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Did the Gamecocks take a step forward or one step back after the very disappointing loss to Florida?

Did the Gamecocks take a step forward or one step back after the very disappointing loss to Florida?

By Henry Fusco

November 12, 2018

Gamecock will go bowling should be 6-4 going into the Clemson game. But really Clemson game will be the last chance for the Gamecocks have to but a positive spin on the season by beating Clemson. Which in itself will be like David and Goliath. David did take down Goliath. Gamecocks will need help just like David did. The Gamecocks will need help in ways like turnovers by the Tigers, off night by Clemson's mighty defense and there very potent offense. Gamecocks defense will have to show up, something they have not shown the past three years. Bently must play lights out, the running game will have to play a crucial part in time procession and the receivers catching in the clutch. Will take a perfect game by the Gamecocks and that still might not be enough. Clemson is that good. I figure Gamecocks will be double-digit underdogs. It could be a very ugly game. I could see Clemson beating Gamecocks by 27 plus. The game is at Death Vallery and they are playing for a natty. In closing a 7-5 season really is a step back. and with the 2019 slate looking even tougher with Alabama, Clemson, and Georgia looming for the 2019 season. All three are contenders to win the natty this year and next season as well. That means Gamecocks 2019 season could be more of the same maybe even worse win-wise.

I still feel strongly good about Coach Muschamp and is staff. Top to bottom the staff is solid X and O plus they can recruit with the best. With Alabama, Clemson, and Georgia getting the cream of the crop of players makes it much harder for Muschamp and staff to be more successful. Other words they need help and sadly it is up to the staff to get the players to compete with the teams on the Gamecock schedule. Gamecocks need to beat one or two of the top teams on their schedule, somehow the staff has to be able to get the players to play at a higher level to have a chance for a breakout game. Just one win over any of the three  Alabama, Clemson, and Georgia would boost the program help in turning the table in recruiting. Gamecocks have to win more battles with top recruits, give them a reason to come here compete for SEC division titles, SEC championship titles and to play in the playoffs, goals that can be reachable. But will take hard work from all. Need to lay the foundation need to be the A&M'S, Kentucky and keep on beating Tennessee and not losing ground to Florida. 

This season fans will have to settle for 7-5 and a low bowl along with a recruiting class closing out around 17 to 19 in the rankings. Not bad just not good enough to get where the fans can see championship play on the field of play. Good news talent is on the way in the 2019 class and will help in that direction, even better is the red-hot start they have for the 2020 class. Gamecocks are in on a lot of talented player for 2020. They have a chance to get a few 5-star players which are much needed. Yes, we are coming out of the tunnel and the Gamecocks will see daylight. It will just take time to get a solid base of talent that will compete with the top teams on the Gamecocks schedule year in year out.

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