell all Mark Zuckerberg has ever done is lie and bullshit...from the inception of Facebook through today. His entire business model is a sham where personal data is farmed out and sold to anyone who wants it. I can proudly say neither I nor my wife has ever had a facebook account and my kids...20 and 16...both think Facebook is...and I quote...for 'old people'...and that's why they are always believing all the complete lies, mis-information and propaganda it is responsible for spreading. Zuckerberg is nothing but a greedy little shit with no character or moral fiber. He would sell his grandmother's ashes if the price were right.
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    Should have made it federal law that everyone wear a mask... Small rural incorporated areas and big cities alike. Also, stay 6' apart, because cloth masks worn incorrectly made by some lady who has some spare time from her pyramid scheme Tupperware sales job so she sells masks on etsy, don't actually work to stop a 120 nm virus even though we made it law...
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    Wudda...shoulda....coulda... If the US had went hardcore masks back on 3/1....our world would be so different. Epic fail....in the top 3 of my lifetime.
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    Yep - Time to stop the denial about this disease. masks & distancing. Stop acting stooopid.
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    This. Additionally we cannot and will not be everywhere at once. I personally rarely even read this forum due to the lack of legitimate discussion and debate. Every thread here eventually seems to devolve into name calling, ad hominems, and non-sequiturs. If you feel something has crossed the line, report it. Either we'll agree with you or we won't.
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    Just because Trump tweets it doesn't make it so. https://www.politifact.com/factchecks/2018/feb/20/donald-trump/has-donald-trump-been-much-tougher-russia-barack-o/ Trump said, "I have been much tougher on Russia than Obama, just look at the facts. Total Fake News!" There’s broad agreement that on election meddling, Obama’s actions — while arguably insufficient to the threat at hand — were stronger than Trump’s. On a broader geopolitical level, there has been a significant degree of consistency between the Obama and Trump administrations in actual U.S. policy, and even a few examples where Trump has gone further than Obama did. That said, Trump’s own record of Russia- and Putin-friendly comments have sent contrary messages about U.S. policy toward Russia. We rate Trump’s statement Mostly False.
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    when the alternatives are what they are (for both sides of the aisle), it doesn't surprise me at all...and it won't surprise me to see people double down on both sides hypocrisies as the electoin nears People will vote for change at the federal level and do nothing to change on the local levels and the same shit will continue to happen
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    Apparently I have reached my maximum allowed limit for downloading pictures/memes. Is there a way to delete them and or reset my limit?
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