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  2. Thank you! I am looking around now. Happy to be here😊
  3. https://www.pupperish.com/dennis-quaid-cat?utm_source=catsparadise&utm_medium=catsparadise&utm_campaign=catsparadise
  4. Hello Sassy, Welcome to Gamecock Fanatics. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. Sassy joined on the 08/02/2021. View Member
  5. Traffic is one of those mega-unappreciated bands, IMO.
  6. I'm blown away! Those are just incredible.
  7. FSU isn't much better than Wake Forrest right now (low viewership) and the Taters would be looking at 2-3 losses/year easily if they came into the SEC. Does anyone think Clemson consulted Reverend Ostarine on this matter?
  8. Why, yes, of course they have had an original idea. Remember this one?
  9. I believe the players sense they are being coached by a better staff this year. Coach White seems more of a do'er than a talker who is probably not inclined to Tweet that much, if at all. He strikes me as someone who would be more concerned with proving it on game day and I think that's a good thing. People want to get back out in the fresh air at W-B anyway for the obvious reasons. The electricity at home will return if the team is consistently competitive. Shane and his staff all strike me as fast-learners plus they have already learned to work together on some of the of
  10. https://pittsburghsportsnow.com/2021/08/02/clemson-florida-state-sec/
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  12. It is mind boggling to watch CWM those last 2 years. He was all words no action. I am glad he is no longer part of our program. Looking forward to the CSB era in a month!
  13. Very interesting read. I do think he has checked all the boxes so far in the spring, recruiting hard and now preseason. Let's see what happens on game day. I think I will feel the same way after watching him coach.
  14. One of things I love about my job (I work in PR and comms for a university after 20+ years as a journalist) is that I get to write long-form stories for the university magazine, which is also produced by our office. For the summer issue, I wrote a piece about a project in which local vets, both on and off campus, contribute stories each year to a journal called Stories Deployed as a way of processing the stress, pain, or sorrow they may have encountered during their service. The latest Stories Deployed has remembrances from Vietnam all the way through recently returned vets from Afghanistan. A
  15. Concur. He's gotten things done so far. Coaching and managing the team shouldn't be a challenge for him. He's seen first hand how his dad managed his VT teams successfully for so many years.
  16. I think while school is out the answer is "not yet" - the fear is what will happen when they gather again, unvaxxed and unmasked. But the Delta variant is, without question, hitting younger people harder than the original strain.
  17. Are they seeing a large increase in the percentage of kids under 12 with Covid? I have not looked for data, just asking?
  18. In other words, it’s all just talk until the shootin’ (or gameplay) starts? You’re right. Talkin’ season is what it is … but I have to say he’s checked all the boxes so far.
  19. A little diversion here. Here's how a true artist/craftsman creates 3-D art with a cheap plastic model. The new way of building a ship in a bottle. Jacques Cousteau ain't this good. This is the kind of professional craftsman who worked for Lucasfilm and Industrial Light and Magic in the early days of Star Wars and other films.
  20. Of course, the flip-side to all the positivity among his staff now is that familiarity breeds contempt and everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face. I don't know if anyone remembers this from the spring, but Satt only has a two-year contract vice the rest of the staff having three-year deals. Maybe that's due to the financial situation with Muschamp at the time; who knows? Of course, Muschamp has 13.2M lump sum reasons not to care what me or anyone else thinks about him. We basically set him up for life as a reward for destroying our football program. We should hav
  21. Most of my avatars on other sites (even my Microsoft avatar at work) are a shot of Spaceman Spiff from C&H.
  22. Yep, a big fan of Berke Breathed and Gary Larson. I have most of their comic anthologies. I was also a big fan of Herman, back in the day. Dilbert is probably my current go to fave. Larson is now posting daily selections of his old stuff at https://www.thefarside.com/
  23. As someone who supported Muschamp, I am ashamed and quite honestly, it almost gives me a sick feeling in my stomach when I think about him. I really don't know how someone could be so out of touch or not care as much as he seemed not to care, especially in the last two seasons. I am so glad he is gone. It truly feels like new life. I also want to see true effort, and for the players to care, and not give up. I am hoping for a winning season, or at least .500, but I will be happy if we win the ones we should, and fight for everything in the ones we aren't supposed to win.
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