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  2. Former Gamecock running back was inducted into the USC Athletics Hall of Fame. View the full article
  3. Of all the times MC accused Obama of running a shadow government, It's been Guilliani running a shawdow state department all this time. my my.
  4. Well, my wife bought a new toaster/convection oven. I was messing around with the functions and it looks like it gets up to about 500 deg, and has a broiler function. I am going to have to try and cook some steaks in it. I figure a few 2 inch thick rib-eyes, pan sear in a skillet then into a hot pan at 500 deg, with some butter and cook em that way for 5-6 min.
  5. Not a chance. Dabo and the taters are media darlings.
  6. Some of his interviews can actually be pretty good, I can't stand the idiot callers that think they are god's gift to radio, even worse is when they get in arguments with each other via a call in show. Grown ass men getting their feelings hurt over the radio, it's just sad. I will say, I have been catching the Clay Travis show, its actually pretty good.
  7. (a) I admire Gabbard's criticism of US foreign policy in the mideast. We've squandered enough blood and treasure there. Calling HRC a "warmonger" was dead-on - there's a cottage industry of think-tankers in D.C. that rotate into the government and seem to always see the use of force as the answer in Pan-Arabia. Clinton is one of them, and it always seems to bite America on the ass. (b) Saying Gabbard is being "groomed" is asinine - it implies Putin and her have some type of mentor-protege relationship. Please go away. (c) That being said, of course the Russian propaganda machine would push a Gabbard 3rd-party run as hard as they could on social media, their news channels, whatever. They did the same thing with Jill Stein last election. Because a challenger from the left will suck away votes from the Democratic candidate, which increases the probability for victory of the actual known Russian asset - one Donald Trump.
  8. I'm honestly a little bummed because I really like Timberlake's versatility and potential.
  9. If there is rain, perhaps the passing games for both teams will be muted somewhat, placing more emphasis on the ground games. If that is the case, I think we will get a slight advantage there, as our rushing offense has been the better of the two, and our OL IMO is the better of the two as well. It may also more balance whatever passing offense there is between the teams, should Hilinski still have mobility issues, or we have to go to Joyner more substantially....
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  11. Even poor little Ugga is speaking his mind. If the First Dawg says it, it must be true.
  12. With Benson's commitment, we're obviously moving on from Timberlake.....
  13. Solid get, and it addresses our need for post players post-Kotsar and Henry. Now let's focus on having a great 2019-20 season!!
  14. A solid get for Coach Martin and staff - it further addresses our needs in the post for 2020-21, along with Iriel. I agree with GeoCocky about player attrition, but a lot of the more recent ones were during span after the program lost a number of players due to off-court legal issues, and had to replace them quickly with transfers, JUCOs, and others the staff hadn't had a lot of time evaluating. So hopefully the staff has been able to evaluate Benson well - he's pretty much in our backyard, so it shouldn't have been too difficult for them to monitor Benson's development. But the staff also has a better- than decent track record of developing players who actually choose to stay in the program, so hopefully Ja'Von will be another one in 2-3 years......
  15. I always felt the wet field made footing touch. I think a good QB will be able to deliver the ball and the receivers will get some yards.
  16. This is nasty! Don't mess with Tulsi! Hillary Clinton appears to suggest Russians are 'grooming' Tulsi Gabbard for third-party run https://www.cnn.com/2019/10/18/politics/hillary-clinton-tulsi-gabbard/index.html
  17. Clemson pretending they’re original
  18. I hope Ryan plays well in the rain. Both D's will be successful against the run on a wet field. Hard to keep traction but that may apply both ways. If Ryan can tune in some receivers, we can blow the gators out because our receivers will be moving good and hopefully putting on some moves.
  19. I really like our chances against the gators. Vegas cannot quantify many of the factors in the college game as evidenced by us being 24+ point underdogs to uga. If our defense has found it's identity and plays to it's potential, I see another low scoring victory in the rain at Williams-Brice. Go Cocks!
  20. Ja'Von Benson will play for Frank Martin and the Gamecocks View the full article
  21. Florida has a pretty good running WB of their own. I am not sold on the rain being to our benefit. Lots of mistakes happen with bad conditions.
  22. Highlights and scores from area high school football games. View the full article
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