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    friday I am entering the COVID19 clinical trials...both my wife and I were selected here locally...I will report back on Saturday or next Monday with how I feel...little anxious but hoping I get the vaccine as opposed to the placebo
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    you got issues man. STS aint a f-wad anyway. I suggest smoking a joint, life is too short for this craziness
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    SA...just admit that initially you opposed the travel ban for one reason...b/c Trump was for it...at no point did you ever claim initially it was too little too late and furthermore since you are assigning blame should I put up posts of Fauci, De Blasio, Pelosi downplaying the risk of the virus all after "it was inside our borders"...your belief then was based purely on politics and had zero to do with spreading of the virus That being said this has all been a byproduct of the hyperpolar nature of politics and continues to be so...Trump has done zero to help close that divide and deserves a lion's share of the blame but he certainly is not the only politician to fall into that trap and we are paying with American lives
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    Really, there is this ignore feature. People keep.replying to you, but you have no clue. They believe they won the debate because you didn't reply. That's not the reason.
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    Well boys as some of you may remember I am an avid bike rider. Today I hit quite a milestone. 10,000 miles total since I started. It took me 5 years, 1 month, 1 week, and 6 days. Next up? Going for 11,000!
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    I think the stat for highest percentage of black killers is the age range between 18-40. With the black population being what...13% of the country, that makes that age range maybe 3-4%? Sound about right? That 3-4% commits approximately half of the murders in the country. OOPSIE. Here’s the deal, dummy. There are very few people killed by police...white, black, Hispanic, Asian, Pacific Islander, Eskimo, lump them all in together...who aren’t resisting. Does it happen? Sure. And when it does, the officer needs to be held accountable. But that number represents the tiniest fraction of a percent of the literally millions of police/public interactions. Bottom line...if you’re armed and/or resisting, there’s a very good chance you’re going to have a bad outcome. If you comply, even if you have to take the nasty medicine and get charged for DUI (Rayshard) or carrying a knife (Blake), it beats either being worm food or being paralyzed. I readily agree, there needs to be better record keeping, I’d be fully in favor of someone like the FBI compiling data, then putting it together for the CDC to chart out. Maybe BLM could suggest that. Or maybe they’re trying to figure what to do with the $billion windfall corporate America and clueless people rushed to donate to them. What HAVE they done, other than encourage looting, burning, and vandalism in the name of “reparations”? I really haven’t seen much. They certainly didn’t condemn the burning/looting of black owned businesses in Kenosha, Minneapolis, Chicago, and multiple other cities/towns. Obviously satire about Chicago’s shootings goes over your head. Their worst weekend this year was “only” 85 people shot, with 24 of them killed. They “only” had 18 murders in 24 hours. Maybe we can credit Hospital Trauma Centers that save shooting victims lives as frequently as Trauma Centers in Iraq or Afghanistan. Or maybe we can credit the fact the thugs “only” killed 24 out of 85 to their being a poor shot. Fact still remains, you’re not only clueless, you’re wrong. And the thought that you’re open to any kind of reasonable dialog is laughable at best.
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    Anybody else see the irony in liberals protesting a system that they continually vote to give more power to?
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    You really just don't get it do you? You actually think that someone can PHYSICALLY resist arrest and not expect some sort of repercussion. Physically resisting arrest and trying to talk your way out of something are two different things and are dealt with differently under normal circumstances. I haven't seen anyone on here, that supports Trump, say that ANYONE that is guilty of a crime should get away with it. I, along with others on here, are merely trying to explain this to you and you just can't wrap your head around it for some reason. Are you playing too many video games and you can't separate the virtual world from the real world or something?
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    Why not? New OC new QB. Could be a dumpster fire, could be what we need. So much is up in the air going into this year. I'll go with the optimistic, at least for now.
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    I'll put on the garnet glasses and go with Cocks 31, Vols 18.
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    I am not talking about a wall...never have and never will...try to keep up
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    It’s on the back, written in invisible ink. The ink is activated with lemon juice and the heat from Nicolas Cage’s breath...
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    People who want to hold a hearing and follow guidelines set forth in the Constitution are now monarchists and unamerican? How absurd. What a difference four years makes. What a clown you are.
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    Trump and Cuomo are both incompetent leaders. No one is exempt from blame in the poor and inexcusable lack of preparation for the CV. Epidemiologists were warning us....
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    Trump will get another Justice appointed before the election. McConnell just announced that Trumps nominee for RBGs replacement will receive a vote on the floor of the Senate.
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    Nobody else thinks you are as smart as you think you are.
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    Sounds like you're a trump bitch. How does it feel to know trump owns you?
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    The case numbers and clusters should be available for everyone to see. That is the best way people can make decisions. Hiding numbers just leads to more mistrust and confusion.
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    Works for me. Saw them play with ZZ Top in 1974 I believe. That was in the South too
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    LOL, it is funny. I've had similar thoughts when I log in and see the threads with new activity all have the last post from the same poster. I give an A+ for commitment from some people.
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    no doubt...I log on and see who has the last post in threads and 80% of them are from one poster...good time for me to step away and log out
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    Well, that would settle the debate on who the real Carolina is.
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    Works for me. I win every debate.
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    The police lobby? Tim Scott tried working multiple times with Democrats on his transparency bill. They refused to talk with him. Maybe it’s because he’s Republican. Or maybe because he’s a black Republican. Now dumbass BLM fanatics are destroying public and private property in Lancaster PA, because an officer shot and killed a nut job who was running at him with a raised knife. Now, take note that this same nutjob allegedly stabbed 3 adults and one teenager in Lancaster almost 1 1/2 years ago, and was still waiting to go to trial. Police were called because of a domestic disturbance, the nutjob was threatening his family. Good thing they didn’t send a Social Worker, he/she would’ve been sliced up quicker than a chef at Benihana. Two police ambushed, shot in LA. Dumbass BLM protestors not only block the entry and exit to the ER, while they’re chanting that they hope the two officers die some of them try to break into the ER. Ya think the Marxist leadership of BLM might condemn some of this silliness? Of course not, they’re counting their money.
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    https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefings-statements/president-donald-j-trump-to-award-the-medal-of-honor/ Sa-lute.
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    When you realize it wasn’t just a fart...
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    Some of you may remember Acockalypse Now from some of the old boards. I had not seen anything from him this year and found that he had indeed lost his battle with ALS back in September. https://www.legacy.com/obituaries/heraldonline/obituary.aspx?n=james-patrick-williamson&pid=194659611&fhid=3701
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    It's working better than shooting people on the regular and having the citizenry retaliate. This was like two years ago and like I said they were expanding it. San Antonio actually does a good job with the homeless, mentally ill and drug addicted. I can give you more information if you really care.
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    You think about other men being ‘fully aroused’ often?
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    I'm almost to the point where I'd support some kind of post limit per poster per day...holy shit...someone needs a hobby/girlfriend/job
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    Ironic to read you trying to condemn others for intolerance.
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    You guys sure get your panties in a wad over something that means absolutely nothing to anybody.
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    That's just because people in North Carolina can't count higher than 2 heeeeeeyyoooooo
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    your sense of self importance is astounding...and name calling kind of got old in like the third grade...in fact my third grade son even displays more maturity than you
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    Maybe if you Libs didn't try and take so much of their money they wouldn't feel the need to move it off shore.
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    Dude, you're off on a wierd tangent. No one is judging you. Lemme spell it out for you. People who imply there is never any leeway with "judging" people don't understand what it really means. Calling a spade a spade is not judging. It's called telling it like it is. Jury v. judge. One passes verdict, the other passes sentence. Likewise, if I condemn someone like Donna Hylton (who has obviously served time/turned her life around) for horrific things she did 30+ yrs ago, then I'm saying there is no redemptive power in Christianity. The same person who took away my sins, also took away Hylton's sins. There are no exceptions. To imply there are exceptions, is in fact playing God. This is not politics. There is a parable for just such: Matt 18: 21-35 “This is how my heavenly Father will treat each of you unless you forgive your brother or sister from your heart.”
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    Trump in 2016: I could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and get away with it. Trump in 2020: ...and so can you.
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    People my age who thought that they would collect it at all are fools.
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    So the guy that ran up behind him and hit him thought his life was in imminent danger, the guy who ran up on him and kicked him while he was laying on the ground thought his life was in imminent danger, the guy that ran up on him and hit him with a skateboard and attempted to take his gun while he lay on the ground thought his life was in imminent danger, the guy who pulled out his pistol and pointed it at him while he lay on the ground thought he was in imminent danger? You have been wrong this entire time, Kyle was not dropped off by his mother, he worked at the YMCA in Kenosha that morning as a lifeguard as he had done many mornings before this day, he got off work and went to the local high school to clean up vandalism. He then responded to a local business owner that requested assistance in protecting his garages after his car lot was burned down the night before, so he went with his friend who armed him, the guns were in kenosha and went to assist. He provided first aid to several folks and according to his attorney returned fire killing the first rioter and then stayed after shooting him to ensure he got first aid but fled when he felt threatened again... His attorney will use the self defense law you quoted to get him off like I told you! The truth will make your assumptions and opinions look stupid as usual!
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    The results are in. The DNC beat the RNC each of the four nights. A shut-out. Trump's speech had a lower viewership than Biden's. But.... Also lower than Romney. And McCain. And George W. Bush. And his own speech in 2016. All while violating the Hatch Act. MAGA!
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    Yeah we know, you Libs are obsessed with race.
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    Nobody was deputized. They had no ‘right’ to stop or apprehend him, or anyone else. What’s crazy is that you believe that random citizens have the right to use force to police a scene but actual police don’t have the right to use force to police a scene.
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    swamp...honest question...what would you do if you saw a person walking down the street with an assault rifle after people had already been shot? Options: 1....tuck tail and run and have no risk to yourself and potentially have far more lives taken 2....give him a bottle of water 3....try to disarm him and put yourself at risk and potentially save other lives I assume that you would choose 1 and 2 while 3 is what this person tried to do and to me that is heroic...he went to a gunfight with a skateboard and to me that makes him a badass...people who post out of context memes due to taking option 1 are disgusting and as society we should be better than this...the kid was no victim, the real victim is in your meme and you are too blind to see it
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    Being this season basically means nothing, we will go 10-0

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