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Will Muschamp Press Conference  With Video– 12/2/18 – Belk Bowl Announcement

Will Muschamp Press Conference  With Video– 12/2/18 – Belk Bowl Announcement

South Carolina vs. Virginia – 12/29/18 – Charlotte, N.C.

Opening Statement

“We’re really excited about going to the Belk Bowl, our first trip here at the University of South Carolina. (We’re) certainly familiar with the Bank of America Stadium, one of the finest venues in the National Football League. (We) opened up last year against NC State in a great football game with them, and we open up the 2019 season with the University of North Carolina. One of our best alumni bases is there in Charlotte. We do a lot of recruiting in that area and the state of North Carolina. We’ve been able to attract some really good football players here to South Carolina in our short time.

“(There’s) a lot on the line for us – eight wins, would be only the 15th time in school history, and back-to-back eight or more wins for only the seventh time in school history, so we’ve got a lot on the line versus Virginia. Bronco Mendenhall, I don’t know personally, but I’ve got a lot of respect for him and the job he did at BYU and certainly how he’s turned around the Virginia program.”

On the team’s schedule and if has been set yet for the holiday and bowl season…

“No, we just found out about 30 minutes ago where we were going and who we are playing.”

On the team’s travel plans and if the Gamecocks will practice in Charlotte…

“We will be there when they want us there, as far as the report date is concerned. Obviously, we’ll have six or seven practices here before we go.”

On what he knows about Virginia heading into the matchup…

“I have not watched one thing of film. We just found out about 30 minutes ago (who we are playing), but we certainly will have all of the film in tonight. Joe Lisle and I have already talked about that. We’ll have everything in and start breaking it down. I’ll have my laptop with me, so we’ll start watching it tonight.”

On the close proximity of the Belk Bowl and the benefits that creates for Carolina fans…

“Our fan base is phenomenal, and I appreciate them. I know they’ll travel. It’s really important for us, and obviously for future bowl games. Bowl sites want to see you travel, and our guys travel. We had a great crowd in Tampa last year, and (we’re) certainly looking forward to another great crowd at Bank of America (Stadium) in Charlotte.”

On the process of getting tape from the opponent in a bowl game…

“Most of the video coordinators know each other. It’s kind of a fraternity there, sort of speak. They already know each other. Joe (Lisle) came in today and had it narrowed down to the different teams we might play. ‘I know this guy, I know this guy, I’ll call this guy.’ You swap the entire season as far as film is concerned.”

On if there’s been talk between Coach Muschamp and the juniors on the NFL Draft…

“I have not. I had a couple of guys on the phone today but nothing past that.”

On if he expects everyone to play the Belk Bowl…

“I haven’t talked to anybody that has given me any indication at this point. We’ll visit that at the appropriate time.”

On if he’s had to address sitting out the bowl game with anyone in the past and what his stance is on sitting out…

“It’s never come up … I’m going to support the student-athlete.”

On the momentum that can be created by a bowl win…

“I would start in recruiting, just from the standpoint of that’s the here and now. You come of the early signing period. Two weeks later, you’re in a bowl game. You’re on national TV. You’re out on the road within the next 10 days seeing prospective student-athletes (and) evaluating underclassmen, so I think that’s a huge part of it. I think also it helps in the offseason program. When you’re heading into your offseason program, guys understand that coming off of a win gives you a little more confidence in your program about where you are. But again, the 2018 team will close its book in Charlotte, and when we go back to work, we’ll be on the 2019 football team.”

On the team’s injury situation heading into the Belk Bowl…

“Bryson (Allen-Williams) is 100 percent (certain to play). He’s doing extremely well. He ran in the (anti-gravity treadmill) this week, so he’s going to be fine. I’m not so certain about D.J. (Wonnum). We’ve got a chance with Aaron Sterling. Jaylin Dickerson and Jaycee Horn will definitely be back.”

On the development he hopes to achieve through bowl practice considering so many freshmen have already played this season…

“On the defensive (side of the) ball, you’re correct, but again, everybody needs development. Everybody can improve. Everybody has things we can work on and identify those positionally on each side of the ball, the things we can improve on, and we’ll do that. I think self-scouting and being honest with yourself about where you are and what you need to improve (is important). We have a lot, especially on the defensive side of the ball, so we’ll address those in bowl practices and training camp-like practices to start bowl preparation. Then we’ll start working on our opponent.”

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