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Counting down to Gameday 2021  Week 9

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Gamecocks take down Troy 23-14, how did the South Carolina perform vs. Troy?

Gamecocks take down Troy 23-14, how did the South Carolina perform vs. Troy?

OCT. 02, 2021

Here’s a look at what where the Positives and what was the Negatives  the Gamecocks’ 23-14 win Saturday vs. Troy

Gamecock Positives:

LB David Spaulding: The transfer linebacker from Georgia Southern caught the Gamecocks;  8th interception of the season and the third brought back for a touchdown this season. The Gamecocks are ranked No. 6 in the nation and tied for first in the Southeastern Conference with seven picks now. The interception here was much needed for the Gamecocks. Troy was driving close to the end zone just before halftime. Spaulding’s 74-yard interception return was the Gamecocks longest for the season.

QB Luke Doty: Doty’s numbers were up s the Gamecock sophomore quarterback completed 20 of his 34 passes for 255 yards, one touchdown and no interceptions. Doty finished the Troy game with his highest number of completions, attempts and passing yards in a single game, solidifying himself as the Gamecocks' leader under center for 2021.

The tight ends showed more involvement: Doty throwing to the tight ends against Troy. E.J. Jenkins caught the Gamecocks’ first touchdown of Saturday, and three tight ends  Jenkins, Jaheim Bell and Nick Muse  combined for 11 total targets and six catches for 96 yards and a touchdown. It was a nice time to use those tight ends. Seeing the tight end action was four-star class 2022 tight end prospect Oscar Delp soaking it in. Can only help in his recruiting. 

Gamecock Negatives:

Missed opportunities: The Gamecocks offense was once again given chances after chance to capitalize on long drives and favorable field position, but again twice was unable to turn big opportunities into touchdowns. The Gamecocks in there first drive made it all the way down to the Troy 5-yard line before stalling out  and having to settle  for an early field goal. In the third quarter, The Gamecocks were able to block a Troy punt to set up at the Trojans 23-yard line, but a 7-yard sack saw the drive go for negative yardage. Parker White made his 48-yard field goal attempt  but both drives had 14-point potential Gamecocks had to settle for 2 field goals instead.

Third-down conversions: Once again, the Gamecocks failed to convert on a majority of their attempts on third down, converting 4-of-13 for 30.8%,  last week’s was 3-of-12 for 25% on third down. little better put needs improvement. The Gamecocks had a average of 9.9 yards to go on third down and was 1-of-4 on attempts of third-and-9 or more yards.

Penalties: This season so far the Yellow flags have been piling up on the field, this does not  bode well for the Gamecocks’ offense. Targeting call on defensive back R.J. Roderick saw the senior safety ejected in the third quarter. Roderick will now have to miss the first half of the Tennessee game because of the targeting penalty. Two Gamecocks, C Eric Douglas and CB Marcellas Dial, were called for personal foul penalties against Troy, and DL Zacch Pickens was called for a 15-yard roughing the passer penalty. The Gamecocks finished the game with 10 penalties that pushed them back 93 yards.

Classic here, hold on to the ball to the end: 62-yard touchdown return, a video review, an overturned call and a touchback took up. Speechless here, anyhow how it went. Slamming into Powell, Foster jarred the ball loose. Outside linebacker Damani Staley scooped up the sputtering football and began to scamper toward midfield. Staley dodged one tackler. Two more piled onto his back. He stumbled toward the ground. The ball came free then Brown  was gone. Not just gone. He was off to the races and then some. Brown neared the goal line, flipped the ball up into the air and looped in an L-shape off the “O” in “Gamecocks” emblazoned on the turf in the south end zone as he ran back toward the South Carolina sideline. Then the whistle and subsequent call for a video review here. Plyers need to read and understand here the impacted. Let's pull out the rule book. The line in the NCAA rule book is technically titled Section 2 Article 1.a. It reads that a touchdown is scored when, “A ball carrier advancing from the field of play has possession of a live ball when it penetrates the plane of the opponents goal line.” Brown, though, never penetrated the goal line. Instead, he dropped the ball before crossing the plane and it rolled into, then out of, the end zone. Celebrating a little to early here causing  s turn over  by giving Troy possession on a touch back. Lesson learned we hope.


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