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 South Carolina Gamecocks  vs.  North Carolina Tarheels 

WELCOME TO GAMECOCKFANATICS!!!: "UPDATED 09/08/18" Betting, it is ready ENJOY, 5 back-ground images to choose from, Pokes, HI fives, Likes, Moods & Avatar Gallery added


Still, lot's to do and we are ready to do the job.

 Now up betting, it is ready to go. We now have 5 background images to choose from and Moods are up. "How to just click the smile and pick your mood same location as background pick" "How too? Very simple upper right top where you see your avatar shows that long box, just click the far right button and they will drop down and just click on the want you want for the board. We now have avatar gallery added link is located in profile.  "ENJOY!!"  Also HI fives, Likes have been added as well. Yes we now have Pokes.

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