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  2. Oh hell yah. It’s the best thing Netflix has produced in years. But anyone coulda made a great show about that guy. He is pure gold
  3. Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence & his girlfriend have announced a new fundraising effort for those affected by the coronavirus. View the full article
  4. I tried watching the first episode but didn’t make it all the way. Is it worth another go?
  5. yeah we got a pandemic killing us by the thousands and a reality tv star for a president who is just winging it without a clue. so we might all die. But at least we have that Tiger King show on Netflix to watch as it all falls apart. That show is pure gold
  6. Mark Snelgrove won a state championship at Midland Valley before spending the last four seasons at Chapin. View the full article
  7. I never said Biden was innocent. In fact, I believe the accuser and I have that. But you keep throwing out investigation and hearings - by who? For what? There are no charges. There is no crime that can be prosecuted due to the statute of limitations, and even then it cannot be proved - it is a "he said, she said" situation. He is not a government employee now. Why prosecute this one particular Senator for something that happened 23 years ago - when plenty of other Senators have done worse, and more recently? I get it , you want hearings and investigations because you are afraid the man is going to beat Trump. But there has to be a reason and a process for them, There is not.
  8. Obama was President for the 2009 Swine Flu, the same H1N1 flu that was the cause of the 1918 pandemic. He was still in office for the Ebola virus outbreak in 2014. He took both seriously and never claimed that either was an overblown hoax that would just go away in a few days. Following the Ebola scare, he set up a separate unit within the NSC just to address outbreaks so that we would be better prepared in the future. That was the same unit that Trump downsized and combined into a group with two other units in 2018. That does not mean that all Democrats would handle it better than all Republicans. But the last Democratic President did better than the current Republican President.
  9. @carolina_corpsmanwhere do you work? I'm gonna send you a pizza. For those of us still earning an income.... https://www.msn.com/en-us/foodanddrink/foodnews/this-app-lets-you-send-pizza-to-health-care-workers-while-theyre-on-the-job/ar-BB11OpHc?li=BBnb7Kz This app lets you send pizza to health care workers while they're on the job There's a new way to show some appreciation for health care workers on the front lines battling the coronavirus outbreak while simultaneously supporting local pizzerias.Pizza delivery app Slice has partnered with Slice Out Hunger and Pizza to the Polls to create a new campaign that the groups are calling Pizza vs. Pandemic. It allows thankful citizens to feed the tireless workers who are putting themselves at risk everyday by sending them some love in the form of cheesy goodness.In less than a week, the campaign has sent over 1,600 pizzas to hungry doctors, nurses and other hospital staff members.Scott Wiener, the founder of Slice Out Hunger spoke to TODAY Food and said that the collaboration between the three organizations happened quickly after he received a call from Ilir Sela, the founder and CEO of Slice. "Within a few hours we hashed everything out and had it up and running," Wiener said of the campaign. "It's 100% volunteer-run. I'm literally sitting here with a Google Sheet and our nonprofit credit card placing orders.Here's how it works. When people make a donation online, they can designate any hospital or medical care center nationwide to receive pizzas. The number of pies and specific toppings are determined by what the center requests. After people donate sufficient funds, Slice reaches out to its local network of pizza shops and places orders at restaurants best equipped to serve a medical center nearby. Many of the smaller eateries, which have been suffering due to mandated restaurant closures, are grateful for the influx of new business"Our team calls the center you choose to make sure they can receive outside food," Wiener said. "We can't just send pizza willy-nilly," he added, referring to the constraints the coronavirus crisis has placed on personal interactions. "Once the team has confirmation, they link up with a local pizzeria and the order is placed." "We are sending 20 to 50 pizzas at a time." Wiener told TODAY. Currently, a lot of pies are being sent in New York, which, as of Friday, had the most confirmed coronavirus cases in the U.S. However, the campaign has also sent quite a few pies to hospitals in Indiana, Arkansas and California.Wiener said he hopes the free food will make a difference in the lives of those working so tirelessly to save others."It’s so frustrating being separated from everything and only hearing bad news," he said. "With this concept, we’re able to concentrate on positivity and people helping other people."At first, Wiener did worry that the massive pizza deliveries would be an intrusion on workers' busy schedules. So far, however, he said the response from those receiving pies has been nothing but grateful.
  10. FoxNews hosts doing their shows from their home for safety, drunk, and telling people the media is making too much of this is my new favorite thing. https://www.usatoday.com/story/entertainment/tv/2020/03/29/fox-news-cites-technical-difficulties-jeanine-pirro-remote-show/2935677001/
  11. If Blitzy was put on a broken vent, he would thank his lord and savior Trump with his last breath.
  12. https://mobile.twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1244309931874017280 Thousands of Americans are dying and this fucking idiot is tweeting about his ratings
  13. You just do not get it. Read the damn Mueller report. Even the Senate committee - run by Republicans - agreed there was massive interference by the Russians. And they are going to do it again. So you - like Trump - believe Comrade Putin and not our intelligence services? I would really like to see your answer.
  14. Tacitly dude. Or else why do you worship a guy that is far from a Conservative? Do I need to point out - again - how Trump is far from being a Conservative? And if you have no response, that is tacit acceptance of what I said.
  15. You lost any little bit of credibility you had with that last ridiculous sentence. And you still don't get the wahtaboutism thingy going on.
  16. Congatulations and thank you for your service. What did I do for my country? I worked hard all my life, building a lot of the military and government buildings that people like you used, and paid taxes. If there was a war, I would have enlisted and served, just like my Dad - who got a purple heart at Okinawa in WW II. But if you want to lose the comrade label, stop using Communist propaganda and talking points. And I should point out that your President was elected with massive assistance from a Communist government. If the shoe fits....
  17. Yeah we know the drill. If a Democrat was in charge the death total would be maybe 6 and 4 of them would be because of something a Republican did. You're so cute.
  18. Just checking in... is the Nazi still making excuses for his god-hero trump? yup, looks like it — 2,400+ US deaths and counting. Probably pass 9/11 figures by lunch time tommorrow at this rate 😞😢
  19. How have I proven I'm not a conservative and where exactly did I admit it?
  20. I served the USA for 24 years in the Army. Tell me what you've done for this country before you run around throwing out the comrade label.
  21. If you are one who goes to bars or eats out often it might be worth putting your normal tip per drink in a jar then donating to the bartenders guild or local place. I was reading a movement that was suggesting for every drink you have at home instead of going out, take that tip that you would have given while out and donate it to the people who are out of work.
  22. What I don't get is how you and the boys greet each other. Is it "comrade"? Or do you just extend your hand out, palm down, and say "Heil Trump"! Help me out with that, will you?
  23. And you have proven that you are not a conservative - and tacitly admitted it. Or is that a "whataboutism", LOL?
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