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  2. Ok....does being audited mean he's guilty?
  3. LOL. You either didn't read the NYT article or don't know what you're talking about. Likely both. It says that trump PAID, as in transferred to the US Treasury, $1 mill in 2016 and $4.2 mill in 2017. Not also that most of the overpayment was rolled forward, not refunded. The $750 figure is just an ADDITIONAL $750.
  4. And he's still being audited?
  5. Could you do me a favor and please explain...in detail...why that would be the case and how that would work...and could you toss in the 'he'd just have to sell the buildings' part while you're at it? Thank you in advance!
  6. Of course you didn't mention trump's shady loans, but that is the "loophole" in this situation. Trump doesn't pay taxes because he loses so much money, millions and millions in losses. He's able to maintain his billionaire lifestyle because he borrows a billion dollars. Bill Gates makes a billion a year, he doesn't borrow it! That's why he pays a hell of a lot in more in taxes than $750!
  7. Not sure why not having any loans with a US bank is a big deal. Sounds like you're just making a mountain out of a not-an-issue. Has he tried to get a loan from a US bank? Did he get the loans while he was president? No? Then your logic is flawed. You must be confused...we're talking about the Trumps....not the Clintons.
  8. No - he paid $750 total - for the year that he ran for president and his first year as president. It is freaking embarrassing that you do not understand how to read and comprehend. That is not the total for the Trump Organization, just what he made personally off the business. The Trump Organization does pay things like sales taxes - but not corporate taxes on earnings. Because, after expenses and deductions, there was none.
  9. LOL. You're showing your ass again. Elena Kagan had never even served as a judge before being nominated. I figure this all has to do with your deeply rooted misogyny.
  10. I never mentioned loans just taking advantage of loopholes. Go burn another one.
  11. Bill Gates doesn't have a billion dollars in loans LOL, I can assure you that. You trump guys are hilarious
  12. He has not been able to get a loan from US banks for many, many years - his loans are with Russian money-laundering Deutsche Bank - which are under scrutiny from many sources, including Deutsche Bank itself. Their willingness to extend the loans will drop if Trump is no longer president. And if he has been doing what everyone has said - inflating values for loan purposes and deflating values for tax purposes - he is about to get screwed by both the IRS and the lenders. Well, not screwed by them - he has screwed himself.
  13. They can't help themselves. Dude is a college professor at BU and writes for The Atlantic. Shameful.
  14. 1) I was referring to the headline, which said "tax avoidance" like there's something bad. You should really read the quote I was responding to before formulating a response. It'll make you look like less of an ass. 2) I think your tin foil hat is a little tight there, crazy person.
  15. If you can refute these facts do so. Put up or STFU.
  16. That's shady AF and you know it. Also "legally entitled" doesn't mean they were allowed to distribute it to the media. Where's the corruption by the way? Glad to hear you don't care about thousands of tax returns being leaked, because politics.
  17. This is exactly why democrats wanted this out there, because they know the general public does not really ever get to view how the wealthy take advantage of tax codes. Don't think for a minute that their hero Bill Gates does not do the same or Nancy Pilosi and her husband. They knew the exact effect and that is what they were going for. If there is nothing criminal, which I would assume the IRS would have gone after him if there was, then this is a big nothing burger other than it sheds light on the tax laws needing to be greatly simplified, which many have pushed for, but nobody in Washington will actually vote for because they all benefit by using the loopholes themselves.
  18. 1. He is still under audit - he may very well have committed tax fraud. 2. He cannot go to jail as long as he is President. If he gets voted out, Riker's Island - here we come! Not just for this - there is a loooooooooong list.
  19. I was pleased with Hill's performance. He is accurate and has zip on his passes. I think White, Harris and Fenwick will make a serviceable backfield, more so than I had hoped. I think some of the biggest weaknesses on display (play along both lines and safety run support) are fixable this season with coaching (OL/safety play) and personnel swaps (DL). The offensive game plan looked far more cohesive than at any other time during Muschamp's tenure, and we actually made worthwhile adjustments on the fly, something that was lacking during McClendon's tenure. The way things ended was obviously gut-wrenching/angering, but this was a better first-game performance than I have seen from us in a couple of years.
  20. No, I comprehended it. The inherent lack of logic is what I find incomprehensible. You're trying to determine when exactly I learned what Bahrain does. You want to know if I knew about it before meeting someone from there. What exactly does that prove again? That's absolutely 100% moving the goal posts. First you claimed I didn't know anything about it before this accord, and then you seem to want to attack me for learning about it as a sophomore in college? Who hurt you? What'd Obama do to earn his peace prize in those 9 months between when he was elected POTUS and won it? Please, do tell. And LOL at reaching out to the Muslim world. Trump's done more than that, and you attack it as "no big deal". Obama does hold the record for most children droned by a Nobel Peace Prize Award Winner though...thanks for bringing that up. Also, what is this "Palestine" you speak of? I don't believe that's a country, buddy.
  21. The New York Times said they got the information from someone legally entitled to have it. Why do you MAGAs not give a shit about actual crimes - just the person that turns the crooks in? The ones that are doing the public service by revealing corruption? Or does that violate the MAGA code of Omerta - you know, the same code of silence that the Mafia uses?
  22. The Libs get more looney and unhinged with each passing day. lol https://www.dailywire.com/news/anti-racist-author-claims-white-colonizer-amy-coney-barrett-adopted-children-to-shield-herself-from-accusations-of-racism
  23. hahaha, always a tweet with this guy too
  24. That's exactly what you should do. Don't call the bank though, go down there in person and ask for it.
  25. He is still under audit - that is true. What is false is him saying that he cannot release his returns while he is under audit - his own IRS chief says he can. I need to remind you that the last 2,337 times that you and your rightwing buds said that something was false, it was subsequently proven to be true. And the numbers are similar when you say that the "libtards - Dims" have done something wrong or similarly illegal (like Trump) - and it was proved to be false. It is just your boy that is stealing America blind. Rush is now blaming Trump's tax fraud on Biden - saying that Trump was just using the holes in the tax code that Biden voted for. Nevermind that the biggest tax cut occurred under Trump - the same "rich get richer" tax cut that Trump pushed. Last I looked, Biden was not even in government when it passed.
  26. Locked up? What kinda country do you want to live in.
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