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    Report: South Carolina to spend Thanksgiving interviewing third head coaching candidate 11/25/2020 The South Carolina Gamecocks are in the midst of a coaching search after firing coach Will Muschamp a couple of weeks ago. According to reports, Coastal Carolina’s Jamey Chadwell and Louisiana’s Billy Napier have interviewed for the position, and a third interview is coming tomorrow. Per ESPN’s Chris Low, Oklahoma OC Shane Beamer will spend his Thanksgiving interviewing for the Gamecocks’ job. Beamer was an assistant under Steve Spurrier at South Carolina from 2007 to 2010, so he’s familiar with the area and the program. Oklahoma’s game this week was postponed due to COVID-19 issues. Making things more difficult during this search is that South Carolina president Bob Caslen announced on Wednesday that he had tested positive for COVID-19. We’ll see what happens with the search moving forward.
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    Wishing you and your family a Safe and Healthy Thanksgiving Holiday.
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    Right back at ya! And don't forget to watch the best Thanksgiving movie ever made!
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    I’ve wanted Napier, Freeze or Chadwell. But I am intrigued with Beamer, now. I know he hasn’t been a coordinator, but having been an assistant HC at two schools, I would think he has learned a lot about how to manage a program. I would think, with his connections, he could get good coordinators, Garrett Riley’s name keeps coming up for OC, and we know he can recruit very well, and he has recruiting ties in many parts of the country. So, hopefully, if he is chosen, I think he’s got a shot of being a great coach.
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    Personally don't like the sitting or kneeling during the anthem but I do support their right to do so. It has very little if any effect on the supposed justification for it but I suppose they'll argue it raises awareness. Everyone is already pretty aware and nobody watching the game suddenly gleaned anything from the display. I have never looked to athletes, pro or otherwise, for civics or patriotism lessons. Neither do the police chiefs, commissioners, mayors, governors, politicians or any other level of administration who has ability to make some real change.
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    All this shit you are talking about has been going on for how long? How long has Joey been in politics? Anyway, if you are an athlete, be it pro or college, you have more opportunity to use that platform but I don't think shitting on the flag is the best way to do that. It pisses off some people so you lose that chance right off the bat. Surely they can find a better way.
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    Don't have a dog in the fight for HC but hope they get it right this time.
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    A pic from my favorite hike of last summer, Cape Lookout on the Oregon coast:
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    I amazed that you don't understand why many "seemingly decent people" don't want any part of the far Left agenda.
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    EVERYTHING has been about Trump from you haters for the last 4 years.
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    Around 3,000 Americans died on 9/11. So basically its a 9/11 a day every single day. "But whats the death rate these days?" Is his smart-ass question. Sad. ...oh. happy Thanksgiving
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    No people were allowed at the parade. So epic fail just so you could find an excuse to rant about " Libs" - when they are trying to save lives. Just like yo rant about defunding police - when no one was ever going to to do that, and is certainly not part of Biden's platform. Meanwhile, Trump is racing to pardon as many of his administration's criminals as possible, But you are free to violate amy of the Lib's laws that you want. Or make use of your abundance of weaponry to shoot people or yourself - just cut out the middle man, Or, in this case , middle virus. Someone with your outlook won't live that long anyhoo - cuz, 'Merica, MAGA!
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    But Happy Thanksgiving. I am thankful that we will have a sane president in a few weeks, and that MAGAs will not be running things anymore. Common sense, intelligence and American values will be back.

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