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Counting down to Gameday 2021  Week 8

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The countdown has finished!



Community Guidelines

List Of Community Guidelines For Gamecockfanatics.com

Gamecockfanatics.com Community Guidelines 

Gamecockfanatics.com Community Guidelines 

The guidelines provided are to ensure that everyone within the community has an enjoyable experience.

Respect Others

Be a good citizen. Interact, connect, and treat others with respect. Stay on topic. Keep your content relevant and moderate it correctly. If you don't follow these rules, we may ban take action, which could include warnings, suspension, or ban you permanently.

Things To Do

Be respectful. We're a diverse community of many types of people, with different beliefs, opinions, sensitivities, and comfort levels. Please be polite and respectful in your interactions with other members,  consider your audience when posting publicly, and moderate your content where appropriate. Be a good citizen. You can help shape your online community. Contribute thoughtful content, report abusive content if you see it, and encourage rich, fulfilling engagement and interactions with others. 

Moderate your content. Ensure that what you post or upload is appropriate for the context and community where you're participating and the service you are using. If you're unsure whether the content is appropriate or consistent with the Community Guidelines. Share. Encourage broad discussions and contribute original content and thoughts to your community. Chances are someone could benefit from your knowledge, opinions, or personal experiences.

Things Not To Do
Don't use hate speech. Hate speech directly attacks a person or group on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, disability, disease, age, sexual orientation, gender, or gender identity. As noted above, we're a diverse community of many types of people, with different beliefs, opinions, sensitivities, and comfort levels. Please be respectful and keep hateful and incendiary comments off the site. Read these tips for confronting hate speech from the Anti-Defamation League. Don't bully or harass members of the community. This not a place to harass, bully, shame, impersonate or intimidate others.

Don't forget the children and teens. Remember that children and teenagers are a part of the community, too. If you would hesitate to show what you're about to post to a child, your parent, or a stranger on the street, you probably shouldn't post it on here at Gamecockfanatics. Think before you post and moderate accordingly. Don't be obscene. Sexually explicit and vulgar language and images are not welcome.

Don't behave maliciously. Members of this communities are not above the law, and they must conduct themselves consistent with our Community Guidelines. Don't attempt to defraud, impersonate, threaten, harass or harm another user. Don't invade another user's privacy or spam another user or the community. Don't try to trick people into sharing their personal information, steal anything or break into places you shouldn't be. Don't upload viruses or malicious code or post links to sites that contain such things or that interfere with the operation.

Special Guidelines For General Chat

Gamecockfanatics.com will NOT tolerate HATE speech of any kind on this Site.  This includes but is not limited too Racism (black, white, other), Religious (includes Christianity or other) .   Personal attacks against anyone that includes cursing or attributing foul language as an attribute of that person.  A person is any member and any general public (political or other) person.

An incident of the above noted type Posts will result in the Post being deleted.  Banning will be implemented at the discretion of the Moderator based on the severity of the infraction. Any Banning is always subject to review by the Administrator/Owner.

Reminder on profanity ...

Not allowed and no your place on this board. Your post will be deleted and it's egregious enough, you'll be warned and if you do it again you will be blacklisted from posting for a few days.

Thank You
Gamecockfanatic Staff


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