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    Pelosi didn't fumble at all. it was a well calculated and executed plan. They impeached trump on December 18th. republicans wanted to rush the Senate trial ASAP so it could be over before Christmas. By doing what she did, they couldn't do that. So all over the country at the dinner tables over the holidays and New Year's people were discussing how the president got himself impeached. - she is doing a fantastic job as speaker, actually doing a better job than anyone thought; slightly toning down the rhetoric and expectations of the "youth movement" in Congress and merging it with the "old guard."
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    If you want me to say trump is some virtuous moral person, it won’t happen. it is ironic that the left always accuses the right of trump worship and they are either too blind or have too low of an IQ to admit the clintons are morally bankrupt too and have lined their pockets with money that went for disaster relief, friends die all the time mysteriously, and it was said Hillary was too incompetent to use email. this is why the left can’t get over Hillary’s loss. They ran their paragon of liberalism and she was squashed by a reality tv star. Politically, she should go into hiding from embarrassment.
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    Maybe the Horseshoe in the Reckdom of the Tatars maybe beginning to push out a little. Looking like a good off season now. The Tatars will not be at the White House this year to have Hamburgers and Pizza with the President and first lady. Love it will have to spend the off season in Dung Valley. See what happens when you play tough teams. You lose!!
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    Already beat 5 ranked teams and our Ladies still have to play 6 more top 25 teams including U-Conn on the schedule. And with 3 freshmen starters not only are they winning, they are scoring 90+ points a game these last 4 games. Our football team was disappointing. Men's Basketball is getting disappointing. SO SO thankful for our Ladies being such a great team. And watching them play leaves no doubt why they are ranked #1 this year. Great team work, great assist, great rebounding, fast breaks. Just fun to watch and really glad the schedule is so tough. They can handle the heat and have been proving that. I work nights so it is hard for me, but I hope plenty of folks go out to support these ladies and enjoy some great games.
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    No, just making fun of you for going off about how Schumer and Pelosi were dressed in a meme. Below the office of POTUS to share, obviously, but a meme nonetheless. By the way, it wasn't an "assassination of a government official in a foreign country without authorization and the intel that would support it". He was head of a terrorist organization (as recognized by the US), working with other terrorist organizations to coordinate further attacks on US troops and American interests. Authorization came from the AUMF. You're in danger of becoming the meme. Who do you dislike more, trump or the Iranian regime? Pretty clear from your post, since you're intentionally lying about the Iranian regime in order to try to make trump look bad. Also....just to reiterate...it's a freakin' meme.
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    We are leading off conference play with UF, UT, and UK. Just play through it and keep moving forward.
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    It’s MAGA! Move to Canada if you don’t like it.
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    I hope they play this when they get inducted to The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame for all you haters.
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    Football 1/13/2020, | GCF Staff Report Connor Shaw Named Director of Player Development One Gamecock Great Replaces Another in Pivotal Staff Role Connor Shaw, University of South Carolina's all-time winningest quarterback, will become the Director of Player Development for the Gamecock football program, coach Will Muschamp announced today. Shaw replaces Gamecock Great Marcus Lattimore, who had been in the same position since January 2018. Lattimore will depart the Gamecock staff to devote more time to personal and professional opportunities. "When Marcus and I talked before he was hired, he told me about the long-range plans he had for his personal and professional goals," said Coach Muschamp. "I knew one day Marcus would consider leaving his current role and I always had Connor Shaw in my mind as someone who could fill that position." As Director of Player Development, Shaw will work with the student-athletes and the "Beyond Football" program, focusing on career development, mental health, financial literacy and life skills. "I am excited to be back at a program that I love." said Shaw. "As an alumnus and someone who wore the Garnet and Black with pride, 'Forever to Thee' is a part of who I am so I'm grateful to contribute in making Gamecock Football the best it can be for our student-athletes." Shaw came to South Carolina after a stellar career at Flowery Branch (Ga.) High School, playing for his father, Lee Shaw. As the Gamecock starting quarterback, Shaw led Carolina to a 27-5 record, including a 17-0 record at Williams-Brice Stadium. In his four-year career, Shaw completed 480-of-733 passes (65.5 percent) for 6,074 yards with 56 touchdowns while also rushing for 1,683 yards and 17 scores. "I am confident that Connor will do a great job for our student-athletes and the entire football program," said Coach Muschamp. "He's smart, a winner, cares about developing young people and loves Carolina. No doubt, he'll be a tremendous asset for our program." The transition from Lattimore to Shaw is similar to the handoffs that the Duncan, S.C. native took from Shaw during both their Gamecock playing careers, leading to 31 wins and an SEC Eastern Division title. "I appreciate the opportunity Coach Muschamp gave me to come back to my University and mentor our football players," said Lattimore. "Our athletics administration, football staff and players made me feel welcome and appreciated. We have something building at South Carolina and I look forward to following the successes that they will soon reach." Shaw and his wife, Molly, have two children, Decker and Mila.
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    I recommend watching the Netflix documentary about Rush called "Beyond the Lighted Stage". Fascinating stuff... Neil Peart was such a master craftsman but he never enjoyed the fame and adulation it brought him. The song "Limelight" is about his struggle with fame...
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    She got Trump to panic and kill some terrorists as a distraction.
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    Where did the Gamecocks offensive line grade out nationally for 2019 Jan. 10, 2020, | GCF Staff Report The Gamecocks offensive line had some very rough & disappointing days in the 2019 season. Now it is time to see the final grade on how they faired nationally. There were several faces at offensive tackle. The Gamecocks had to shake things up after the opener. All told, there were some ups and downs. And at year’s end, it didn’t grade out so well, according to Pro Football Focus. This service, grades every play and rates a slew of players across college football, released a ranking of every offensive line in the country. South Carolina slotted it at 104th nationally, ahead of only two other SEC lines, Vanderbilt and Tennessee. “When the Gamecocks’ offensive line gave up pressures, they gave them up quickly,” PFF’s Cam Mellor wrote. “They ranked fifth in terms of fastest average pressure given up at just 2.42 seconds, as they allowed 88 total pressures on their 514 snaps. They ranked just 102nd in pass-blocking grade but that was a slight improvement on their 105th-ranked run-blocking grade this season.” The rankings were based on “the PFF grade for each player to play the majority of snaps at each position, along with each team’s positional rotation, strength of schedule and percentage of positively graded plays against negatively graded plays.” That pressure number is notable because quarterback Ryan Hilinski already wasn’t particularly mobile and was less so as he played much of the season on a slightly torn meniscus in his knee. Hilinski took a lot of hits through the latter half of the season. Overall, Carolina's offense ranked 104th nationally in yards per carry against FBS opponents, though that does include sacks. The Gamecocks benched two starters from their opening day lineup after a loss to UNC and moved Donell Stanley from guard to center. Offensive tackle Dylan Wonnum also missed five games, meaning true freshmen Jakai Moore and Jaylen Nichols got starts. The Gamecocks only lose Stanley going into next season, the team’s fourth with Eric Wolford as line coach. That means Wonnum, Sadarius Hutcherson (who can play guard or tackle), Jovaughn Gwyn and Jordan Rhodes return as starters, plus Moore, Nichols, Hank Manos and Eric Douglas, who all got starts last season.
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    Yeah don't worry Frank...at the rate you're going there won't be any fans left to be frustrated with the program in another year or two.
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    Frank, also losing the press conference.

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