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    This is a great example of why we have such a hard time moderating in the politics forums. We had the same issues at Cockytalk. Which is why the PF went away for some time and then came back. My personal opinion is that we let just about everything go, but certain things cross the line. Where that line is, is that hard part. Telling someone to kill themselves crosses my line. But this is not my site.
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    I just wanted you to type his name.
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    Russians are paying bounties for American scalps...Trump does nothing but actively promote, assist and defend them...Blitzie not bothered one bit...black dude kneels during the anthem at a sporting event to bring attention to systemic inequality and he quits football and raging online for years because he believes THIS is somehow disrespectful towards the troops...the same one's Russia was willing to pay Afghan extremists to murder...you can't make this shit up
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    Well I can think of one. The taters won't win another NC.
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    Expect protests in tater town in 3...2...
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    Good enough to be happily married for 47 years little boy.
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    As has been mentioned before by SA, we try to let this go, and let you guys handle it on your own. I don't come to this forum unless I get a notice from another member complaining, and I got a few on this nonsense. The moderators are on both sides of the fence on the political stuff, so don't start playing the martyr. SA and I don't agree on much politically, but as you can see, we agree on this. It is possible to have differing points of view, and not tell people to kill themselves, or hate them, or call them names. Most of you on here are so caught up and drinking the Kool-Aid of your party, that you can't see what's right in front of you, and can't realize you are being duped by all 535 jackasses in Washington into arguing with each other about who's worse, while they rob you of your freedom and money. I don't personally care what names you call each other, or what threats you make against each other, I'm just following the rules that have been set up by those who own the site. If I, or you, or anyone else don't like it, we can go somewhere else or start our own site. As far a racism goes, I think you are confusing prejudice with racism. Everyone in the world is prejudiced, but very few people, percentage wise, in this country are racist. There is a huge difference, and most people don't know the difference. When I start getting notices while I'm working, about people slapping each other with their purses in the PF, and I have to stop what I'm doing to deal with it, I get cranky. Now, as Andy Griffith would say, Y'all act like you got some smarts.
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    Well for me, it's several reasons. First and foremost, look past all of the branding and marketing terms like "retina display", and instead focus on the actual hardware you're getting for the price. You'll see that you're paying more for the Apple brand than you would be if you went with another brand. Having to funnel everything from music to photos to movies through iTunes is also a turn off. I don't need proprietary software to move files from my computer to my android phone or vice versa. Apple has a fit when you want to use software that did not come from their store. On my android phone, I can change a setting or two and run anything I want on it; it's even easier on a computer running either Windows or Linux. More than all of that though is the feeling of power I have on Linux, Windows, and Android. (Android is basically a modded version of Linux though.) With those operating systems, I can customize and do just about anything I want to do. That isn't the case with the Mac OS. There's this "Apple knows best" thing with those products that just does not sit right with me.
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    Maybe he meant to write "fake news" not fake noose? A fake noose, that might be the most ridiculous thing I've heard.
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    You are truly a crazy person. Just throw a bunch of dumbass accusations at people so they don't bother engaging you anymore and then think somehow you have won.
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    wait until the allstar race in Bristol....I cower to think how many flags will be flying! Not only that I don't want an epicenter of COVID to form due to Nascar in my backyard As for the Noose...definitely a noose and there is no way that it just so happened that he was assigned to that garage no matter when it was tied...that is way too much of a coincidence and to feel otherwise is a stetch...and for those of you telling him to shut and drive...that attitude is exactly why people are protesting and you are part of the problem
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    The US has an incredible "Me first" culture. This isn't something new, but when a public health crisis such as this is introduced it highlights this culture moreso.
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    DUI is very serious, which is why you typically get arrested when caught. Used to be you might get a break if you were very close to home and they followed you home, but MADD did away with that. You’re clueless. Yes, you can get DUI when you’re not driving. You fancy yourself as an intelligent guy, google it. It’s possible for a good DUI lawyer to beat, but of course you can be charged. He was passed out in a Wendy’s drive in, how do you think he got there? He knew the rules. Getting popped for DUI when you’re already on parole or probation is stupid. Fighting two police officers is even more stupid. Pointing a Taser at a pursuing officer makes him the King of stupidity. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. GBI hasn’t finished their investigation yet, despite the embattled DA jumping the gun filing charges. My guess is an unbiased investigation clears most of the charges, I think they’ll find it was a legitimate shoot. You really need to quit trying to project your deeply set hate and racism on others, it isn’t a good look.
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    That does it. Since you have no interest in debate or having a rational discussion about something a blind man could have seen coming, we're done.
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    I will believe it when I see it...it is the problem with the evolution of a two party system...when all they care about is keeping power those who are moderate are left adrift...I am coservative but the GOP is certainly no home of conservatism and Trump is a horrible person and a despicable example of conservatism. It was a sad state of affairs that in the last election we had Trump vs Clinton and this time it appears to be Trump vs Biden I may not have liked or agreed with Obama but at least he was not an embarassment on a personal or intellectual level unlike whom we have had since his last election
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    All we hear all day is the bad crap on these issues. I’ve seen a lot of good stories. I’ve also seen ones like this where it becomes apparent that we all need to check ourselves when it come to preconceived notions about others. https://www.wtvr.com/news/national/author-confronts-his-racial-bias-against-neighbor-after-seeing-small-act-of-kindness
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    I don’t know my neighbors...I am either a racist or an asshole...good to know
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    And you continue to assume with your preconceived bias. The guy may very well be socially awkward. He might have PTSD. He might be painfully shy. Might have vision problems, and he might suffer vertigo which affects how he hears and processes sounds at a distance. He might have agoraphobia. He might be incontinent and have to wear an adult diaper, or have an ostomy due to colon cancer which makes him want to avoid other people. But you jump in, and say definitively that the man is either racist or an asshole, a “bitter, hateful old man that did his part to set our country back”. Fact of the matter is, when the guy who actually was guilty of assumed bias (the black author) actually walked over and talked to the old man, he was a nice guy who wanted to support the protestors in person but couldn’t get there...which is why I listed reasons why he may not go around a crowd. So the best way he could find to show support was painting one of his white rabbit statues black....which was all he was able to do. So it’s obvious the author learned something. The author has likely earned a new friend, just by making the effort to talk. But you haven’t learned anything. You’re still an opinionated prick, and truth be told as much as you get off on calling other people racist, bigots, or nazis it certainly gives the impression that you have skeletons in your own closet. It’s pretty clear ‘ole Ace has a dark side with dark secrets, from my life experience the only people who scream racism, etc as much as you and a few others here are guilty of the same.
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    Hold on a second...I used to live paycheck to paycheck but through hard work and dedication, I now live direct deposit to direct deposit
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    I love those who make fun of others due to the amount of money that they have and the homes that the live in...that makes you elitist. At least you can own that in your definitions of tolerance and acceptance Would you all like to post pictures of your homes so that we can be sure to judge you each accordingly? Maybe put up the balance of your checking account? I guess that is what matters in your eyes
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    I can't imagine wanting a job enough (including the presidency), to try something that evil. Straight sociopath. States should just respond, "maybe we'll do so when you send Barron to a NYC public school". Look, it's just math and common sense - you send kids to school in a state with a high infection rate, you're going to have a bunch of staff and parents jamming up the hospital/ICU. The real "herd immunity" approach actually hinges on this dynamic to get it to spread adequately. What these states should be doing now is locking down transmission vectors like bars, churches and beaches (though the real danger there are the hotels, restaurants and bars nearby), and trying to get the infection rate down so it is possible to re-open the schools.
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    What ass did you pull 'the view' out of? I have never watched that show. Nice deflection though.
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    Ace you really have a way with drawing comparisons from very different situations and somehow thinking you are making a valid point.
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    RIP Chicken in the bread pan pickin' that dough!
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    I don't pretend that it is all one way, or that blacks/minorities do not need to take initiative themselves. MLK pointed the finger at whites but also his own people, and they need another leader like that. But there are too many closet racists on the white side - which is understandable, because we have had it good for a long time and we want to keep what we have. And that includes police - would Chauvin had kept his knee on a white man for that long? I am going to continue to speak my mind and call people out that deserve it - maybe it will do some good, maybe not. But at least I tried.
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    Its been proven we can win the East. Yes its not going to be a year in year out thing, but switching conferences is crap. It also maybe Mission Impossible for Muschamp, but he is our coach for now.
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    That is a great "what-if" question. Having Stonewall instead of Ewell at the head of the Corps probably would have made a difference. Would Jackson had taken Cemetery Hill? Who knows.... Jackson certainly wasn't perfect (see Seven Days battles), and Ewell actually did well (agressive) to take WInchester on the way up through Virginia and Maryland to Pa. I'm not convinced it would have meant certain victory for the South at Gettysburg. And even if did, the North was still between the AofNV and Washington, where other troops were waiting. It would have put even more pressure on Meade to react and yes caused the public and politicians to shit their pants, but I think it would have meant another deadly battle.
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    Should have made it federal law that everyone wear a mask... Small rural incorporated areas and big cities alike. Also, stay 6' apart, because cloth masks worn incorrectly made by some lady who has some spare time from her pyramid scheme Tupperware sales job so she sells masks on etsy, don't actually work to stop a 120 nm virus even though we made it law...
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    I think we need to change your name to Ave Ventura. Watching you jump from conclusion to conclusion in this whodunnit is quite entertaining.
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    Minnesota coronavirus cases are through the roof. It's been about 2 weeks since the protests started there. Coinkydink?
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    The Basketball Hall of Famer will take his leadership skills to the University of South Carolina Board of Trustees View the full article
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    You don't know what I know. Lumping "you guys" into some kind of social group is bias. Baseless accusations = calling you out on misinformation that is wrong. You could not post a single verifiable data point to your claim. Instead, you go on the attack like someone blindly shooting.
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    No you're not sorry. You just posted BS and now all you can do is go on the attack because of stupid ass "shutdown mindset" BS. You opinions are your opinions....but posting disinformation as facts will be challenged as BS. Deal with it.
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    And not a single aspect of any part of the risk was in exchange for a single thing of necessity or value. All for the pointless ego driven re-telling of that classic tale...'The Old Man and the Ramp'...for the 17th time that week...and the 'American President's Got Talent' performance of drinking water with one hand...what a fucking clown show
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    This obsessive arguments about testing rates is insane. The more we test the better understand the scope of the pandemic. Simple statistics tell you that limited data will skew the results. We can argue ad nauseum about what way the numbers are skewed. Fact is we never had sufficient testing. And we still don't, to get a clear picture of what this virus is doing and where it is spreading. The fact the some people are pushing for less testing is just totally counter-productive to fighting this pandemic. We need to ramp up testing by a ton to get a true picture of where things are. And the best way to fight this virus. With sufficient testing, and more widespread mask wearing, we would be able to open more business more confidently without risking further escalation of the pandemic.
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    Pretty much sums it up 😂😂.
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    Why are you trying to deflect this? You seem awfully defensive as you always are anytime someone brings up anything about the Democrat party. I should not have included that last part in my original statement so we could stay on topic. Those groups do concern me, as they espouse hate and racial supremacy and there is no place for this, but most sane people do not support them. BLM is widely supported and people are throwing money at them hand over fist. I have not been on any conspiracy sites, just trying to get a handle on what I see as a potentially dangerous group using Black people as a way to further a dangerous political ideology. I don't think your average person in the street supporting BLM has any other interest than trying to further a solution to racial inequality, but when the leaders are openly Marxist, it should make anyone question exactly what their ultimate goal is. It does not mean everyone that supports them is Marxist so please don't go over the top with your characterizations. It would not be the first time something was done that appeared to be good only to further an ideology that was not. I've had you on ignore now for a few weeks because you seem full of hate and anger and cannot have a rational conversation without blowing snot bubbles.
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    The lefties so wanted this to be a hate crime. Now they look like morons. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8453051/FBI-says-noose-Bubba-Wallaces-garage-misunderstanding.html
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    I think everyone here agrees that the violence going on is wrong, no matter who does it. And I think everyone here agrees that protests are fine, as long as they’re done within the law and don’t create a public nuisance. But MFB blames ALL of the violence on police and “right wing extremists”. You claim that MUCH of the violence is on the police and right wing groups. Neither of you have anything to back that up. So why argue? Anyone perpetrating the violence needs to be arrested and given their day in court.
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    These clowns are more fragile than the doomsday preppers that couldn't last few months without a haircut and some applebee's
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    Its still not difficult...wear a mask and wear it properly. Its not difficult to wear it over your nose. If you are in retail, healthcare etc or a job requiring to wear a mask for a lenghty shift, these people should be the first ones to know the correct way to wear a mask because they are most at risk. Me sitting behind my desk at home and only going to the grocery store, or to Target quickly should not be whining about putting a mask on. And when i come out of a store, I put on hand sanitzer and then wash hands when I get home. One thing that helps for me, though it looks kinda weird...is keeping the mask on while driving home from the store does remind/prevent me from touching my nose before getting home to wash hands, which can be difficult to do.
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    Don't know much about him, but seems like a solid hire. Connections in Philly, Chicago, and the midwest can only help recruiting. He's known for his work with guards. I think we're going to be more reliant on the backcourt, so his addition could be very beneficial. He does have some interesting connections to USC. He played at UAB when Andy Kennedy was an assistant and we all know of his and Frank's friendship from their days at Cincinnati. Also, while at LaSalle, he coached former Gamecock Ramon Galloway. From what's been said, his work with Galloway was instrumental in LaSalle's 2013 tournament run.
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    Looks like a solid hire for us. He has been a part of several staffs at two locations that made it to the tournament. He's supposed to be a relentless worker according to one quote.
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    "But Lt. Jan, you ain't got no boobies."
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    If they called put they are mot on the job... But nice try!
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    I understand the stress part. but Live PD did not get the questionable policemen with bad records - they got the good ones. And the policemen knew they were being filmed. So using the show to say "look how fair and restrained police are" is not necessarily an accurate reflection of all cops. There needs to be a shift away from more toys and weaponry to more common sense and understanding. More serve and protect, less lock them all up.
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    BLM does not equate to burning down buildings...that is a you problem if that is what you think it means As for defunding, I agree...it is dumb and a dumb slogan and it will be hard for any politician to actually get behind that kind of slogan...however the Police need to be much better at policiing themselves
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