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    He did a very BAD job until about a week ago (a week ago was his disastrous talk from the Oval Office, filled with misstatements, that sent the Markets dropping after hours). I believe that he has done much better in the last week, but we are still behind with things like testing and preparedness because he ignored the virus for so long. He even took the Democrats to task for crying wolf - saying that their concerns with his lack of response was their latest hoax. And remember that, back in 2018, he shut down the pandemic task force that was part of the NSC. But he is responding now and we need to get behind him, and also hope that representatives from both parties will work together and forget about party differences.
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    According to my Facebook feed George Soros owns labs in Wuhan and the trade agreement with China triggered the release of the virus.
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    Yes, its obvious to most sane people
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    the problem is that there aren't enough tests. DUH, nazi boy
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    right, Governors are arresting people for being in the streets and trump is the same president who used to write executive orders for every little thing.... but when it comes to procuring tests and setting priorities for a pandemic response - he can't do anything. Wow you guys... SMH
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    trump should resign. he can't hack it and people are dying. Let the real professionals take over
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    I am none of those things. I would think that someone that can't express themselves without spewing vile vulgarities like a 15 y/o boy on the school yard at recess showing off for his friends is more deserving of the trash label. (assuming of course that you're actually an adult)
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    Weak...even for your pitifully low standards.
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    these clips speak volumes. shocking incompetence
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    That's not what you insinuated but you telling the truth has about the same odds as winning the grand prize in PowerBall.
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    No, it would require trump not being a dumbass loser for once’. Hard work, collaboration, things like that. Foreign concepts to the elitist guy that had things handed to him his whole life

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