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    https://www.cnet.com/news/would-you-pay-800-for-a-stainless-steel-yeti-cooler/ $800 cooler! WTF?
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    Look on the bright side....if Muschamp gets Bobo and it fails (which, I mean, let's face it, it likely will) then we can turn around and get DeBoer as our Head Coach in a year or two.
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    well shit the frontrunner for your nomination did exactly this in the name of nepotism and bragged about it
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    he should just start a gofundme...he would be flush with cash in no time lol and can go away
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    Cousinard looked good and was the right recipe against this defense. He looks good in space and isn't afraid to challenge anyone in front of him.
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    52 points in the paint. 42 bench points. 55% FG percentage. Balance.
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    Gamecocks take a 39-35 lead into the half. It's good to see Bryant back on the floor playing, and he seems to not have lost a step, with 6 1st-half points on 3-5 shooting, including two dunks....
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    Yellow journalism was on display for the world to see in this case. The media successfully depicted a 16 year old juvenile delinquent as a sweet faced little 12 year old football player, doctored 911 transcripts to change the context of Zimmerman's call, ignored the fact the Martin kid had jumped Zimmerman as he was returning to his car and was in the act of beating Zimmerman's head into the pavement when Zimmerman shot him in self defense.
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    It’s been a long time since those dirty Miami teams. And they were dirty. I remember watching this game on TV. But at the same time Miami is a shell of its former self. I don’t really have an issue with it.
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    He's an Awesome kid. Know why? He's my son. His dad and I raised 5 great young men that will make a positive impact on this world. Never has been in any trouble and is a great student/athlete.
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    this. Coach fitz is at good ole UcheaT these days...couldn't be hard to lure him away right? Craig Fitzgerald
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    why would an OC come to our dumpster fire? It seems to me that as long as Muschamp is a dead man walking that coming here would be a huge risk to anyone worth a salt

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