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    Good morning fanatics!! I see soon COCKYTALK will be back and just wanted to say a few things. First, thank you Cockytalkers for joining GamecockFanatics. Now soon Cockytalk will be back and I know a lot of you will go back and I want to say thank you for making this your home while Cockytalk was down. For those who stay thank you and those members who choose to make both places home thank you. Chuck and his staff are a first class act. The site has been around a very long time and they have done an excellent job and wish all the best over there. Thank you all again for all being a part of Gamecockfanatics and enjoy the spring game. God Bless you all!!
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    What I feel that will be interesting about next season is this will be the first in quite a while at USC where the team won't be dominated by upperclassmen. This year, Silva and Gravett were the foundation and now have moved on, but you saw the freshmen turn into valuable players this seson. The year before that, Silva and Booker were the only two in double figures. The year before that was obviously the Final Four year, and Thornwell, Dozier, and Notice were the leaders. While Dozier was only a sophomore, it was his last year. Next year the only senior, barring a grad transfer showing up, will be Kotsar and the juniors will be Bolden and Haase. While I expect quality minutes and scoring from Bolden, I'm honestly not sure what to expect from Kotsar and Haase that what I have seen. Both are capable of a great game, but it isn't going to happen consistently. The sophomore class will include Lawson, Bryant, Minaya, and Frink. Honestly, those guys should combine to score 45+ ppg next season if they each make even a modest jump from this season. They combined for 32/33 ppg this season. That's going to rise, and could rise dramatically if Frink take a big step and gets closer to double figures. The freshmen obviously are an unknown, but Couisnard is advertised as a big time scorer and Hannibal and McCreary are going to be expected to contribute. Moss showed flashes of talent before his injury. Leveque is a major wild card. If he's able to make a solid contribution, we'll be much better off. The freshmen and sophomores are going to combine for the vast majority of the points and I'm not talking about a best case scenario. They are going to have to carry the load. With any luck, Bolden will have a great season, scoring in double figures and handling the offense well.
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    It'll definitely be the difference in the outcome of the games. I hope to see some mean guys on the lines.
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    ROW Call? Come on Feat, you need to Stay Focus!
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    Until I see what they can do on the field this year. Offensive Line is my number one. I hope they will dismiss my concerns very quickly. Also agree with linebacker and running back.
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    Would be nice to land him good posts Doublea1971, you know your basketball recruiting well.
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    The latest news I found on Sy is this... https://pittsburghsportsnow.com/2019/02/25/4-star-juco-center-khadim-sy-intersted-in-pitt/ According to the article, "Sy told PSN he loves it at Daytona and ideally would like to find a system that is similar to what he currently playing in, because he feels it’s bringing out the best in his game. He made it very clear though that he wants it to be a good match for both parties. By that, he means he’d like to go to a place that has a real need for him so that he can help fill a hole but at the same time, find a place that will help get him to the next level." Jeff Capel (Pitt) may have front runner status right now, but Sy is keeping things close to the chest for now. Recruiting should pick up now that the Daytona State College Falcons season ended (March 7th). As previously mentioned, I'd LOVE to see Khadim Sy here as a Gamecock. The kid has a complete game, and offers a LOT for the Gamecocks. It's really a question of what kind of fit he would be with Frank Martin. My guess... not really that great of a fit. But hey, ANYTHING is possible. If Sy wants to see his game taken to another level... Frank is the guy who can do that.
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    I'd like to see Frank Martin chase after Khadim. He comes with some baggage, obviously. But I believe his upside is quite large. You don't get offers from teams like Auburn and Ole Miss (and LSU, though I doubt they'll be in the mix anymore, given the Will Wade situation) without some measure of skill. Khadim Sy would be a good catch, helpful for the offense and a good offensive/defensive rebounder. The downside to Khadim is that he is Senegalese, and that likely will not bode well for working with Frank Martin. Generally speaking, the Senegalese are very laid back, and that is not the best mix for playing for CFM. I've spent some time in Senegal, and have some good friends from Senegal. In fact, former Gamecock Ousmane Konate spent time in my home while he was playing for the Gamecocks. Keeping my fingers crossed that CFM will see a reason to get Khadim Sy to spend some time in Columbia.
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    The kids with the prep hype will always get the fan love until they show they don't deserve it. As was said above, Hillinski should be the front-runner, but really my desire is simply the BEST QB out of the three to be the one. Jay and Dak may get the edge just from having more experience and physical development over the rookie Ryan, but whichever one wins out, is fine with me..... I just hope that Coach Muschamp will give them a chance to prove themselves on the field if Jake ever stumbles, once the season starts...
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    FINAL | Great pitching from Morgan and Kerry lead the Gamecocks to a shutout win!!! Carolina looks for the series win Sunday at noon!! Gamecocks
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    Yeah, Jason was an interesting choice when Frank picked him up. It's always a good thing to get a true 7 footer, because when you have one, others tend to follow. But neither Jason Cudd, nor Khadim Gueye were quite "game ready" when Frank recruited them. Both were project players and I think in the right situation, both can flourish (though Gueye is facing jail time, due to assault of a teammate after his transfer to Akron last year). I am VERY interested to see who is out there that shows interest in the program. Coach Martin may not have in mind replacing a big with a big, though. One never really knows. I had heard rumor that he was in conversation with some pretty highly rated players for the following recruiting class. So he may simply go the route of picking up an available grad transfer at a different position (PF, for instance) and have the scholly available for the following year if the player in question is ready to sign on the dotted line. We'll see...
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    Looks like Frank will have no problems feeling the void with a better player that can step right in. Wish all transfers the best. Like you say he will find a better place where he will fit in better. Good move for the school and the player.
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    It’s not practice, it’s work: The NFL experience never far from Gamecocks’ minds March 28, 2019 THE STATE When South Carolina’s players talk about going to practice, Mike Peterson tells them about going to work. “I went to work every day,” Peterson says of his 14 years in the NFL. “When I hit them with that, that’s when they go, ‘Woah.’” Peterson leans on his NFL experience a lot when he’s coaching the Gamecocks outside linebackers coach, bucks and defensive ends, which he’s been doing for four seasons. “All the time,” he said. “Fourteen years, you always use that and go back to that. That’s where I spent a lot of time at. I use it all the time, meeting rooms, on the field, off the field, just talking to guys about different things. You would be surprised how many guys come to me and try to pick my brain about different things, different questions, whether it’s agents or whatever.” South Carolina head coach Will Muschamp has structured many parts of the Gamecocks program like an NFL team, a point he makes to his players often. “Definitely,” said sophomore cornerback Jaycee Horn, the son of longtime NFL wide receiver Joe Horn. “We are in here early mornings working out just like NFL teams. Basically the whole program is based off that.” Muschamp “basically says the same things that I see my dad going out and doing coaching wise,” said linebacker Damani Staley, whose dad Duce is the Philadelphia Eagles running backs coach. The Gamecocks defensive coaching staff has decidedly NFL flavor. In addition to Peterson, there’s defensive coordinator Travaris Robinson, who played two seasons in the NFL, and first-year defensive line coach John Scott Jr., who coached with the New York Jets. “Most of the players sitting in that room have aspirations of being able to go play (in the NFL),” Scott Jr. said. “Any time I am able to draw experiences from that (is good). I tell them, we are running the same type of schemes, the same type of stunts, it really adds some excitement to them.” Any talk about the NFL is “an attention-getter” for college players, Peterson said. “I think there is a lot of carryover from the NFL, but you have to remember these are still kids here,” Peterson said. “It’s a lot of different things that go on on that level, but a lot of guys here want to play at that level so we kind of use that.” For instance, if players are late for meetings, Peterson reminds them that’s “coming out of your paycheck,” at the next level. “So let’s start training yourself to walk into this meeting early,” he said. “Nine o’clock meeting doesn’t mean being here at 9:00. Nine o’clock meeting means being here at 8:50.” Horn believes that type of “professionalism” will help the Gamecocks this year, he said. “This year I think we have a lot of guys like that, being a professional on and off the field,” he said. “I feel like that’s what’s going to make us be a good team and even better defense. We have a lot of guys who act like professionals off the field.”
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    Big fella. Hope he sticks to his commitment. The OL sure could use him!
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    Please "build" great things martin, we need them
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