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    there are many things that he is running on that I vehemently disagree with and would be incredibly expensive to fund while at the same time have a sieve at our borders but at least you know where he stands
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    I'm so tempted to comment, but will let this one pass.
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    ...you don't need any links if just make s#!^ up.
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    What a great representative of the Gamecocks. Great player who has become one of the best CBs in the NFL in a long time. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/28396419/stephon-gilmore-key-patriots-playoff-success
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    Stay busy. Too many people retire, do nothing, and are dead within 6 months.
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    Most people didn't realize the North Koreans were as far along with their missile program until Trump prodded Kim into showing it to the world. The Iranians specifically targeted the living quarters of our troops to kill as many Americans as they could and would have been successful had we not had early warning of imminent danger. Most people didn't realize how lethal and accurate the Iranian missile systems were until Trump prodded the Iranians into showing it to the world. The Iranian military is a legitimate threat to the free world just like the North Korean military is. Trump showed it to us in his own unorthodox way, but everybody gets it now. Trump was just repeating what the relevant military commanders were telling him at the time. You sure as hell don't let our enemies in Iraq and Iran know a base is vulnerable to attack because of decreased manpower to please a bunch of Internet trolls, either.
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    fk you...I'd like to knock your teeth out, but they're probably already missing.
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    yes but the GAO has also accused him of committing crimes after he was impeached...much like the GAO showed the obama adminstration did as well and he was impeached....oh wait And that is why they attack the witnesses and the process...the amount of bias and double standards is unbelievable (on both sides). The new standard for impeachment is incredibly low and they applaud. It will be hell to pay when the tables turn when the pendulum swings the other way...that is what I fear the most b/c the average american is lost in these petty political battles I think that the left still can't believe that they lost in 2016 and know that 2020 is probably going to end much the same so they hope to impeach. According to approval ratings, Trumps ratings are somewhat slipping and I would rather them leave it to the voters as the election is approaching. I can honestly say that had Obama done the same I would feel the same that it is not impeachable but that dye has been cast
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    Tim Tebow just got married.
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    The Pentagon announced that President Trump authorized deployment of 750 Troops including 650 Paratroopers from the 82 Airborne after the attacks on the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, ensuring there won't be a second Benghazi.
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    did he borrow those pants from HRC? that is nasty by the way lol...you never wear that color unless you can depend on your depends
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    My roommate licks her ass daily.
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    I'm bringing a gun to a Virginia casino on election night to watch Bernie's acceptance speech.
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    I agree completely! Also hate how everything and every branch is politicized now. We need the checks and balances and the judicial branch to be as neutral as humanly possible
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    In all honesty who cares about Canada...they had their chance but the PM blamed it on Trump and US escalation without waiting on all the intel...I think Canada is still pissed about The South Park movie
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    I’m just gonna put this out there too... as stellar as Cousinard was tonight, I think the hidden stars need some props too... Alanzo Frink, Jayln McCreary and TJ Moss played their rears off, and gave us a fighting chance. Kudos to those guys tonight as well. We won’t be singing their praises much in this win, but we SHOULD be. oh, and Mr. Minaya... you da man!
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    Sometimes Frank makes it hard to be in his corner. Being "that close" to turning it around half way through January when you're hovering around .500 just means your tournament prospects are rapidly slipping away. Again. It's great we beat UVA, but we've got losses that negate any kind of benefit of the doubt the Virginia win earned. It's an aberration compared to the rest of the season so far. We can hire a father figure and mentor to the players for a lot less than $2.5M/yr, so what's the rest of that money for? Being a great tournament coach is worthless if you can't get there.
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    That's about all it takes to make your mother squirt.
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    I will agree with TL....the ads are definitely distracting, especially on mobile devices to the point I try not to even come on here on my iphone
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    I recommend watching the Netflix documentary about Rush called "Beyond the Lighted Stage". Fascinating stuff... Neil Peart was such a master craftsman but he never enjoyed the fame and adulation it brought him. The song "Limelight" is about his struggle with fame...
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    She got Trump to panic and kill some terrorists as a distraction.
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    I am good as I do think Marcus has so many other interest that do not involve football and would not be surprised if he is pursuing something outside the football realm. He knows he can come back anytime. I have always thought Shaw could make a good coach. He is a cerebral player and a coaches kid and made up where he lacked in natural talent with his knowledge. Those are the kind of guys that tend to make the best coaches. I hope he can come on board and begin to grow within the football program.
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    It’s hard to know because so many other factors can make OL look terrible. 1) OC/Play Calling can make the OL look better or worse than they actually are. 2) QB getting into correct protections, audibles, or getting the ball out on time. 3) RB’s getting to the whole fast, breaking tackles or making the correct cut can change how you think if the OL. I think this year is a put up or shut up year for 75% of the staff not just Muschamp. Say we go 7-5 or 8-4, good enough for Muschamp to get another year, if position group of a guy who has been here 3+ years struggles, I’d expect them to be gone after the season. I’m not calling anyone to be fired, it’s just my observation.
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    Just happened to notice the colors on your Gamecock in your signature. Very nice.
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    Cc joined in Sept you joined in Nov and are going to pass everyone here soon. Pot meet kettle.
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    If they used the footage, they can be held responsible. They should have vetted the video.
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    Or, they know that if they actually kick a hornets nest the U.S. could literally remove them from the map and make Iran nothing more than something our kids read about in history books in just a matter of minutes.
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    So, please, enlighten me when did proxy wars with Iran begin? Please include a link as you have proven yourself a liar.
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    We Toured the SOUTH CAROLINA GAMECOCKS' AMAZING Football Facility & Equipment Room | Royal Key
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    Yeah, he did the right thing not telling them. They would have leaked it.
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    Oh I don't doubt he would have. He killed a lot of terrorists, well ordered the strikes anyways. 473 Drone strikes plus who knows how many rocket attacks. Good thing he didn't start WWIII.
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    You complain about one not listening to advisors then one listening to advisors. Either way you will find their actions wrong because they have an R next to their name.
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    Hey, man that was primo fuel not some 87 octane.
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    Yeah, it's hard to tell if it's just a crappy employee, one who is trying to protect the owner for some reason maybe a promotion, or, someone who *puts on my tinfoil hat* was the one who had them fill the tanks with water while partnering up with the delivery driver to sell thousands of dollars worth of fuel on the black market *takes it back off*... I would say that would be a good option after repeated and documented attempts to contact them without success.
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    Congrats....consider taking some weekly hikes in the mtns somewhere. Also, if you haven't traveled out west, it's full of hidden treasures. The National Parks are amazing. You can do AirBnb/VRBOs and stay in some areas for extended times to maximize your budget. You can get to some good stuff in under 3 days by car.
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    Yep. Why can’t we all just get along?
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    The only piece of advice that I can offer is that if there is one thing that you really enjoyed doing in your spare time when you were working (hunting, fishing, biking, etc.), only increase the time you do that activity by 20% or so once you retire. Otherwise you risk burning out your love for that activity. At least that's what I've been told. Otherwise, carpe diem! ( Full credit to Catdaddy for "carpe dieming" first. I thought it sounded pretty good, and then noticed I was probably thinking that because I had just read your post minutes before, lol).
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    The whole idea of "Hate Crimes" is absolutely ridiculous. Is someone more dead because they were murdered because someone hated them? Murder is a crime period. I don't agree with a gay person being murdered because they are gay, and it being called a hate crime, therefore the penalty is greater, any more than I do all of a police department's resources being used to solve the murder of a cop, because it was "one of their own". A crime is a crime is a crime. If that crime becomes more punishable because of who someone is, then the whole system is ridiculous. "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others."
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    Gamecock commitment DL Alex Huntley considering taking an official visit to Georgia in January Dec. 31, 2019 Gamecock commitment DL Alex Huntley of Hammond, who is at the All-American game in San Antonio, told Rivals upon his arrival there Monday he’s considering taking an official visit to Georgia in January. He also said he is still planning to sign with the Gamecocks next month. Huntley has taken an official visit to Virginia.
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    that's a conspiracy theory and a lie, with the goal of deflecting the blame off of what trump did. Like I said, ya'll are gaslighted. also, I was talking to STS not you
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    "but trump" lol. ????!?!!? this is a discussion of donald trump's impeachment. You know that pesky little thing going on that's supercedeing the Flintstones on our TV. That's about donald trump's actions . Biden is the "but" in this scenario
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    Not zero.Not 10 with minor injuries.Thirty four.Thirty fucking four.When will Republicans get tired of the endless lies and demand Trump’s removal from office.They have a golden opportunity now.I hope President Trump chokes on a 3 piece extra crispy, super sized, and suffers traumatic brain injury due to lack of oxygen. https://www.cnn.com/2020/01/24/politics/34-injuries-iran-missile-strike/index.html
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