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    (Gamecocks searching update for November 21st) Following up on our information from Thursday night, source information leads us to believe there was conversation Friday between Ray Tanner and Billy Napier. We have not pinned down if that conversation was in person, virtually or over the phone. Napier has an unplanned off weekend with his team sidelined with Covid-19 issues. We also confirmed Friday through a source Oklahoma assistant head coach Shane Beamer has had a couple of conversations with the third party representing USC. It’s likely Beamer and Tanner will have conversations next week. The source said Beamer is highly interested in the USC job, partially because he considers himself a native of the state having been born in Charleston, and partially because of his previous time at USC in the Steve Spurrier staff. The source said Beamer has called the job his “dream job.” At this point, Napier and Beamer appear to be the first two candidates in line for conversations with Tanner. According to a source, one concern that has been brought up by at least one candidate is Tanners’ security at USC. Tanner has come under fire and the coach has concerns about being hired by Tanner but then having to work under a different boss at some point.
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    If a coach comes in here and wins (even at the 7-8 game level) he has nothing to worry about in terms of who his boss is.
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    I'll second the out west comment. I was able to spend almost a week in Colorado this summer, and went into Rocky Mountain National Park every day. BEAUTIFUL, and lot's of great hiking. The scenery is so different than what we see here in the East. I definitely want to go back and spend some time exploring some more in CO and also Utah, Montana and Arizona.
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    I am warming up to the idea of Shane Beamer but I don't think he is the ideal candidate. Let him be the head coach at a smaller school and see if he is successful before we grab him. Then if our next coach doesn't work out, grab Beamer! If we do hire him I cannot say that I would be elated or disappointed. Beamer was one of my favorite coaches of the Spurrier era and he was a great recruiter so I could see him keeping up a similar pace to Muschamp's efforts. Beamer's success would all hinge on who he selects as his OC and DC!
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    Beamer, to me, sounds like another Muschamp. Good recruiter but doesn't know X's and O's. If he's so great of a coach why hasn't he been offered at least a OC or DC position somewhere?
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    Having CockyO mod this forum is like having Uncle Joe Biden do it. I miss RG's Trump style.
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    I just gave you your 1st thumbs down!
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    Yeah, trunk space can be a pain though.
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    Hey SA. I notice a lot of familiar names. Which is good for the most part lol.

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