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    Some Recruiting Thoughts & Facts 2020 Recruiting Facts: 1. Gamecocks have 0 current top 50 players committed, but we are in the top 2-5 with 2 (Burch and Evans). Clemson currently has 6 committed (which is ridiculous and makes me throw up in my mouth) 2. Gamecocks have 4 top 100 players currently committed (Doty, Lloyd, Walker, Kaba), plus add Wyman at 133 to give us 5 top 150 players and Huntley 180 player top out at 6 top 200 players. That is better than every other team in the country except Clemson, Bama, Notre Dame, and OSU. In other words, we only trail behind the CFP field members from the last couple years. I'll take that any day of the week 3. A list of notable programs Gamecocks CURRENTLY have more or just as many top 100 commits than: Georgia, LSU, Oklahoma, Texas, TAMU, Michigan, Penn State, UT, Auburn, USC, etc. That is one heck of a list of programs to be in front of at the moment. 4. Gamecocks are in the lead group with 9 top 150 (5* Burch, 5* Evans, Keyshawn Lawrence, Reggie Grimes, Myles Murphy (lead), Ja'Qurious Conley, Ze'vian Capers, Desmond Tisdol, Tank Bigsby) 5. Gamecocks could realistically have 10 top 150 players in the boat. Take the five we currently have committed and add Burch, Murphy, Conley, tisdol (who we might lose to AU) and Bigsby. That would more than double the amount of top 150 players we signed last year. 2020 Recruiting Thoughts: Though the Gamecocks don't have a few guys in the boat yet, Gamecocks are in good shape with many and are currently in step the with the best teams in the country on the recruiting trail. Let me say that again, the Gamecocks are in step with the BEST TEAMS in the country!! Gamecocks are currently recruiting at the highest level RIGHT NOW when it comes to elite talent. The chips will continue to fall as they may, but don't worry about Gamecock recruiting. Thy are in excellent shape and could be in even better shape come the end of the summer. One of the big knocks on this staff to take the team to the next level is the ability to land elite talent to South Carolina. This staff has already shown the ability to evaluate the 3* talent well (Wonnum, Mukuamu, Roderick to name a few, I could go on). So one of the last pieces of recruiting seems to be falling into place. If you look at the numbers, they started that trend last year and are continuing that trend this year. Also keep in mind that it does take time to develop that talent and to get that talent in the program, but I think the trajectory of the Gamecock program is very high for the next few years. It certainly seems to be on the recruiting trail.
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    From Grantland article in 2015 - Seventh Woods’s unusual name is derived, his parents say, from the Book of Genesis. “And God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it he rested from all the work of creating that he had done.” http://grantland.com/features/seventh-woods-high-school-basketball/
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    Great read Conway. Let UNC resurge all they want......AFTER Game 1.
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    There will be a lot of new faces this fall, but more talent than we've had in a long time on the same team. It will be fun to watch them mature. The OOC schedule this year will probably be used by Frank for some "teaching moments" for the new guys. But we have a core of experience players who know what to do. I'd be disappointed if we enter conference play at .500 again. Really, the new guys are at guard and center. But Bolden has practiced with the team as have Couisnard and Moss so they should catch on quickly. Leveque, Henry and McCreary will have a steep learning curve. My hope is that Kotsar has figured some things out and will re-dedicate himself. He quit playing at the end of last year.
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    From horns to spurs: How Kingston took over Gamecock baseball By CAM ADAMS | 04/28/2019 | 7:21pm After losing to the LSU Tigers in the SEC Baseball Tournament semifinals, the Gamecocks headed into Selection Monday at 35-25 overall with an SEC record of 13-17. Former South Carolina head coach Chad Holbrook and the Gamecocks hoped they had a good enough résumé for an NCAA Tournament bid with the 10th best strength of schedule in the country and No. 32 ranking in the RPI. However, the Gamecocks did not hear their name called. It was the second time in three years South Carolina was left out after making the tournament 15 straight years from 2000 to 2014. Graphic by Jayson Jeffers // The Daily Gamecock This was an odd spot a program that won two back-to-back national titles just over five years ago and was left out of the postseason once again. Eight days after the Gamecocks learned their postseason fate, Holbrook resigned as head coach of South Carolina baseball, finishing with a 200-106 record in 2017. South Carolina athletic director Ray Tanner told the Charleston Post and Courier Holbrook resigned "to pursue other opportunities.” Holbrook was hired as the head coach of the College of Charleston Cougars a little more than a month after leaving the Gamecocks. Tanner hired former South Florida head coach Mark Kingston to take the reins of Gamecock baseball after leading South Florida to a 42-19 record with an NCAA Tournament bid. "I continue to be impressed with [Kingston’s] ability,” Tanner said after hiring Kingston. “He is so well-rounded to handle the challenges and meet the expectations that we have here at the University of South Carolina." The hire displeased some Gamecock fans as Kingston wasn’t necessarily a “big name” coach that fans were looking for. Their displeasure continued into the 2018 season as South Carolina started off with a 20-17 record. With only three games above .500, the Gamecocks were likely to be left out of the postseason back-to-back years for the first time since the in two decades. But the new head coach had other plans, and the Gamecocks bounced back. They swept No. 19 LSU reaching 13-7 as they headed into Selection Monday. And unlike the 2017 season, the Gamecocks did hear their name called and went to the Greenville Regional as a two-seed. South Carolina defeated Ohio State, East Carolina and UNCW at the Greenville Regional, then lost two out of three games to the eventual national-runner up Arkansas in the Super Regionals. From taking over a program that just missed the NCAA Tournament to being one win away from the College World Series, Kingston rejuvenated South Carolina baseball.
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    First, the Gamecocks currently have five hope to be seven SC players. Clemson has two and one is a coaches son. The Gamecocks are definitely getting their share from Ga. and NC. Also, Boom has ventured to go after more national players. This staff works tirelessly to identify talent from SC and anywhere else it may be. This and the last few cycles they have gone to Al., Fla, Ca, Va, Md, Tn, and others. He has beat out Kirby and Dabo on a few. I really think eventually Clemson will regret not trying to wrap this state up. Kirby is far from closing the borders for Ga. Coach Muschamp To think about where the Gamecocks were 3-3.5 years ago, it’s pretty incredible what Champ’s been able to accomplish. There’s a lot of in-game stuff I’m sure you can debate, but I’m absolutely thrilled he’s our football coach, and I believe he was the right man for the job.
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    COOL!!!! Great posts guys!!!!!! ON TARGET!!! FIRE FOR EFFECT!!!
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    No. One to sit (and practice), one to play. He's a pure transfer.
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    You can see exactly what Seventh brings to the table for the Gamecocks in that highlight reel above, and the highlight reel also shows what his injury/lack of confidence did to his game. You're getting a guy with STOOPID speed to the basket when he turns it on. You're getting a guy who has great court vision, and can get the ball to the spots for his teammates to get great open looks. You're getting a guy who has athleticism galore and the hops to put the ball in the hole at 6'2". You're getting a guy who has been tested with the best of them, played for a team that challenged for a National Championship, and will bring the mindset of a Senior to the game. You're getting a guy who has been praised extensively for his defensive play at UNC. The highlight reel shows Seventh giving up opportunities to shoot when he had the open look, but still putting the ball in a place where his teammates could score. That's the lack of confidence... Give him some tough love from Frank, I think you'll see him taking those open shots more often. Remember, Sindarius had similar tendencies for a while, as did PJ. I think you will see a return to the Seventh Woods of old, especially given that he has a year to practice with the team and perfect the things that he needs to work on. I'm truly geeked up about this one. I think Seventh Woods could potentially be a game changer, in a literal way, for the Gamecocks.
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    Yesterday, Wes Mitchell reported this: "A source confirmed to Gamecock Central that Woods is set to join the South Carolina men's basketball team as a walk-on."
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    Probably because he committed to us, is my guess. I’d bet a body part that if he had committed to Alabama, he would be a consensus 5 star.
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    I agree with the list too, and although we won't technically go 11 deep, most everyone will get their opportunities to play - at least during the non-conference portion of the schedule - and show that they can contribute. Last season we played 10-deep, until Minaya was injured and lost to us after 5 games into the season: he started all 5. Moss only played 7 games due to injury as well, but he started 3 of those. Couisnard was ineligible, as was Bolden who sat out his red-shirt year for transferring. The only players who were in substantial degree available to play but didn't, were Cudd and then the walk-ons. Hinson played 15 games, but was limited at first by being and practicing with the FB team, and then he dropped BB to focus more on FB halfway through the SEC portion. Seven players appeared in no less then 29 games, Frink (who also dealt with injury) appeared in 24 (and 17 of the 18 SEC gms), Hinson appeared in his 15, then Moss' 7 and Minaya's 5. Of course there's bound to be a freshman here or there who struggles a bit to adapt to Coach Martin's demanding expectations on defense, and see their minutes dwindle come SEC Season. But unless they show during pre-season camp that they need serious work, or suffer with injuries, I expect most all of them to get opportunities. This ties into my next point: Only thing I disagree with Feathered's roster projection are the red-shirt candidates: players typically weren't red-shirted in collegiate basketball, unless they suffered early injuries. And that's even in the old days: with the One And Done system of MBB these days, added with the easier path for transferring to easier opportunities via the Transfer Portal, it's going to be even less likely to make kids spend years in a program that they aren't given opportunities. The only players under Coach Martin thus far that red-shirted in his program were injured players, and players that transferred in from other programs. I expect that to continue.....
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    So people will get loaded while tailgating and then be allowed to drink more while in the stadium. What could possibly go wrong?
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    Are we still paying him money? If not, then I'd prefer to categorize him as the worst coach of any sport hired in the last quarter century for Carolina, and just let it go.
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    They probably spent the money for Hammond because they wanted a quality education and superior athletic training and development for Seventh, and because there wasn't any other prep school around that could provide those things at no cost. If it was the same thing at the collegiate level, I imagine they would do the same thing. This however, is not that kind of same thing..... One good thing about this though, is the proximity to home. Michigan is pretty far away, and Gonzaga is even further. The distances may work in our favor here....
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    Per The State, Seventh is looking seriously at three schools. South Carolina is in the mix, including considering an option as a walk-on. His other schools are Gonzaga and Georgetown. https://www.thestate.com/sports/college/article230903309.html
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    This was an outstanding post! It was well thought out, and well said. The only thing not stated in this thread, that really needs to be addressed, is that Paul Finebaum looks and acts like a phallus!
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    I get what you're saying, but TJ Moss was still in a boot in mid-February of this year. He had another 3 months of recovery for him to be completely healed and able to get on the court with running and impact drills, so he's JUST getting back to being able to play (and I haven't seen or heard anything indicating whether he's working out right now or not). Minaya, on the other hand, had recovered enough from his knee injury in February, that he was able to begin practicing a little bit. But at the time, his strength was not enough for him to return to the team, so he made the decision to redshirt. Both guys had SIGNIFICANT time away from playing active basketball, which means that they WERE pretty far removed from playing with the others. When a player is unable to run and shoot for significant amounts of time, even if they are at the top of their game when they have the injury, it takes a while to return. Given that both injuries were significant enough to keep them out for long stretches, their return to form is yet to be determined. As I've said several times... not trying at all to be negative. I just want everyone to understand that we've got a depth of 3 players right now with significant playing time as a Gamecock, plus one with significant time off the bench. Moss and Minaya are great players and both can make significant impacts on the team, as was seen Justin's freshman season and Moss's freshman campaign last year. But let's not put the cart before the horse and simply assume that those guys can gel with their teammates just by osmosis. Basketball doesn't work that way, unfortunately. Give the Gamecocks a 5 game stretch to begin the season, and we'll see how up-to-par everyone is. I believe we'll be fine in the long run, but we're definitely an unknown quantity right now. Talent-wise, the cabinet is pretty much full at every position - depth we haven't had in quite some time. It's the knowing what we actually have, and Coach Martin knowing how to put together his starting 5, and knowing how to best utilize his bench players strengths which we don't really have right now. All that becomes crystal clear in a number of months though!
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    Hi guys, just a small update, the NEW skin will be available in a couple of days, sorry that we missed our last ETA.
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    Yes, I would love this. I remember in 2010 we neat Alabama, and then got upset in Lexington the following week. Lost 31-28. The next year in Columbia? We beat them 54-3.
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    The sadness is that we might have the same record at the end, yet actually have a much better team!
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    Here’s to 20 more years!
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    If I dropped my cell phone in a lake, that would be the only fishing I have done in the last 3 years...
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    Gamecock Junior Paul Jubb competed in the NCAA Men's Singles championship Saturday against top-seeded Nuno Borges of Mississippi State. Borges, a senior, came into the championship match on a 31-match win streak, and a 17-set win streak (collegiate singles tennis plays 2 out of 3 sets per match). Jubb - the 4th Seed in the Tournament, had played Borges twice before, losing both matches in three sets. Today, Jubb prevented the match with Borges from being the third straight match to go three sets, by storming the 2nd-set tiebreak 7-2 to win in straight sets, 6-3, 7-6 (7-2), to win the first singles tennis championship for either men's or women's programs at South Carolina! By winning the singles title today, Jubb includes his name with such past winners as Arthur Ashe, Stan Smith, Jimmy Connors, and John McEnroe. Well done, Paul!!
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    We want skin! We want skin!
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    Baseball 6/10/2019 Kent Reichert | From USC Sports Information | GCF Staff Report Kerry Earns NCBWA First Team Freshman All-America Honor The freshman adds this honor to the SEC All-Freshman Team and the Collegiate Baseball Freshman All-America list. LYNCHBURG, Va. – University of South Carolina freshman righthanded pitcher Brett Kerry has been named a First Team Freshman All-American by the National Collegiate Baseball Writers Association (NCBWA), it was announced this afternoon (Monday, June 10). It was the first NCBWA Freshman All-America honor for the Gamecocks since Carlos Cortes was on the team in 2017. Kerry, who also was named to the Freshman All-SEC team and was a Collegiate Baseball Freshman All-American, ended his rookie season with a 4-1 record and a 2.62 ERA while recording seven saves in 22 appearances, including two starts. He held opponents to a .200 batting average and had 65 strikeouts in 58.1 innings pitched. In the SEC, Kerry was 2-1 with a 2.95 ERA with four saves and 39 strikeouts in 42.2 innings. The freshman helped the Gamecocks get into the SEC Tournament after striking out four and allowing just five hits and two runs in 6.1 innings in a win over No. 5 Mississippi State. Kerry was a two-time SEC Freshman of the Week (March 4, May 13). He had seven strikeouts in 3.1 innings pitched in a win over Clemson on March 1 and had saves in back-to-back wins against Kentucky on May 10 and 11. He pitched in three innings or more in 10 appearances, including a career-high 6.1 in the regular-season finale vs. Mississippi State. South Carolina has now had four NCBWA Freshman All-Americans – Kerry, Cortes, Braden Webb (2016) and Max Schrock (20
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    ‘He was THAT GUY.’ A look back at Steph Curry’s last college win, as told by Gamecocks BY ANDREW RAMSPACHER - The State South Carolina’s little connection to these NBA Finals happened 10 years ago when 7,251 fans came to see the Gamecocks host a first round NIT game at Colonial Life Arena. Monday’s crowd at Scotiabank Arena in Toronto is expected to be much larger as the Larry O’Brien could be handed to the Raptors for the first time in franchise history. The stakes in Canada are higher than they were in Columbia on March 17, 2009, but there’s a common main attraction. Now, Stephen Curry is the two-time MVP trying to will the injury-ridden Golden State Warriors back from a 3-1 series deficit and capture a fourth title in five years. Then, Curry was college basketball’s darling, a skinny scoring machine with great bloodlines and an NCAA tournament run for the ages. But after making the Elite Eight in 2008, Curry and Davidson failed to make the Big Dance a year later. The Wildcats (26-7) were NIT-bound, matched up with a 21-win team from the SEC. What transpired was Curry’s final college victory. The junior scored 32 points as Davidson pulled away from USC, 70-63, and advanced to the NIT’s second round, where it lost at St. Mary’s. Curry declared for the NBA draft a month later. (CLICK TO VIEW FULL ARTICLE)
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    WATCH: Deion Sanders working out together with son Shilo Sanders
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    Looks like Huntley was the third spurs up from last night. Big pick up for USC https://t.co/3OOKojPorL
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    We beat Ball State 82-47 on 3/21/02 to go to New York for the first NIT championship (lost to Memphis in the finals). That was the final game in the Frank.
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    Yeah he was. I love me some NIT action anyway. I actually got to meet Dave Odom several times along with Susan Walvius. I have no ill will towards the human beings that tried to cheer us fans up every year.
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    Injury or no, he should still be in the HOF!!
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    In-state TE Jesse Sanders hoping to impress Gamecocks Thursday June 05, 2019 | sportstalksc.com Make sure to listen to Phil on The Point radio 100.7 FM and 1470 AM beginning at 6:06, weekdays” USC coach Will Muschamp Thursday will stage his first football camp of the summer. There will be plenty of hot-shot prospects to work out in front of the coaches, those players already assured of offers from USC and others. And there will be others hoping to catch the eye of the catches with their performance. One of those will be South Aiken quarterback turn tight end Jesse Sanders (6-4 200). Sanders was a quarterback for the Thoroughbreds but has grown into a tight end and that’s what the colleges view him. Muschamp was by the school last year during a visitation period to check in on Sanders and had him in for a game last season. The contact has continued between him and the staff. “Coach McClendon came to see me and he sent Coach Bentley down to get a look at me,” Sanders said. I had a phone call with Coach Bentley and he told me I have a good chance with them, especially after I go camp with them on the 6th. I’m very interested in South Carolina. I just hope they pull the trigger. Sanders has offers from Georgia State, Coastal Carolina, Army and Akron. “Georgia State is definitely sticking out the most,” Sanders said. “Coach Stepp is constantly hitting me up and checking on me and they have shown me the most love. I talk to Army a good bit too.” Sanders is grateful for the offers he has, but landing one from USC would be the culmination of all his hard work to get to the major college level. “After talking to Coach Bentley from South Carolina, I’ve been nothing but ecstatic and hopeful that it works out,” he said. “That has been my dream school ever since I’ve grown up and I would love to play there. I just have to perform at camp and hope everything else falls into place.”
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    So I read that we currently have the 14th ranked class for 2020 and the highest ranked class among teams with 8 or less commitments. The average rating is 91.93 which is very strong. Who would have thought after inheriting what he did that Muschamp could get to this point. Clearly recruits are buying what he selling.
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    Yeah, no need to sell booze in the stadium. As much as I like Good KoBeerz, people turn in to idiots for the most part while drinking.
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    I miss the 7PM start times early in the season! Not so many years ago (or maybe it was) seems like the first few home games were always at night and this helped avoid most of the heat during the game. Maybe Bama's sideline being in the hot ass sun all afternoon will help pay dividends. We will need all and any help we can get.
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    Trial by fire. They'll get coached up and we'll be fine, as long as the d-line stays healthy.
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    We were taught pad level constantly in high school. We had a metal frame shute you had to fun through and come up at the end and hit someone. If you were not low enough in that shute the metal edges would hit you in the back and leave you a nice reminder you were not low enough. I was forced into some offensive line play due to injuries and people now knowing how to follow a simple snap count. As an undersized lineman leverage was they key.
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    6-5 Earl Timberlake of Dematha in Hyattsville, MD plans an official visit to USC June 6th according to TheBigSpur.
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    As the depth continues to improve, it will be a good thing to have versatility. Who starts games will take less meaning, as players will be rotated into games in waves, with little to no drop-off in execution and effectiveness. That's the type of defensive lines we had during the 2010-2013 years.....
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    MAY 23, 2019 by THESPURSUPSHOW THE DAILY CROW | What issues must Gamecocks baseball address this off-season to get back to Omaha
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    I felt like Bigs had been a lean our way with everything I have been reading. I did not have the seem feeling about Murphy, but hope you are right on him.
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    Since the last post Kaba has committed as most know. Keeping this thread rolling along. I expect either Bigsby or Myles Murphy (from NC) to be the next to pull the trigger followed by the other. Also look out for Capers to flip from Arkansas. All three could occur within the next month or so.
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    Man I haven't watched Jeopardy since Trebek still had a mustache.
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