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    Good morning fanatics!! I see soon COCKYTALK will be back and just wanted to say a few things. First, thank you Cockytalkers for joining GamecockFanatics. Now soon Cockytalk will be back and I know a lot of you will go back and I want to say thank you for making this your home while Cockytalk was down. For those who stay thank you and those members who choose to make both places home thank you. Chuck and his staff are a first class act. The site has been around a very long time and they have done an excellent job and wish all the best over there. Thank you all again for all being a part of Gamecockfanatics and enjoy the spring game. God Bless you all!!
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    We have a HC with a likely 4-8 record in his 4th year and he has a $19m buyout. We already are the laughingstock of college football. Next thing you know, they will be putting box seating in the corner of the end zone and charging thousands of dollars for seats with the worst view in the stadium. Oh, wait, that is already happening. Good decisions!
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    GAMECOCKFANATICS OFFICIAL PREVIEW & PREDICTION THREAD: South Carolina Gamecocks vs #9 Florida Gators Who: Florida Gators (6-1, 3-1) vs South Carolina Gamecocks (3-3, 2-2) When: Saturday October 19, 2019 Kick-off: 12:00 pm ET Where: Williams-Brice Stadium, Columbia, SC TV: ESPN The Gamecocks return to friendly confines with a groundswell of confidence and momentum with their upset victory over #3 ranked Georgia in Athens, as they play host to another top 10 ranked SEC opponent in 9th-ranked Florida Gators. The game will be another noon kick-off, and televised on ESPN. The Coaches USC Gamecocks Head Coach: Will Muschamp (age 48), 4th year, 25-20 (53-41 as Head Coach - 8th year) Offensive Coordinator/Wide Receivers: Bryan McClendon Defensive Coordinator/Defensive Backs: Travaris Robinson Quarterbacks: Dan Werner Running Backs: Thomas Brown Offensive Line: Eric Wolford Tight Ends: Bobby Bentley Defensive Line: John Scott Jr. Special Teams/Linebackers: Coleman Hutzler Special Teams/Nickle Backs/Sam Linebackers: Kyle Krantz Outside Linebackers: Mike Peterson UF Gators Head Coach: Dan Mullen (age 47), 2nd year, 16-4 (85-50 as Head Coach – 11th year) Defensive Coordinator: Todd Grantham Co-Offensive Coordinator/Offensive Line: John Hevesy Co-Offensive Coordinator/Wide Receivers: Billy Gonzales Special Teams Coordinator/Running Backs: Greg Knox Safeties: Ron English Quarterbacks: Brian Johnson Tight Ends: Larry Scott Cornerbacks: Torrian Gray Defensive Line: David Turner Linebackers: Christian Robinson The Series Match-up This season's game will be the 39th in the series that dates back to 1911. Florida holds a 27-9-3 overall series advantage, although South Carolina has been more competitive in recent years, with 5 wins in the previous 9 seasons, and 6 wins over the previous 14 seasons. Will Muschamp is 1-2 against as Gamecock Head Coach against the program he debuted as a college head coach in 2011, while Dan Mullen is 1-0 versus South Carolina as UF Head Coach, and 2-2 overall at both Florida and Mississippi State. Key Match-ups In The Game Florida brings another top defense in the nation to Williams-Brice. The Gamecocks have faced 3 of their 5 FBS opponents thus far with scoring defenses in the national top 14 (UGA #6, Missouri #11, Alabama #14), and Florida comes in at #10 in that regard. One thing that will be a major impact to Florida’s defense will be the game status of the Gator’s top two pass rushers in LB Jon Greenard and DE Jabari Zuniga. Both players were unable to play last week in their loss against LSU due to ankle injuries, and are expected to be game-time decisions for our game. The Gators have dealt with injuries to other players this season, and still come in 6-1, but those two losses may be too much to overcome for Florida. South Carolina is also dealing with it’s own injury situation to a key player, in QB Ryan Hilinski. Coach Muschamp stated in his SEC Conference Media call-in Sunday that Hilinski just has a sprained knee, and is “expected” to play Saturday, but we’ll really not know until he tries to practice and see how his knee responds. QB Kereon Joyner, who came into the season as the 3rd-string QB behind original starter Jake Bentley and Hilinski, and has also played at WR, is the projected starter for USC should Ryan not be able to go. Even without their top 2 players on defense, playing a 3rd-string QB against a stout defense like Florida’s is not the best scenario, but Joyner performed well in the 2nd half against Georgia, who’s own defense is higher ranked. South Carolina Will Win If The Gamecock defense played outstanding last week against UGA, who came into the game with what was considered one of the better offensive lines in the nation. Florida’s own OL is not in their league, ranking towards the bottom in the SEC in sacks allowed (10th in SEC with 14 sacks in 7 gms – USC’s allowed 13 in 6 gms, tied for 8th in SEC) and tackles for loss (13th with 39 TFL in 7 gms – USC’s allowed 26 in 6 gms, good for 2nd in SEC). Florida has also feasted on weaker competition, with 23 sacks and 42 TFL versus Miami, UT-Martin, Tennessee, and Towson, versus only 3 sacks and 9 TFL versus Kentucky, Auburn, and LSU. If South Carolina can dominate the lines of scrimmage again for the 2nd week in a row, and the DL attack UF’s susceptible OL, they can fluster the Gator’s Trask, who is having as productive a season as UGA’s Fromm has. Florida’s run game has not been as productive in 2019 as UGA’s (UGA is 16th nationally in run offense, compared to Florida ranked 93rd), so that should allow the Gamecocks to rush 3 and focus on containing the strength of the Gator offense, which is their passing game with Trask. This will mean another strong effort from Mukuamu and Horn, and the Gamecock Secondary. Florida Will Win If Florida also has feasted on it’s weaker opponents offensively, out-scoring Miami, UT-Martin, Tennessee, and Towson 141 to 23, while only out-scoring Kentucky, Auburn, and LSU 81-76. A lot will depend on how well the Gamecock offense produces at home with our QB situation, and whether the Gator defense is healthy. They are still pretty stout, so if they are able to penetrate USC’s OL and harass our QB, and prevent Dowdle and Feaster from being productive, they could stifle our offense, and make it one-dimensional and put pressure on our battered passer(s). If the Gator OL can keep Trask clean and give him time, he’ll pick our still improving Secondary apart. Gamecock Fanatics Prediction South Carolina 31, Florida 27
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    Until he beats teams of equal talent and stops losing to teams like UNC and UVA, he's headed for removal. He could have Bama's players and still find a way to lose. If anything saves him, it's Ryan Hilinski not some magical recruiting. His defenses are not doing him any favors.
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    Didn’t Eisenhower say he wouldn’t f**k Bess Truman with a rented dick?
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    Won’t matter unless champ gives them total control in play calling and for game planning. He has to be totally hands off the offense. He should recruit. Clap on the sidelines and argue with refs. Handle the postgame. Maybe coach special teams.
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    No problem, it was a painting I did for my brother in 2015 (I think) two years after I was diagnosed. I had lost the use of my right hand, making it the first and only painting that I did with my left hand.
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    I will be honest, I think we are going to win this game by 2 TDs, at least. But who am I to make an assumption, I am just a fan after all.
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    From Grantland article in 2015 - Seventh Woods’s unusual name is derived, his parents say, from the Book of Genesis. “And God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it he rested from all the work of creating that he had done.” http://grantland.com/features/seventh-woods-high-school-basketball/
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    I know families with this amount of money and they do a lot of good things with their money and in most cases help people in a much more efficient manner than the government ever will. They also employ lots of people as they put their money to work and don't just let it sit idle. Your position seems to be that the kids of the wealthy are not worthy or will not do good things with what they inherit and you are trucking in generalities. There is absolutely no reason a family should pay taxes twice to an ever growing entity that just needs more and more and continues to grow larger and larger. Sorry if I threw you in with liberals, but your ideas here are very much along the lines of liberal thinking. Good to know you are an economics savant. I don't see anything positively impacting capitalism with larger government and giving them more control of our money.
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    wouldn't it be more accurate to say that it started with gender identity which has nothing to do with marriage?
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    They should just cancel the caucus and give everyone a participation trophy.
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    the butthurt is strong with this one
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    While this forum has had, and will continue to have a very light hand from the site's moderators, I think it is important that we have a clearer understanding of the dos and don'ts here in the View Point forum. Personal attacks, while frowned upon, will be overlooked to an extent. What that extent will be is something that will have to be determined on a case by case basis, but please try to keep it civil. If you want to call someone an idiot, fine. If you can argue without name calling, even better. If being called an idiot bothers you, this might not be the forum for you. What is not fine is using a slur meant to insult a person or persons based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, disability, disease, gender, gender identity, or sexual orientation. This is pulled directly from the main Community Guidelines which can be found at the very top of the forum index. Here is a link for those who missed it: https://www.gamecockfanatics.com/forum/64-community-guidelines/ Under no circumstances will pornographic photos or other NSFW content be allowed in this forum. There are a lot of communities out there where you may indulge in those proclivities, this is not one of them. Harassment or threats will also not be tolerated. If an argument in here gets so heated that you feel like you need to cause somebody harm, then it's time to log off and go do something else for a while. While there are some moderators who post here frequently, rest assured that they are good enough to let those of us who do not spend much time in here try to offer impartial decisions on questionable content. We have a separate hidden forum just for discussing things. Nobody wants to be known as the bad guy who swings the ban hammer around indiscriminately, so steps are being taken to prevent that. However if one of them asks you to clean up your posts, it's probably for a good reason. Penalties: First Offense - A warning. It'll show up in your profile, and only you and the staff will be able to see it. Second Offense - One week of restricted posting. Third and subsequent offenses will result in additional and lengthier restrictions up to and including an outright ban. Remember at the end of the day, we all want this site to be a place that people want to come and chat. Hostility and offensive material is not conducive with that goal.
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    What a great representative of the Gamecocks. Great player who has become one of the best CBs in the NFL in a long time. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/28396419/stephon-gilmore-key-patriots-playoff-success
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    Stay busy. Too many people retire, do nothing, and are dead within 6 months.
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    The Ladies are looking really good. This might be the best I've seen them play in a while.
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    He's an Awesome kid. Know why? He's my son. His dad and I raised 5 great young men that will make a positive impact on this world. Never has been in any trouble and is a great student/athlete.
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    The investigations are a crock. The democrats said from the day he was elected they would impeach him and they keep trying even using bogus information. I would think you would be more concerned about the fact that they used that bad information to spy on a private US citizen and the FBI was complicit in this whole thing because they did not like Trump. What they have done makes Watergate look like child's play, but you continue to ignore and still think there was collusion. The only proven collusion was the democrats colluding with a foreign government on the stupid dossier that they somehow parlayed into an unlawful FISA warrant. This is the only crime that is proven, but you choose to ignore so whatever I am done with this merry-go-round. Hope you have your meds ready when Trump wins again because your party cannot put up anyone worth a crap and is being run by the extreme left.
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    If there would to be an advantage it would be our Dline vs. their Oline. Our female cheer leaders are also much better looking than theirs. jus sayin
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    Worst season since we were winless. Even had some hope then with Holtz. And as bad as Spurrier's last season was it wasn't this miserable. We're not even a fun team to watch. Our offense may be one of our worst ever. And with some of our best players leaving after this season, I don't see things getting better any time soon.
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    Since we start next season with Coastal and East carolina, we're probably safe on the 0-21 streak. But after that, it's 8 striaght SEC games, with Kentucky, Florida, Vandy, and LSU away), followed by Wofford and Clemson. Out of that stretch we will have Vandy and Wofford (7-3 with one lose to Clemson), that we may be favorites over. Assuming no staff or process changes, here are the givens: 1. We will lose some talent to NFL and Graduation, probably will offset that with recruits and a couple of step ups, leaving us with a net of about the same on talent and bodies. 2. If we continue with the same pattern on injuries that he had in Florida and here, since we are currently attributing them to luck of the draw, and there is no stated plan to change anything, that means we will lose most of the higher skilled players in the first half of the season, and our depth by about 2/3's of the season. With that, we have a real chance at stealing a home game in the early part of the season, (Mizzu) but by the time we get through to game 8, Vandy will be seeing a weakened USC, and will likely take us in Nashville, wiping out the early win. Follow that with LSU and UGA, we'll need a better performance at Wofford that we had at App State, to avoid a 2-9 or 3-8 finish. Not sure where he is talking about taking us, but the trajectory sure doesn't look good.
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    I have been going old school and watching old reruns of Julia Child and Justin Wilson. Some of the new stuff too. Much of the things I read/watch is now Facebook related. SV, IP, smoking, and related group specific topics. Some are very focused such as an IP group for Indian cooking. I decided to get a bit more basic by taking a year long culinary school. This starts with the basics of knife use and goes from there. I've thought of rolling all of those together and putting the lessons here one by one if there is any interest.
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    All I ask please no F-Bombs OK no need to attack others and when talking about the program just get to the point no name calling.. Good morning Crew, well hate to say this but we are looking at 4-7 in Booms 5th year been all down hill just like when he was at Florida. Not a sunshine pumper and never been. Sometimes it seems fans are negative but they speak the truth at times and that is needed here now. Power to truth old saying if ain't broken don't fix it. It is broken and needs fixing fast. My answer here I know will cause some to react negative towards me, But I can take it. Going to be frank and to the point here. Should buy out the 20M. fire Tanner and Muschamp. It is time to realize the experiment with Tanner has not worked out. His laundry list speaks for it's self. He has caused us to have to buy out a coach to the tune of 20M. Muschamp should be fired at the end of season and get a AD that knows football and hire him to find a coach. This is the best you are going to get out of Muschamp.
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    Heath Cline's response to this lame little letter is by far the best collection of words to ever come out of his mouth. http://www.1075thegame.com/644624-2/
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    Win one big game and Fans are back on the Muschamp wagon. Spurrier beat #1 Bama and left the program in shambles.
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    They're going to Home Depot to buy some wallpaper, maybe get some flooring...stuff like that. Then maybe Bed, Bath & Beyond..if they have enough time
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    Ray is in kind of a lose-lose situation. Firing Muschamp is almost out of the question. The department simply does not have enough money to pay the buyout. Lesson learned? Don't go giving mediocre coaches raises for being mediocre. But ya did. So now it's either go down to one of the pawn shops on Two Notch and try to get some quick cash, or weather the storm for a little while. The latter option is cheaper, but you gotta try and sell it to the fans. And that is what that radio broadcast was about.
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    Can't knock your picks, but I might have POG to Edwards -- this was the best effort I've seen from him. He ran hard after his catches.
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    Some Recruiting Thoughts & Facts 2020 Recruiting Facts: 1. Gamecocks have 0 current top 50 players committed, but we are in the top 2-5 with 2 (Burch and Evans). Clemson currently has 6 committed (which is ridiculous and makes me throw up in my mouth) 2. Gamecocks have 4 top 100 players currently committed (Doty, Lloyd, Walker, Kaba), plus add Wyman at 133 to give us 5 top 150 players and Huntley 180 player top out at 6 top 200 players. That is better than every other team in the country except Clemson, Bama, Notre Dame, and OSU. In other words, we only trail behind the CFP field members from the last couple years. I'll take that any day of the week 3. A list of notable programs Gamecocks CURRENTLY have more or just as many top 100 commits than: Georgia, LSU, Oklahoma, Texas, TAMU, Michigan, Penn State, UT, Auburn, USC, etc. That is one heck of a list of programs to be in front of at the moment. 4. Gamecocks are in the lead group with 9 top 150 (5* Burch, 5* Evans, Keyshawn Lawrence, Reggie Grimes, Myles Murphy (lead), Ja'Qurious Conley, Ze'vian Capers, Desmond Tisdol, Tank Bigsby) 5. Gamecocks could realistically have 10 top 150 players in the boat. Take the five we currently have committed and add Burch, Murphy, Conley, tisdol (who we might lose to AU) and Bigsby. That would more than double the amount of top 150 players we signed last year. 2020 Recruiting Thoughts: Though the Gamecocks don't have a few guys in the boat yet, Gamecocks are in good shape with many and are currently in step the with the best teams in the country on the recruiting trail. Let me say that again, the Gamecocks are in step with the BEST TEAMS in the country!! Gamecocks are currently recruiting at the highest level RIGHT NOW when it comes to elite talent. The chips will continue to fall as they may, but don't worry about Gamecock recruiting. Thy are in excellent shape and could be in even better shape come the end of the summer. One of the big knocks on this staff to take the team to the next level is the ability to land elite talent to South Carolina. This staff has already shown the ability to evaluate the 3* talent well (Wonnum, Mukuamu, Roderick to name a few, I could go on). So one of the last pieces of recruiting seems to be falling into place. If you look at the numbers, they started that trend last year and are continuing that trend this year. Also keep in mind that it does take time to develop that talent and to get that talent in the program, but I think the trajectory of the Gamecock program is very high for the next few years. It certainly seems to be on the recruiting trail.
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    Yesterday, Wes Mitchell reported this: "A source confirmed to Gamecock Central that Woods is set to join the South Carolina men's basketball team as a walk-on."
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    They probably spent the money for Hammond because they wanted a quality education and superior athletic training and development for Seventh, and because there wasn't any other prep school around that could provide those things at no cost. If it was the same thing at the collegiate level, I imagine they would do the same thing. This however, is not that kind of same thing..... One good thing about this though, is the proximity to home. Michigan is pretty far away, and Gonzaga is even further. The distances may work in our favor here....
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    This was an outstanding post! It was well thought out, and well said. The only thing not stated in this thread, that really needs to be addressed, is that Paul Finebaum looks and acts like a phallus!
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    Morgan still reeling and clemsux has a new pitcher who walks one but gives up nothing else, going to the 6th 11-1 Gamecocks
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    South Carolina officially hires John Scott Jr. to complete football coaching staff January 22, 2019 .mcclatchy-embed{position:relative;padding:40px 0 56.25%;height:0;overflow:hidden;max-width:100%}.mcclatchy-embed iframe{position:absolute;top:0;left:0;width:100%;height:100%} South Carolina finally has its defensive line coach. The team and Will Muschamp officially hired Arkansas defensive tackles coach John Scott Jr. to replace Lance Thompson as the schools board of trustees approved his contract on Tuesday morning. The Greer native also spent time with the New York Jets. He will earn $435,000 annually, and his contract runs through May 31, 2020. “I was very impressed with John during a lengthy interview that I conducted with him,” Muschamp said in a statement. “He is very detailed-oriented and what I would call a ‘grinder’. He also has an NFL background and has experience coaching elite players, something that was very important to me. He’s a good fit for our staff.” Gamecocks athletics director Ray Tanner said he and Muschamp have been discussing a new defensive line hire for “three or four weeks.” Muschamp “is excited about what (Scott) has done in the past and the guys he has coached and is looking forward to getting him involved starting today,” Tanner said. It is the second coaching change of the offseason for Muschamp’s staff. Earlier this month, he hired Thomas Brown to coach running backs and take Pat Washington’s place on the staff. “When you have a big staff, there is going to be change and transition from time to time,” Tanner said. “It seems to be the case across the country, but I think now we are ready to move forward now to spring practice.” Thompson was one of Muschamp’s original hires, but was not kept on this offseason. Scott’s career took him to Texas Tech, Georgia Southern, Missouri State, Norfolk State and his alma mater, Western Carolina, coaching either defensive line or outside linebackers and was a graduate assistant at Louisiana-Lafayette. He has background in 3-4 defenses, although Arkansas was a four-down linemen team last season. After college, he played a few years of lower level pro football, including in the Arena Football League 2. At GSU, he worked with Brent Russell, the program’s all-time sack leader and one of the top defenders on the FCS level. At Texas Tech under Kliff Kingsbury, Scott coached two-time all-conference lineman Kerry Hyder. With the Jets, he worked with the likes of Muhammad Wilkerson and Leonard Williams. At Arkansas, Scott bridged the end of the Bret Bielema era and the start of the Chad Morris era, with a defense that struggled both seasons. South Carolina football coaching salaries Head coach Will Muschamp $4.4 million (contract through 2023) Defensive coordinator Travaris Robinson $1.2 million (through 2021) Offensive coordinator Bryan McClendon $1 million (through 2021) Offensive line coach Eric Wolford $700,000 (through 2021) Quarterbacks coach Dan Werner $700,000 (through 2020) Linebackers/special teams Coleman Hutzler $475,000 (through 2019) Defensive line coach John Scott Jr. $435,000 (through 2020) Tight ends coach Bobby Bentley $400,000 (through 2019) Outside linebackers coach Mike Peterson $300,000 (through 2019) Running backs coach Thomas Brown $300,000 (through 2020) Special teams assistant Kyle Krantz $125,000 (through May 31)
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    Do not forget to watch Video Livestream post-game located on the home page
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    Kind of came out of left field best I can tell. It started with this: Brandon Goff was one of the many that responded to Heath: This guy Chad responded to Brandon: Next thing you know ADRT retweets Chad for the whole world to see:

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