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  2. For me I would like us to follow other schools and have a home and away set of uniforms, period. All you have to do is turn on your TV and certain schools are instantly recognized no matter their won/loss record. Just MHO
  3. Perhaps, but he has confidence in himself and that carries over to the rest of the team.
  4. Great post. A lot of our defensive yardage given up came explosive plays in the Vandy game. I have to think that Coach White is paying attention to stats like these.
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  6. Me too. I much more identify our team via the mascot name than through part of a shared state name - more unique.
  7. Yeah, they need to keep that uni combo the rest of the home games, particularly the night games. I like the GAMECOCKS on the front of the jerseys.
  8. I also had wondered what happened to the guys who left us. Great post, Feathered.
  9. This is interesting. I wondered about Hilinski. It's a shame he decided to leave. The transfer portal has really changed college football. I guess the jury is out on whether the good outweighs the bad. I think Beamer did a pretty good job using the portal to find some key players. One could argue that transfers are a safer way to go when acquiring players. They have college football experience which is a plus even if they are from smaller conferences and schools. We all remember the "can't miss" recruits both for the Cocks and other schools that never made an impact. Anyway, whether it is via the high schools or through the portal, recruiting is the key to winning now and has been for sometime. As someone one said " it ain't the Xs and Os; it's the Jimmies and Joes".
  10. did you see waht happened to Southwest (that is what I was referring to) as well as the change in ticketing policy for american airlines? Basically if they don't have enough staff for a flight (due to not be vaccinated etc) they will cancel the flight and issue a refund and leave you to fend for yourself as you try to rebook flights...would suck to get to Charlotte (or any hub) and then get stuck
  11. Wow, my first day back after being in Florida for the weekend just an awful scene at Tennessee the fans think they have an elite program not to mention they have not been relevant in about 15 years. I think they have an wake up call coming form the SEC or should have . With that said there is no place for drinking inside an college stadium the SEC has to take so blame here they should have an system in place for all of the schools to go by. This could have been far worse than it was there is no place for this in college football and the University of Tennessee should be placed on probation by the SEC , for not having an better system in place. The SEC should ban all drinking in college stadiums. You can place all the blame on the refs for the call they made but hey they didn't throw trash on the field. I feel it's an honor to go watch sports in this country not an right. The fans need to remember it's only an college football game anything can happen with 18 to 22 year old kids. I feel this just shows how bad Tennessee fans really are which I have been saying for an lot of time now.
  12. I haven't but am looking forward to it, for sure. Loved Skyfall, maybe my favorite Bond film.
  13. Lol - random magazine subs? Nope.
  14. Every day reader, first time posting... When you played football…fill in the blank 1-4 1. What was the accountability for penalties you caused? a. We (Individually) had to run once around the football field for each yard of penalty we caused when practice started. b. If we had more than 1 penalty we had to sit until coach decided it was time to give us another try. 2. How were you coached when making mistakes? a. When missing blocks or assignments it was often met with a grab of the facemask by the coach on the sideline with a personal one on one helmet conversation on why we weren’t playing as coached. b. I realize it is a different level, but our coach called a “Time Out” out of pure disgust just to administer corrections in an eloquent spit fueled face mask discussion. (Seemed very effective) 3. Did you celebrate wins over what coached deemed lesser opponents? a. If we played poorly, practices were always, and I mean always, much much more difficult. b. We weren’t allowed to celebrate poor performances when he knew we were the better team. c. Don’t embarrass the coach! 4. Did you fear tough conversations with coach? a. We tried to play our assignments to avoid those! Coach did celebrate our good plays with us but the bad stuff was corrected quickly, he wasn’t a cheerleader, he was a football coach. What were your experiences?
  15. Hello GCFan, Welcome to Gamecock Fanatics. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. GCFan joined on the 10/19/2021. View Member
  16. Is Lane Kiffin really the front runner to go to LSU? Didn;t he learn from jumping ship in the middle of the night already?
  17. Doty just simply isn’t the best option at QB. He was when Zeb was hurt. He has one ugly win against Troy to show for 8 career games where he played the majority of the snaps. Right now Zeb gives us the best chance to win now. We need wins now to help with recruiting. I saw us at 4 wins in the preseason. We could get 5-6 if we stick with Zeb. Doty and it’s 4-8 guaranteed. It still may happen with Zeb, but the team plays much better with him under center. Gamecocks need to hit the portal hard and get an SEC QB. Hopefully, 4 star commit Braden Davis can learn enough to gain important playing time. Just got to get an SEC QB here. like fast, like yesterday not fast enough.
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  19. I guess he was never able to beat out the backers we had before and after him.
  20. Really don't know what to expect, just hope we don't get totally whipped to put it politely. Hope Zeb can have success.
  21. Hope we can keep this to a minimum. Need positive from here on out with as many players getting time as possible.
  22. About 6 months ago I get home from work and I ask Mrs B what we got in the mail and she says mostly junk but you got a magazine. Huh? A magazine? What magazine? She points to it and I pick it up and it's "Food and Wine" magazine. Huh? I look at her waiting for the punch line and I can tell by the look on her face that she's as mystified as I am. I certainly didn't subscribe to it and she didn't so how did I get it? I mean it's got my name on the shipping label, not a generic Occupant label. I certainly haven't bought any wine in prolly decades. I don't drink liquor, I don't go to Green's or Morganelli's or any place that. I chalk it up as a one time delivery promotional type thing. Six months later and I'm still getting it every month but the clincher came Saturday when another magazine arrived but this time it was addressed to Mrs B. The magazine was "Cigar Aficionado." WTH??????????????????
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