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    COLUMBIA — They were each quite comfortable and doing quite well where they were. Justin Stepp was a highly regarded receivers coach at Arkansas after several other college stints, and Erik Kimrey was a high-school head coach stacking state championship rings like cordwood. But South Carolina called. Neither had to think very hard once South Carolina did. “I guess being in the business since 2008, you don’t ever see a lot of guys get to do this where they grew up,” said Stepp, a native of nearby Pelion. “When I was talking to mentors about this job and where I was with the decision, they said, ‘You can do this the next 20, 30 years and you may never have a chance to be 4-5 hours within family, much less 20-30 minutes.’” “It was always a dream, for a long time. I’d put it probably at about 10 years,” Kimrey said. “I didn’t think there was a high-percentage chance it would ever happen, but I always said, ‘You know what? I’m going to pursue it.’ If something comes of it, then my wife and I kind of felt like it was God’s plan, honestly.” Stepp and Kimrey each thought that maybe, if Tab A fit into Slot B and Circumstance C all happened, perhaps there’d be an opportunity. They weren’t going to base their existences on it, because each had a family to care for and was considered a star in his respective field. Stepp was a local legend, catching passes thrown by his twin brother Josh during their record-setting days at Pelion (still mis-spelled as “Pellon” on his official Arkansas bio). Williams-Brice Stadium was a popular destination while growing up. “I still run around that stadium every day at lunch, and I pass the student gate and think I was getting in that student gate when I was in the 10th grade, trying to find a way to watch the Gamecocks,” Stepp said. “I would walk by the practice fields when I was growing up and they had the black tarp around the fences so you couldn’t see anything, and just dreaming one day, ‘Man, I wish I could be out there practicing.’ And I would have never in a million years dreamed I’d be coaching here.” His coaching journey began at Fort Mill High after he set more records as a Furman wide receiver, and he progressed to spots at North Greenville, Clemson, Appalachian State and SMU before Arkansas. His receivers were catching touchdowns and heading to the NFL while his recruiting was landing more and more high-profile prospects, ensuring he could write his own ticket to wherever he chose. He was happy. Stable. His wife and children were comfortable. But South Carolina called. “It’s always in the back of your mind. You always think, ‘Man, how cool would it be to actually be back home?,’” Stepp said. “That was obviously one of the things that was really important to me, was being back close to my family and being part of this program that I grew up watching.” The logistics weren’t pleasant. Stepp undertook a 14-hour drive with a 3-year-old and a 6-week-old in the car, and for the first six weeks in Columbia, the family was crammed into a one-bedroom apartment (“Definitely made us realize that we did not want three kids, I can tell you that,” he quipped). But settled in now, Stepp is still thrilled every morning when he sees the sun rise above Williams-Brice. “A kid I taught in first grade (in Fort Mill) is my manager,” Stepp said. “The first day I got out there, I looked at him and said, ‘Man, we have come a long way from Orchard Park Elementary.’” Kimrey was the same local star, setting his own batch of records while flinging spirals at Dutch Fork High under the direction of his dad, coach Bill Kimrey. He came to USC and knew right away chances weren’t good he’d ever get to play, but he was enjoying being on the team he grew up rooting for. “What a dream it was for me, when I was 19 years old and on that practice field for the first time, I was more scared than anything,” Kimrey said. “There’s probably one or two times a week I look around the office and I say, ‘OK, this is happening. I’m here. This is incredible.’” That changed in 2000, when a span of five seconds forever transformed his life. He went from unknown walk-on backup QB to the thrower of “The Fade,” a 25-yard touchdown pass that was the difference in a win over Mississippi State. Kimrey is more than twice the age he was when his 25-yard flick landed in the hands of Jermale Kelly and eternally in the hearts of USC fans, but that pass will always be stapled to him. He parlayed that success into coaching, accepting a graduate assistant spot from then-USC coach Lou Holtz and being hired at The Hammond School when he was just 24. He coached for 17 years, won 194 games, only lost 20 and set a state record with 12 state championships. After the 12th, he figured No. 13 and on were out there and he might as well keep grabbing them. But South Carolina called. Recruiting has been the easiest part of Kimrey’s new position, and not just because he welcomed some of the nation’s top coaches to talk to his players when he was at Hammond. “I think the one thing that I feel like I have an advantage is I don’t sell anything. I’m at a school that I love, I’m in a town that I lived in my whole life,” he said. “My grandma went to South Carolina, two of my brothers, my mom and my dad and my wife. So when I talk about it, they hear the authenticity in my voice and how much I truly love this place because I believe in it and I believe we have great days ahead.” Each has settled in and constantly references similar terms. It’s a dream job, a match made in heaven, a flawless marriage. Stepp and Kimrey feel they hit the lottery. All because South Carolina called.
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    And Brad Scott used to race the players to Bojangles.
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    The time the Twinkies went airborne Here the delectable delights had a sushi lunch 20141121_115432_zpsyoaw5jkv.webp
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    Optimism? Hell to the yeah!
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    If anyone has anything negative to say about this or to try and twist it to make yourself look good, you have real issues and need to check your ego at the door.
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    After having Covid back in December, it took me a while to get my breathing capacity back, and also gaining 20 pounds, I decided it was time to hit the trail again. I hadn't hiked since November, and was really missing it. So, the wife and I hiked to Yellow Branch falls in Walhalla. It was a moderate 3.5 miles, and it felt good to be out there again. It was one of the most beautiful falls I have ever seen.
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    Thanks brother. I'm glad to be here with guys like you.
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    I love seeing this kind of leadership, and the camaraderie that will come with it. This kind of attitude and playing for each other will pay immediate dividends in the season. https://www.instagram.com/p/CMlT4l7J-l8/?igshid=sykucx0ip86m
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    There is a difference between a talk show on a network and trying to pass off made up BS as news, but you already knew this.
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    thanks for the warning swampfox. luckily we voted out the wannabe authoritarian last November
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    Thanks everyone for all the suggestions and information on the bike for my wife. Greatly appreciated.
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    Meantime I guess those of us who work and pay taxes will pay for them. We already have plenty of Legal Americans that need jobs and work and those potential jobs will be taken by people who broke the law.
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    Homebrewcock, there is a small company in Fletcher, NC (South Asheville) that builds and designs trikes for people with physical disabilities (foot pedal, hand pedal, electric and various combinations. Might be worth talking to them to design one around her capabilities. https://outriderusa.com/
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    Winters can be long and gray, no doubt. But I've lived out here for 25 years now and would never live anyplace else. The quality of life is just too good. Great schools for my kids, love my city, clean air, mountains, islands, ocean, BC is only 20 miles away, halfway between Seattle and Vancouver, we're a college town ... just love it. Doesn't mean your points aren't valid, for you! I get it.
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    It's so early in this process, but I really like what I'm seeing in our new coach and how the players that stayed at USC are reacting to Shane. I have very few expectations for what I see on the field this fall other than a general sense of improvement, and I understand this will be either be successful or not successful in the long term based on the players he is able to attract to come here. But early signs are positive IMO.
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    @LonghaulIt wasn't, and Caslen missed his chance to make a number of the people holding $$$ over Tanner/Frank's head look silly by calling them on that and saying, "we don't want the MUSC money, if it comes with the strings attached that you are describing". Regardless, we are where we are. Like @kingofnerf said, hopefully next year the ship is righted. If so, this whole conversation is just a big, ugly, bad dream. We move on and don't look back. Personally, I'm ready to focus on the 2021-22 team, what it looks like, what the strengths and weaknesses are, and begin to talk about next year. I'm done with all this Frank Martin silliness that has, unfortunately, taken up too much press time around Columbia in recent months. He's the coach for at least one more year. Even, if you don't care for the man, let's get behind the young men who remain in Gamecock uniforms and support them in their endeavors.
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    Idk, we have a nurse here that sees it differently. Martin J Tobin, MD. 20+ years of experience in pulmonary medicine, former editor of the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine OR the nurse on cocky talk message board. tough call whose opinion to trust...
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    can I claim you all on my taxes lol?
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    I recently put a Marshall JTM-45 on my bike. Really brings out that classic sound.
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    This is the longest thread is the history of Gamecock Fanatics. Congrats to everybody.
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    Stanford was the best rebounding team we have played against all year, IMHO. While SC eventually outrebounded them 40-36, Stanford got a lot of second opportunities, which normally SC doesn't grant. In fact, the winning bucket made by Stanford was off of a second chance rebound...one that SC had the opportunity to control and just didn't secure. We hold that rebound it might have been a different outcome. And then we turn Stanford over and have 2 point-blank attempts for the winning shot. Beal's was highly contested while moving, so give Stanford credit. Boston just missed her chance off of the back iron -- a shot she would normally make. Watching her emotions afterwards was just heart breaking. Honestly, I think Stanford was the better team, but SC fought so hard and never gave up. I was so proud of the team last night. I think this team overachieved, especially once Lele went out. Major props to Coach Staley and the team for their efforts this year. [personal sidenote: I would hope the girls will practice using the backboard for their bunnies over the summer. The window is painted for a reason, and I think it would help eliminate some of those misses we saw this year]
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    How do you feel that MLB is headquartered in NY with more restrictive voting laws than GA with these changes?
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    Biden can't lay a hand on my guns because I keep all mine upstairs.
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    About to once again (I think this will be my third time though) take the deepest of deep dives into the Civil War ... 2,968 pages. Wish me godspeed ... as the Irish used to say before crossing the Atlantic, "I will write if I find work."
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    Great win! Before the tournament started I thought we were an elite 8 team at best. Look who proved me wrong...I hope we make it the whole way!
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    Nobody uses Clowney correctly. Houston & Tenn had him in pass coverage a lot. They need put him down with his hand in the dirt and let him get after it like he was born to do
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    It's fun to pick and choose stats to make your point. Firearms are 7x more then knifes, per your link. If you split out 'assault rifles', heck, might want to split out 'assault knives' too. Yeah, because once you shoot a guy once or twice, there is no need for another 35 bullets. And I have never heard of anyone stabbed from 37 feet away. You guys seriously think knives are as dangerous as guns? talk about delusional. If knives and are such great weapons, why did knights and swords go out of favor once gunpowder was invented?
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    Don't confuse her success with women's basketball as being transferrable to success with the men. In women's basketball in all reality she's competing against maybe 12-15 programs. Men's basketball has prolly around 200 legitimate programs in any given year. Also she likely wouldn't be able to recruit men at the same level as she has recruited women. That takes nothing away from the success that she has had and hopefully will continue to have as the women's basketball coach at SC.
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    https://naismithfanvote.com/ Vote for Boston as Naismith national player of the year!
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    I kind of like to think that Dawn Staley's rise to the top of women's basketball is a good example of measuring success over a coach's tenure. She started out with nothing but each season she won more than the last and she won some recruiting battles that changed the face of the program. If Beamer is to be successful, I expect a similar trajectory. We need to be back in a bowl game by season 2 and we need to win some recruiting battles along the way that will help elevate the program beyond .500 level.
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