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    We have a puncher's chance of navigating the SEC schedule with two-three losses (Alabama, TAMU, and UGA). In 2019, I want to see this group stay healthy. Our building depth across the board in 2018 through recruiting and cross training should help with such an issue because guys will hopefully be able to rotate in and out and not play too fatigued. When you get tired, you get sloppy; when you get sloppy, you get injured. If we stay relatively healthy and are able to gain experience in our 1st and 2nd string (and even third string) - that will be a very good thing. I also want to see the gamecocks running game improve to the point where when the team builds a lead, we have a ground game that can move the chains and eat clock. We lost time of possession in many of the games last year because we depended on the passing game and also big homerun plays to get us up and down the field - those take no time off the clock. Add to that if you are going to depend on both of those things, it is very hard to execute either once you get into your redzone. So, upping our rush yards and first downs per game will make a world of difference and also be a very good thing. Defend the run better. As much as our secondary was injured last year, it was the rushing defense that was a killer for us. It has been that way since 2014 though. Hopefully, we have some thick bodies at tackle who can hold the middle and even win the battle of the bulge in some of these games. That would be a very good thing. So I want us to win every game but I also want to see these things happen to prepare this team for a run starting in 2020...it would be great if we can beat Kentucky, TAMU, UGA, and Alabama as well.
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    'There’s not a lot he can’t do,’ AAU coach says of 2021 Gamecock target April 19, 2019 With time to kill before his own game, Dillon Jones hovered around a court in Spartanburg last Saturday and picked his spots when to give advice to players on a younger version of the Upward Stars AAU team. Jones, a guard/forward on Upward’s 17-and-under squad, at one point called over Bryce McGowens, a guard on Upward’s 16-and-under bunch. “He’s gonna be really good,” Jones said. “I was telling him, ‘Just keep pressure on them As long as you put pressure on people, they’ll be on their heels the whole time and that’s when you can get the best of them.’” Jones is 2020 recruit with offers from the likes of South Carolina, Appalachian State, Charlotte and Coastal Carolina. McGowens is a 2021 recruit whose offer list — which already includes Clemson, LSU, Nebraska and St. John’s — is expected to grow this summer and beyond. The listed 6-foot-4, 160-pounder is rated by Big Shots as SC’s No. 2 player in the ‘21 class. McGowens, rated No. 66 nationally by Rivals, is coming off his sophomore season at Wren High School in which he averaged 26 points per game. USC assistant coach Perry Clack popped in last week for a visit. “They said they already know I can play,” McGowens said. “But they still wanted to get a better relationship with me, get to know me more as a person. “Coach Perry, he’s a real cool guy. You can talk about mostly anything with him.” McGowens got an up-close view of the recruiting process just a year ago when his brother, Trey, picked Pittsburgh over 40 offers. The 6-3 Trey McGowens went on to average 11.6 points per game as a Pitt freshman. “It really leads me into what I have to do in order to get to the next level,” Bryce McGowens said of what he’s gained from watching his brother. Bryce McGowens was part of a Wren team that won 22 times and lost to Ridge View in the Class 4A Upper State title game. In was in that game when McGowens was injured after a dunk attempt on Malcolm Wilson, Ride View’s 6-11, Georgetown-bound center. He returned to the floor last weekend as Upward competed in the Adidas Gauntlet Series. “He’s gotten a lot better,” Jones said. “He’s a great player.” Added Upward coach Nori Johnson: “He can play on the ball, off the ball. What’s very unique with that length, I think he can guard four positions. That’s the way of the game now. He’s perfect for any scheme or anything anybody will want to do because he is so skilled. He possess the ability to shoot the ball, he can put it on the floor, create his own shot. There’s not a lot he can’t do.” McGowens said he’s taken two unofficial visits to Clemson. Trips to USC — and other big schools — are likely in his near-future. “I’m just trying to work on my game right now,” McGowens said. “Whatever comes along, comes along.”
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    Chris Silva began play yesterday at the Portsmouth Invitational Tournament in Portsmouth, Va. Chris is on team Portsmouth Partnership, which won their first round game against the Mike Duman Auto Sales team Thursday evening. Silva's box score in the game: 3-7 FG, 0-1 3PT, 2-2FT, 6 Defensive Rebounds, 1 PF, 8 Total Points. 0 AST, 1 TO, 3 BLK, 0 STL. 21 total minutes of play. And for those wondering, Silva's numbers were roughly equivalent to the best on the squad last evening. No one really stood out, but Chris had some highlight blocks in the 2nd half. Team Portsmouth Partnership plays again this evening vs. the winner of last evening's Game 4 (Portsmouth Sports Club) at 9PM EST. All games of the PTI will be livestreamed on NetCastSports.com, and live stats will be available via Statbroadcast.com.
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    What GH said,pretty much. In my opinion, we should only be concerned about Clemson, Alabama, and Georgia. If we find our pselves really struggling with the others, we are regressing, as long as we stay healthy. If we lose to Kentucky or A&M again, I’m going to lose my freaking mind. Last season we should have beaten KY, FL, and A&M. I expected it for the last three years, but I expect progress this year, and a breakout next year.
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    I always hope to win every game each year. That comes from my heart but my head knows it is not likely. After the pitiful finish to last year (Akron barely win/VA misery) what can I really expect Next Year? Some one tell me I have nothing to be worried about.
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    Lawson could make a ton of money in the draft next year and will get this knowledge going through the draft process and returning to get stronger, work on his shot and his ball handling while proving he can lead. I believe he could be a 18-20ppg with 5-7rpg and 2-4apg with a steal and a block a game type year leading us to a run in the tourney next year based on the young man should have been a SR in high school last year. That type of year gets Lawson SEC POY talk and a projected late 1st or early 2nd RD draft pick with his skills IMO Lawson was learning to play wing and SG while adapting to the speed of college ball using his PG skills and being aggressive in pushing the ball at every chance early in the year, sometimes being out of control but for the most part pretty impressive. With a nice group of PG's he will IMO be turned lose to push and run as he did early in the year last year with less strain on his stamina due to having less PG responsibility and more depth.
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    Or wait. Isn't that the new random background character in Game of Thrones who will suddenly become super important for no apparent reason?
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    F I N A L COCKS WIN 5-2 C O C K S BEAT #13 NC/ EARLIER #3 NCST TIME TO BEAT A SEC TEAM SERIES GO GAMECOCKS!!!!!!!!!!! Some said season is a wash, give up go home. I say "NO WAY".. We fight to the final strike of the season!!!!
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    Count on it... Lawson goes nowhere. He's talented, but has way too much to work on before he's drafted. Another couple years of seasoning, and he might make the jump early. But he'll be back and be one of the anchors in a fast-paced Gamecock offense in 2019-2020.
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    I agree with the staying healthy. I felt all along that some of our injury problems were due to lack of depth and players being fatigued. Big fellas like Kinlaw should not be spending that much time on the field game in and game out.
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    Third-year South Carolina defender puts name in NCAA transfer portal April 16, 2019 In his first two years on campus with South Carolina football, Zay Brown didn’t step on the field during a game. On Tuesday, he put his name in the NCAA transfer portal. A South Carolina spokesperson confirmed the news. Brown came to the Gamecocks in Will Muschamp’s second recruiting class. He started his career as a safety, but was moved to linebacker. Brown was one of six defensive backs in South Carolina’s 2017 recruiting class. He was ranked No. 1464 in the 247 Sports composite ratings. As a high school senior he had 80 tackles and three interceptions for Clarke Central High School. He played for David Perno, who had been a longtime baseball coach at Georgia. At 5-foot-11, 207 pounds, he’d been moved to linebacker last August and was playing the dime role.
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    Good Luck to him in his future endeavors...I would not be surprise to see him wind up moving back to safety with another team or dropping down a level.
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    I am ready to see Thomas at end. That is his natural position and I think he could be a huge factor there.
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    I cannot wait to see our defense this year.
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    This could be a huge blow to our team next year if he decides to leave.
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    Busy spring is ahead for Dorman’s 6-10 PJ Hall April 15, 2019 | By SportsTalk Radio Network 6-10 PJ Hall of Dorman has his hands full this spring. He has his AAU schedule with Upward Stars along with his baseball schedule. And there’s the next stage of recruiting for him, the in-home visits. Those started for him last week with Tennessee’s Rick Barnes. Fresh off his lucrative contract extension from the Vols, Barnes showed up at 12:01 PM Thursday, the first allowable minute, to visit with Hall at his school. “It went very well,” Hall said. “I Got to talk for around 45 minutes with the Tennessee staff. It was nothing serious, just hanging out having a good time.” Hall also said USC coach Frank Martin was scheduled to be in to see him and his teammate PG Myles Tate but he had to postpone that visit for another time. Martin and Clemson’s Brad Brownell continue to play a prominent role in Hall’s recruiting. “They are sitting real well, I like both programs, the coaching staffs, both head coaches,” Hall said. “Frank Martin, Brad Brownell, they are incredible coaches. I hear from both staffs regularly. They’re just checking in, just some small talk, just making sure I know they really care about me.” Right now Hall said USC, Clemson, Florida, Tennessee, Kansas State and Virginia have been in regular contact. Another school two watch out for with Hall could be Virginia Tech now that Mike young is the head coach. Young, the former Wofford head coach, was an assistant coach with the Terriers when Hall’s father played there and could use his new position in the ACC as an attraction he couldn’t offer while at Wofford. Hall said he’s known Young most of his life. Hall said he won’t take officials until the summer or later because of his baseball and AAU schedule right now, and he does plan to sign in November.
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    Gamecock target WR Mike Wyman said he did not visit North Carolina Saturday April 14, 2019 Gamecock target WR Mike Wyman of Greensboro, NC said he did not visit North Carolina Saturday for the spring game. He's set to announce Tuesday.
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    Introduction: I am Retrick but I tend to go by GH, GregoryHouse or what ever you really feel comfortable with. I love the University of South Carolina and look forward to getting to know you fellow Gamecocks fans. My humor can be abrasive at times but it comes from the heart and with love. I am a strong believer in laughing with everyone but not at anyone...unless you wear orange and cheer for the tigers.
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    By JOHN WHITTLE South Carolina basketball star A.J. Lawson still hasn’t officially decided whether or not he will go through the NBA Draft process. On Monday night at the Gamecock Gala, the Freshman All-SEC selection said he will lean on those around him when it comes time to make a decision. (Click to view & read article) 247sports

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