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No Change to Alcohol Sales Policies at Williams-Brice Stadium in 2019

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No Change to Alcohol Sales Policies at Williams-Brice Stadium in 2019
7/9/2019 | Football | GCF Staff Report
COLUMBIA, S.C. - There will be no changes to alcohol sales policies at Williams-Brice Stadium for the 2019 season, University of South Carolina Athletics Director Ray Tanner announced today.

As in previous years, the sale of alcoholic beverages will only be done in premium seating areas for the upcoming football season.

South Carolina Athletics has been examining all facets of selling alcohol in general seating areas, including points-of-sale, processing sales, impact on other venue services, security, sponsorships and other customer service processes that would impact the fan experience.

The Southeastern Conference rescinded its ban on the sale of alcoholic beverages in public areas at home athletics events in its annual meetings in late May. 

"Our staff has been studying the logistics of selling alcoholic beverages at our venues in anticipation of the SEC policy change," said Tanner. "We continue to examine all of the issues as it relates to game operations and fan experience and will not make any decisions on whether to sell alcoholic beverages in general seating of our venues until our study is complete."

Any updates to the current stance on alcohol sales will be made prior to the start of each sport's season.

"We take pride in providing a quality gameday experience for all fans that come through the gates at our athletics events," added Tanner. "We will be strategic and thoughtful when implementing alcohol sales at our athletic venues in an effort to benefit the overall fan experience."
Ray Tanner said in a radio interview on 107.5 FM on Tuesday

South Carolina will not sell alcohol outside of premium areas for the 2019 football season at Williams-Brice Stadium as it continues to evaluate the SEC’s new alcohol policy, athletics director Ray Tanner said in a radio interview on 107.5 FM on Tuesday.


That is a continuation of South Carolina’s previous setup when the SEC did not allow beer and wine sales in general seating areas.


Tanner said this policy decision only extends to the upcoming football season and added that USC continues to consider potential alcohol sales at basketball and baseball games in 2019-2020 and for football games starting as soon as the 2020 season.


“You’re gonna have people that are gonna say, ‘Why aren’t we doing this? We should be doing it right now,’ and we’re not there yet,” Tanner said. There’s a lot (with) the president, the board of trustees, we’re not there logistically. A lot of things have to happen. We’ve been anticipating there’s gonna be a change, and we’ve taken a look at it, but there’s a lot of work to be done yet.”


Williams-Brice Stadium is set to undergo renovations before the 2020 season which will increase the number of premium areas in the stadium where alcohol could be served under the current policy regardless.


When asked how far along South Carolina is in its decision-making process, Tanner said the athletics department was “probably, maybe more than halfway on putting all the information together,” before that information is handed to the university president and board of trustees to make a final call.


“There’s gonna be pros and cons, there’s gonna be people that say we haven’t had alcohol in the seating bowl in forever, we’ve done OK. And then there’s others that are gonna say well, the fan experience would be increased if I had the opportunity,” Tanner said.


From a financial standpoint, Tanner raised the possibility that increased revenue from selling alcohol might be partially or significantly offset by the commitments that come along with it.


“Is it an opportunity to make a lot of money? We don’t know that for sure,” Tanner said. “You’re gonna have to increase security, you’re gonna have to probably have some renovations, you’re going to have to invest in this opportunity to change the way you’ve been doing business, so we don’t have all the answers yet, but we’ll get them before a decision is made going forward.

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