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    I'll be disappointed if we give up 24 points to this squad.
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    Game week1: Talking North Carolina Tarheels (Discussion Thread) Gamecock Football is right at 2 weeks away, just think Gamecocks will begin the Game preparation for the Tarheels next few days. With the season so close time to talk Gamecocks vs Tarheels. Will the offensive line be one of the better groups? The defense will it stand up? Will injuries show there ugly head? What will Feaster do in his first outing as a Gamecock? Secondary will it be able to close the deal when needed? Bentley is the year he shows up for every game? So much more to talk about. Here is your chance. Let's hear what you have to say, are you confident that the Gamecocks can get it done the first week of the season? What are the strong points For the Tarheels? Do they have any advantages, be the kicking game running backs etc.? GO COCKS!!
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    I watched a lot of Sam Howell's 2018 tape from high school. Kid has the measurements, throwing technique, arm power, speed, and elusiveness to be a legit NFL starter one day. But as of right now, his accuracy is spotty, his eye discipline is absolutely horrendous, his decision making is slow, and he does not have a very good understanding of how to read defenses. He is a talent, but much too young, inexperienced, and not coached enough to play well in Game 1 of his collegiate career, especially against our defense. I like our chances of dominating his throwing game. Like I said, he could be eventually coached into a real NFL talent, but as of right now, he is not ready to start in a college game. Way too slow mentally, does a terrible job reading defenses, and has awful eye discipline, telegraphing who he is throwing to way before he throws the ball.
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    We have so many upperclass skill position players and key production players coming into this season, that it's hard for me NOT to be optimistic for the team this season, the tough schedule notwithstanding. Not only has the comments from Coach Muschamp been positive and optimistic regarding the team overall, but also he and OL Coach Wolford has been pretty positive regarding the OL's scrimmages as well. It's always refreshing to hear good things about the LOS units, as important as they are to successful football. The UNC fanbase has been very optimistic about their DC Jay Bateman's defenses at Army, like it is some mystery genius defense never before seen by man. Certainly, unique and unfamiliar defenses can be troublesome for opposing offenses - much as the triple option is always like that for defenses. And this also brings up a good segue for my next point regarding Bateman's defenses at Army: Army runs the triple option flexbone. Here is a description of it from an article put out by USAToday in 2018: https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/ncaaf/2018/09/27/army-combines-old-school-offense-21st-century-analytics/37963991/ Army is a run, then run, then run some more offense. They can go entire games only throwing 2-3 passes. With Bateman as their DC, Army was 10th nationally in 2018 in scoring defense, and 8th in total defense. In 2017, they dropped off a bit to 32nd in both scoring and total defense. In 2016, they were 15th nationally in scoring defense, and 4th in total defense. The Tarheel "insiders" and fans are pretty high on Bateman. But the thing with a program that runs an effective triple option offense, is that it's not just the defense for that team that has the goal of keeping opposing offenses off of the field. Everyone knows that a team will struggle mightily to score points if its offense is never on the field, and games are won by scoring the most points. Typically keeping opposing offenses off of the field falls on your team's defense first and foremost, but with a triple option offense, a team's defense gets major help from the other side of the ball. Last season (2018), Army led the nation in offensive Time of Possession, by a substantial margin over the #2-best FBS team. In 2017, they were 4th nationally, and in 2016 they were 3rd nationally. So Army's offense went a long way to helping Army's and Bateman's defense look shiny. Under Head Coach Jeff Monken, they overhauled their offensive approach in 2016: in 2014 & 2015 - Bateman's first 2 seasons as DC - the team was a poor team, and Bateman's defenses were poor defenses. Now, it will be interesting to see how his defense will perform at UNC. Bateman goes from a hardcore rushing offense - where holding onto the ball on the field and running the game clock is paramount - to a somewhat hardcore passing offense under Tarheel OC Phil Longo. In two seasons as Ole Miss' OC, the Rebels were 13th in the SEC in Time Of Possession for both 2018 & 2017. That was good enough for 123rd and 128th nationally, respectively, the last 2 seasons out of 130 FBS programs. Bateman's defense will NOT get any help from Longo's offense, and less help than most other offenses would give him. Of course, South Carolina was 130th nationally last season, in offensive Time of Possession. Something we definitely have to improve upon, and it starts with a more effective rush offense. We moved the ball well (43rd in Total Offense), and were effective in overall First Down production (41st in 3rd Down Conversions, 50th in total 1st Downs), so our offensive system has real potential when it's executed well. Our execution last season was not very well at all, in turnovers - particularly in Red-Zone turnovers - and in Red Zone Efficiency (118th nationally in Red Zone Conversion %). Even 2-9 UNC converted better in the Red Zone last season than we did, which is terrible. But we have a veteran offense at the skill positions. We have a solid OL. UNC has inexperience and lack of depth at QB and WR - despite strength at RB - and return only 2 starters to their OL. We have again great veteran experience and solid depth along the Front 7, while UNC has only 2 experienced DT, but questions along the rest of the DL and LB positions abound. So for this game, most of the advantages on paper are on the Gamecock's side.....
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    To distract me from waiting I put my mind to thinking about other things, such as Golf or Tennis. However, there are no American Tennis players in men's that are really doing well. I used to go Fishing to distract my mind, but now I can't sit in a boat that long. Oh Well!! Football IS coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Saturday again were helmets, shorts and tees with no pads. Graduate-transfer RB Tavien Feaster reported today for his first practice with the team. Here's a photo of true freshman RB Kevin Harris - he's looking ready to contribute game one for the team:
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    Tavien Feaster to Gamecocks talk heating up....
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    I was looking through the UNC roster, and coaching staff, and came across this. I found it funny, that as a member of the football staff, he has a basketball (Air Jordan) shirt on. Even the football team identifies with basketball. https://goheels.com/coaches.aspx?rc=3350&path=football
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    I really wish some of these less fortunate schools would band together and take action against the NCAA for their selective application of the rules.
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    6'-5" and 210#. Not big enough to do much blocking but with his height and speed he is going to be a great receiver. I went and looked at his Sr video and he is really fast when he ran the ball.
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    I had to go thru so old paperwork today. Made an awesome find. Sure hope to add another this year with just as much importance.
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    WATCH: Will Muschamp announces South Carolina LB is now on scholarship August 20, 2019 As South Carolina prepares to open the fall semester, Will Muschamp shared valuable news for Spencer Eason-Riddle in front of the entire team. “You’re not paying for school anymore, you’re on scholarship,” Muschamp told Eason-Riddle before he was swarmed by teammates to congratulate him. A valuable member of the team, Eason-Riddle appeared in every game in 2018, primarily on special teams, but he also can contribute as a linebacker and at fullback on short-yardage situations. He is a regular on the SEC Honor Roll and on the Community Service teams and shared the Harold White GPA Award for special teams with Kiel Pollard, which was announced at the spring game.
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    Ryan Hilinski, now only one snap away from being the Gamecock starter August 22, 2019 South Carolina football’s offense is Jake Bentley’s show for 2019 for now. But Ryan Hilinski’s show is in the wings just in case Jake falls short of expectations or an injury. (VIEW ARTICLE)
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    Someone told me yesterday that both Cooper and Samuel were high school quarterbacks. They are probably two of the most exciting players we've had for the last decade. I really hope Joiner will stay and play another position, but I understand if he transfers. Hopefully, he's getting good advice from someone. If he's looking to go to the next level it's probably not going to be at quarterback. Having said that there are exceptions like Russell Wilson.
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    I think is says a lot about Dak's character that he did not give up on being a quarterback even when many people were saying he needed to change positions. He was committed to what he believed in and gave it his all without quitting until he was satisfied that he had given his best effort. I believe they will find a place that fits him well on this team and I also believe his talent combined with his character will take him places in the game of football and life.
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    What are the Gamecock QBs showing after the second scrimmage August 18, 2019 Coach Will Muschamp had previously said he hoped that by the end of his team’s second scrimmage, he’d have a good sense about his battle at backup quarterback. That scrimmage came and went Saturday. Muschamp said or the lack of at his press conference, no choices just yet. Muschamp had this to say. “We’ll watch the tape.” Today was a huge evaluation. Obviously, the two scrimmages are big in that evaluation process, but not just at that position, a lot of positions.” The duo of redshirt freshman Dakereon Joyner and true freshman Ryan Hilinski are duking it out for the No. 2 spot behind senior Jake Bentley. That battle will be for a lot more snaps when the season gets underway and perhaps an inside track at the starting job next season after Bentley departs. Through preseason, coaches and players haven’t spoken much about which of those two might be ahead, although Muschamp said both held onto the ball too long in the opening scrimmage. “I’m looking forward to watching the film and evaluating Dakereon and Ryan,” Muschamp said Saturday. With many of his younger players, he has tried to impress upon them that while they might not have big roles in Week 1, if they continue to work, larger roles could fall to them as the season goes on. They only need to look to the past few seasons when players such as OrTre Smith and Dylan Wonnum weren’t starters early on and ended up starting seven or more games. Both Hilinski and Joyner came to USC as blue-chip passers. Joyner was the No. 206 player in the country, Hilinski No. 64. Joyner was a three-time 1,000-yard rusher in high school and threw for nearly 10,000 yards. Hilinski is more of a pocket passer and threw for more than 3,700 yards as a junior and 2,700 as a senior, despite losing much of his offensive line and several top receivers. Joyner got on the field a little last year in a blowout of Chattanooga as a No. 3 QB. He threw one pass for 1 yard and ran for 24 yards on three carries. Overall, South Carolina hasn’t needed backups all that much across the past two seasons. In 2017, Bentley threw every pass that wasn’t on a trick play, and his backup only got in late in two blowouts. In 2018, Bentley missed one game and the end of another, but reserve QBs only saw the field in four games (the two where Bentley was hurt and two blowouts). Bentley spent this offseason tightening things up to combat his penchant for turnovers, including the fourth most interceptions in the country last season. Muschamp said his scrimmage capped a run of four to five good days.
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    I made my prediction based on how Ole Miss played us last year, in large part. I know UNC doesn't have the talent depth nor experience that the Rebels had last season, but I'm also hedging my prediction on how poor our run defense has been in past seasons. I'm hopeful and even a bit confident that our run defense will improve substantially in 2019, but Ole Miss ran up 600+ yds on us and 250 some rushing yards, and we won 48-44. I had once had my prediction 42-17, but then after thinking about it I gave UNC another touchdown score. But I would love if we beat them 72-0......
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    I am going to skip on AJ for now. Looks like he will be a starting CB this year any way. Some thoughts in regards to the other Seniors... Mon, Rico, and Traevon I am sure most college Sr's are hoping to shine enough to get an NFL team interested in them. That's the dream. To be a pro and make that money. Here you are, a RB at an SEC school that is about to get enormous TV coverage. I imagine you want your team to win, but you also want to be one of the ones helping that happen. So right now all three are busting it in hopes of being one of the 2 starters. And also trying to be the one that gets the most handoffs. I mean its great to get playing time, but if the other guy gets most of the plays, that's not helping you get noticed. I feel all 3 of them are going to be great this year. And they are going to get rotated a lot to keep a fresh guy in there. And every time they get the ball they are going to be killing it to do good enough to get it more. It would be great to see a couple get 100+ yards in a game and the other not far behind. Jake would have a dream job too; just hand it off 4 or 5 times then throw a bomb on an RPO because the opposing D expects another run. Having explosive RB's will truly be special this season.
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    Just don't forget, according to the Mannings', he has improved this off season. "Trends are hard to overcome." Maybe he found a way to do just that. I really hope after Saturday's scrimmage that coach will be speaking highly of him.
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    That is an absolutely fair, and reasonable explanation. I can get on board with that. It's hard to be accurate, and play to the best of your ability, when you have so much pressure on you. I am very excited to see how the defense improves this year, and I think the rest of the offense should be much better, including the O-line. So, hopefully, the D can hold teams down a bit, to give Bentley a little breathing room, and the O-line can give him a bit of time, and the receivers can catch. Also, I do believe the running game is going to be much improved, and that should also be a shot in the arm. Can August 31 please get here? I'm dying to see how it all shakes out.
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    I know AJ gives his all and will leave Carolina with a hell of a legacy. But I was hoping to hear or see one of the younger speed merchants taking that position.
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    I will be honest, I'm not worried about our recruiting at all. After everyone sees the product we put on the field this year, it will turn a lot of heads. Only 3 years in to the CWM era and we will have a good offensive and defensive line with a heavy does of very good skill position player. If my observations are correct, the recruiting stuff will take care of itself.
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    Average more than 150 yards on the ground and the Gamecocks will have a good season.
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    It's exactly what I like to hear. On the defensive side, we're tackling well and covering well. Those things are simply technique issues that a good defense should have down pat. It definitely means it's real competitive out there because defenders are putting in effort when they're tackling well. Offensively, I'm not too worried about the passing game. It's something we've done well here for years now, so at this point our receivers are likely just not too concerned with their ability to play well. That's not a positive, in fact I would rather have them busting their ass to make plays, but I'm sure as we get closer to game time, the energy and effort will hike up for those guys are they get in game mode. It's great to hear about the running backs. The fact that Dowdle and co. is performing better even without Feaster in practice means they understand they need to step it up, and they're taking every handoff like their career depends on it. All this report tells me is the guys are putting in the necessary effort to continue to elevate themselves.
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    Or just beat both Georgia and Florida and enjoy another trip to the SEC championship
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    By JOE MCLEAN, and SILVIA RAMIREZ 1. Georgia: Last season Georgia went 7-1 in the conference and 11-3 overall, finishing at No. 1 in the SEC East standings. The Bulldogs' strong season came with the help of rising junior Jake Fromm, who has been playing center and completely controlling the offense to his advantage throughout his time at Georgia. Last season, Fromm completed 206 passes, 25 more passes than he completed in the 2017 season. Additionally, the Bulldogs have rising junior DeAndre Swift as a running back. Last season, Swift ran for 1,049 yards and 10 touchdowns and he is projected as a high-round NFL draft pick. A strong offense wasn't the only threat Georgia had: They were just as strong from a defensive perspective. Cornerback DeAndre Baker was awarded the Jim Thorpe Award last year as the nation's best defensive back; however, with the loss of Baker to the 2019 NFL draft, Georgia will have big shoes to fill defensively. Overall, Georgia's chemistry on offensive is a tough one to break; it is a powerhouse and will most likely continue to be at the top of the SEC East at the end of the 2019 season. 2. Florida: The Gators, who posted a 10-3 record last year, are the pick for second place in the SEC East, behind defending division champion Georgia. Coming off a 10-win season, which included a win over the Gamecocks, the Gators are returning with a lot of players from last season, including quarterback Feleipe Franks and 13 of their 17 defensive players from last year. Gators head coach Dan Mullen exceeded expectations in 2018, and with a schedule that doesn’t include Auburn or Texas A&M, the Gators are in a position to build off of last season. The Gators have been notorious for having a stellar defense in the SEC; however, the biggest question will be whether Franks can limit his mistakes, as the veteran quarterback has been inconsistent at times throughout his career in Gainesville. 3. South Carolina: The Gamecocks are at a crossroads of sorts this year. Following a 7-6 season, which included a 28-0 loss in the Belk Bowl, South Carolina is looking to bounce back in 2019. They will have talent on both sides of the ball, as they return with veteran players such as quarterback Jake Bentley and wide receiver Bryan Edwards, in addition to adding highly recruited freshman lineman Zacch Pickens. However, the schedule is considered one of the toughest in the nation with teams like Alabama, Georgia and Clemson on the schedule. It is possible that this team will be better in 2019, but the record may not reflect it, given the talent of the competition. It will be vital for the Gamecocks to keep pace in the SEC after a disappointing end to the 2018 season and to maintain the improvements they have made under Will Muschamp, despite the level of competition. 4. Missouri: The Missouri Tigers come in at No. 4 in the SEC East for our preseason picks. The Tigers are coming off a respectable 8-5 season. They gained quarterback Kelly Bryant, who transferred from Clemson, in place of former quarterback Drew Lock, who was drafted by the NFL’s Denver Broncos this past spring. Bryant was successful at Clemson and led it to an ACC title in 2017, bringing a new dynamic to the Missouri offense. However, Missouri is facing a postseason ban in 2019 due to NCAA violations. Additionally, Missouri has had problems on the defensive side of the ball recently. In 2018, the Tigers struggled to get to the opposing quarterback and ranked 108th in the country in sack rate; no defender had more than 2.5 sacks over 13 games. With the combination of questions to be answered, from defense to the bowl ban, Missouri will have a lot to prove in 2019 as they move on from the Drew Lock-era. 5. Kentucky: Kentucky is coming off one of the best seasons in its history, coming from a 10-3 in 2018. Head coach Mark Stoops was also the SEC Coach of the Year in 2018, further cementing last year’s Wildcats team as one of the best in school history. However, 2019 could be a different story, as they lost key players such as Josh Allen and Benny Snell, in addition to 12 other starters from last year. Quarterback Terry Wilson is back, but Wilson was inconsistent last year and was ranked 14th in the SEC for total passing yards. The schedule is not easy either, with games at Georgia, South Carolina and Mississippi State. The Wildcats just finished their best stretch of football in program history, but this self-proclaimed basketball school will have to prove themselves on the football field this year. 6. Tennessee: Tennessee does not have it easy on the field this year, as they face the Alabama Crimson Tide in Alabama. Tennessee was at the bottom of the SEC East standings in 2018 with their season ending 2-6 in the conference and 5-7 overall. In the upcoming season, besides having to face Alabama, the Volunteers are also facing Florida, Georgia and Kentucky. Tennessee still has too many struggles offensively to be a threat to Alabama, Florida, Georgia or Kentucky. Over the past two seasons, Tennessee has struggled offensively to move the ball. As they come into the 2019 season they must rely on a young team of freshman to carry the team because of injuries in the previous season. Starting a young core can be difficult, but may turn out in favor of the Volunteers with Wanya Morris and Darnell Wright likely to be starters this upcoming season. Tennessee was at the bottom of the SEC East standings last season but Vanderbilt may take the seventh spot this season and move Tennessee to sixth because of Vanderbilt's upcoming schedule. 7. Vanderbilt: Vanderbilt has a high chance of being moved from sixth in the SEC East in the 2018 season to seventh by the end of the upcoming season. The Commodores have a tough schedule; they do not play Alabama this season but they will have to go up against, Georgia, LSU, South Carolina, Florida and Kentucky. Vanderbilt has more of a threat this season than Tennessee does, although they are not playing Alabama. Vanderbilt's leader last season was quarterback Kyle Shurmur, who had 2,844 passing yards last season; however, he was signed this year as an undrafted free agent by the Chiefs. Without Shurmur leading the team, Vanderbilt will struggle offensively. Those struggles may push Tennessee to sixth in the SEC and Vanderbilt to seventh.
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    Interesting, and a bit concerning, about CWM's report of the offense for the scrimmage. He says our run offense has been improving, while the passing offense is still dealing with inconsistency, all QBs not getting passes out quick enough, etc. He seemed to imply the dropped passes were fewer, but the inconsistency is a concern with the offense being so experienced at the skill positions. But it's only Practice #10, so we still have a long ways to go. Hopefully the improving defense is playing a major role for that inconsistency... I do like the constant and consistent message Coach Mushamp has been putting out all off-season about this being the deepest, most talented team he's yet had at South Carolina. He spoke very encouragingly at the end of the presser about having a legitimate 3-deep team at all positions, and how that helps with all players getting more snaps and fostering more competition. Hopefully this all translates onto the field this season, beginning with August 31st., but it appears that Coach Muschamp is pretty encouraged about this team....
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    We are getting ever closer to the start of the college and NFL football seasons so I will start posting more games for you to be able to wager. Please continue to requests games - I will likely not create the bet for that requested game no earlier than seven days before the game starts in order to get the latest spread (based on injuries, results of recent competition, etc.). The odds on the bets so far have been (1) on spread bets meaning if winning team also beats the spread, the bet pays out $1 for every $1 bet. The odds to (1.5) for bets on the underdogs to cover the spread in the future. -------------------------------------------------------------------- The NFL Preseason games should payout more now. I did some tests bets this Monday both to test the fractions functions and the payout and the 7/2 payout fraction ($7 for every $2 on a winning bet) seemed to work.
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    A closer look at what AJ Turner's role could be this season August 10, 2019 SOUTH CAROLINA GAMECOCKS FOOTBALL Football terms rarely change and a lot of times they stay the same for decades—the Oklahoma Drill in 1989 is the same Oklahoma Drill in 2019 and so on—but every now and again, a new word or term jumps into a coach’s lexicon and makes everyone who heard it do a double take. That’s what happened this week with Coleman Hutzler, who dropped a never-before-heard term when describing the Gamecocks’ Swiss Army Knife of a player AJ Turner. (VIEW ARTICLE) FREE GAMECOCKCENTRAL
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    Very good read folks enjoy!! Phenom College Talk: Previewing South Carolina’s 2019-20 Roster by Jamie Shaw | Aug 7, 2019 | Featured, News, Player Reports Phenom Hoop Report has been a great avenue for high school and middle school players, but that doesn’t mean we stop once they head to college. It is great to see these players take the next step in their careers, playing at the college level. That is why we are bringing a little college talk to our readers. In this writing, we will head to the SEC to take a look at the upcoming season and breaking down the roster of the South Carolina Gamecocks. After a Final Four run in 2017, Frank Martin’s teams went 33-32 over the previous two seasons, which included a fourth-place finish in the SEC last year with an 11-7 record. Let’s Dive into the Roster…(VIEW ARTICLE)
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    It drives me crazy having to wait this last month. And then all of a sudden they throw out the 2020 schedule. I am still dying waiting to start the 2019 schedule. So I look at the 2020 schedule and begin to think. (dangerous for me to do) They mention we are losing our QB and I mention RB's too. Well, then I go look at who is departing.... POSITION # Here now # SR leaving # COMMITS QB 6 1 1 RB 9 5 1 WR 13 2 2 TE 9 1 0 OL 20 1 4 DL 14 3 2 DB 15 2 3 LB 11 2 0 S 6 2 0 All total we are loosing 23 Sr's and always the chance of Jr's going too but as long as we can get the QB and RB's ready I think we are looking good for 2020 rooster. May need a couple DB to step up and play S but we are still after some more commits too. We sure will have plenty of fresh bodies on the OL. Now back to waiting.
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    Inside the game that changed Patrick Iriel’s recruitment — and led to his USC commitment August 08, 2019 Real-time reaction to his son’s best game on the AAU circuit arrived on Jamie Iriel’s phone at some point on the night of April 27. Though they were in different seats, Iriel and Chuck Martin were in the same Dallas gym for Upward Stars’ matchup with California’s Dream Vision. Upward, based out of Spartanburg and filled with South Carolina’s best players, was facing a team with a couple of the country’s best players. (VIEW ARTICLE) THE STATE
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    My guess would be Auburn given the timing (committing soon after Auburn visit) and their history of success with Running Backs. But it will not be over until the early signing period - a bad year will impact Malzahn's job security and could change things.
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    I don’t know what school he chooses, but I’m pretty sure it won’t be USC.
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    Sometimes these guys do a "power" ranking, and no one truly knows what that means. It may not even mean a prediction of final standings in the conference, but rather by "Power" it may simply mean a team ranking based on rated talent on a team, or the projections of players to the NBA or something like that. So, the factors of coaching and development of a team may not play much into their ranking....
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    The reaction from the tater tots has been rather amusing to say the least. Honestly I hope some of their recruits take notice of how quickly their honeyed tongues turned venomous once Feaster crossed the battle line. What would be the icing on this cake is if Feaster really shows out and manages to win a Heisman here. It would be great for him, great for us, and stick right in the craw of the taters.
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    Yep agree, good news out of all this is Burch really did not have a happy visit in Tatar land for there cook out.
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    Burch has been so quiet I don't really believe anything that I am hearing. I will never think this one is over until he has signed the dotted line somewhere.
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    I hate to say it, but if Joyner is good enough, which he may be, red-shirt Hilinski and save that extra year of eligibility. Hilinski can fight for the starting job next year.
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    Tavien is definitely coming here in hopes of more playing time. And if he can still average 5.9 YPC he should get it. I hope he has a blow out season and moves his NFL draft stock super high. Like you say, I also think Tank should be considering this. Next year, Tavien and the 3 Sr's will all be gone. We do have a couple others but Tank would get a chance to start as a freshmen and get plenty of time to shine. Our schedule don't change much next year so there will be plenty of TV coverage.
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    WACH TV in Columbia reported RB Tavien Feaster will transfer from Clemson to USC choosing the Gamecocks over Virginia Tech. The Spartanburg native and former Mr. Football in South Carolina is set to graduate from Clemson the first week in August and would join the Gamecocks as a grad-transfer after that. He would be eligible immediately for one season.
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    Who is your High School team, how close do you follow, and what kind of team are you expecting to have this season? Any stud players you’ll be watching in person the upcoming season? Anyone under the radar Muschamp needs to be looking at? I love the NFL, and college football...but there really is something special and pure about Friday night High School Football. I’m turning that corner from summer to football this morning, I think. I enjoy watching those early season HS games as well.
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    Gamecocks True Freshman who will play in 2019 July 28, 2019 With one of Coach Muschamp better-recruiting class while here at South Carolina, There are a few to keep and Ion that should have an impact in 2019. These newcomers should see the field this season. Let's start out with highly recruited DT Zacch Pickens. (VIEW ARTICLE)
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    Trevor Lawrence picked off by Jaycee Horn for a TD! Trevor Lawrence picked off by Israel Mukuamu for a TD! Trevor Lawrence picked off by TJ Brunson for a TD! Trevor Lawrence sacked by Javon Kinlaw, fumble recovered and returned for a TD!
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    I thought that's what we had with Carolina Girls. I kid, I kid.
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