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Counting down to Gameday 2021  Week 9

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Coach Beamer's Tuesday presser "with videos, quotes & with selected players

Coach Beamer's Tuesday presser "with videos, quotes & with selected players

Oct. 12, 2021

Beamer:  "Excited to be back at home for "Homecoming".  I hope our fan base appreciates the effort of our players and how hard they are playing.  No better way to show that than being in that stadium on Saturday."

Beamer: Stresses to Gamecock fans that if you have tickets but aren't going to be able to attend the game, please donate them.  "It would be a real shame if we don't have an amazing atmosphere on Saturday."

Beamer:  He has a great deal of respect for Vandy head coach Clark Lea.  "His stamp on that program is very evident.  The length that they have on their defense, and their size, will be a problem."

Beamer: Vandy rushed for 247 yards versus Stanford earlier this year.  USC's defense is allowing 159 yards per contest on the ground.

Beamer on progress of the offense: "We're close.  Nobody is happy with 3-3 and nobody's happy statistically with where we are at this point.  Is it good enough, no.  I've seen progress.  We did a lot of really good things on Saturday, just not in the first quarter."

Beamer: Last week's practice in preparation for the Tennessee game was as good as they've had.  "We had more of a sense of urgency than we've ever had.  It's head scratching the way we played in the first quarter."

Beamer: Keeping the players shielded from the 'outside noise'.  "We know what we have, we know what we've been through, and that's what matters to us.  You want to play in the SEC where you have that kind of attention.  When you lose in this league, things are magnified."

Beamer:  "I'll be damned if I'm going to let one quarter at Tennessee define what the rest of the season will be."

Beamer on offense: "My confidence hasn't taken a hit.  The same group that I was confident about going into the season, is the same group that is out there now.  I just see those guys get better and improve at practice."

Beamer: On win streak versus Vandy and not letting his team be over-confident "I remember going up to Chapel Hill the week before and we beat a good UNC team and then came back here & lost to Vanderbilt at home (2007).  There's great healthy respect for every opponent we play."




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