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Gamecock still in search for a point guard

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Gamecock still in search for a point guard

Jan. 13, 2020, | GCF Staff Report

The Gamecocks could have a new player handling the bulk of its point guard minutes Wednesday against No. 10 Kentucky and it’s mostly because Jermaine Couisnard represents to Frank Martin everything that position’s been lacking this season. Marin said. “Personality, fearlessness, aggression.” 

The Gamecocks now are 8-7, 0-2 SEC have started both Jair Bolden and A.J. Lawson at point guard in 2019-20, producing a few highs, but some very recent lows. Next up could be Couisnard, a 6-foot-4, 211-pounder from outside Chicago who might not fit the ideal profile for a point guard, but he’s got the intangibles to potentially give the team a boost from that position.

Martin on Monday compared Couisnard’s approach to what Sindarius Thornwell gave the Gamecocks as a freshman.  Martin said the following. “He’s a guy that when he’s played point it’s to go get a shot, not run a team. But he’s probably got the best understanding of what I want and the loudest voice and the most aggressive game of all our guards. “So that option’s on the table right now.”

The Gamecocks are on a three-game losing streak and in dire need of a spark. Couisnard, who missed the middle game of the skid (Florida) with a back strain, returned against Tennessee and scored 15 points, 11 more than Bolden and Lawson combined. Carolina’s sixth man  for now  leads the team in assists (2.6) and is fourth in scoring (9.0). Redshirt freshman guard T.J. Moss. “He can bring more aggression at (point guard), he’s a pretty strong guy. He got downhill a lot against Tennessee.”

That was by design as Martin wanted Couisnard to take advantage of his defensive matchup against Charleston native and former five-star recruit  Josiah-Jordan James.  Couisnard said.  “(Martin) saw that I was attacking the rim, and then he just drew up stuff for me to keep attacking the rim because they didn’t want to foul.” Couisnard finished with a career-high 17 field goal attempts.

 Martin closed it out by saying. “Jermaine’s not running away from a single challenge. He’s not. And I’m not saying that the other guys run away from it. I just need them to be more aggressive at running to the challenge rather than standing there and hoping somebody else does. If guys were running away from it, we wouldn’t be that close. We wouldn’t have done some of the good that we’ve already done this year. “But we got too many guys standing around, hoping somebody else does it. And Jermaine doesn’t care. Jermaine’s like, ‘Where are we going? There? Come on, let’s go.’ And whatever’s coming, coming, and he’s ready to deal with it.”

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Ace fixes the team.....

Couisnard is not a Point Guard, neither is Lawson. Or, for that matter, Bolden or Moss. None are quick enough, or strong enough, with the dribble.

The answer is Hannibal. He is strong, both physically and with the dribble. Also quick and with major hops. He will make mistakes, but he brings another dimension with his ability to get to the rim and his pure athleticism. We have to have a player like Hannibal at PG against SEC teams. He has impressed in (very) short stints against UF and UT.

Start Hannibal at PG, Couisnard and Shaw at Wing, Bryant at Forward and Kotsar at Center. Bolden is the back-up at PG - he makes a nice change of pace with his size, esp. when we go zone - Minaya and Moss back-up at Wing (Moss can switch out with Bolden at PG/Wing at times), Frink and McCreary back up Bryant, Leveque (and Frink at times) back up Kotsar. 

Couisnard has played well, Minaya has not, at least on Offense. You have to be able to make shots and Couisnard has, Minaya has not. Lawson is not a PG and his Offense disappears when he has to be the primary ballhandler - he is better getting his shot off the ball.

Frank, you can thank me for straightening things out just by winning some games. You're welcome!

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