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Outback Tweets

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SI had a few tweets they found about the Outback bowl up. They are fantastic:

Q: Is there an infinite plane? A: Theoretically, yes. Q: Can Connor Shaw run sideways on this plane? A: Yes.
— edsbs (@edsbs) January 1, 2013

A Michigan Man only requires 9.8 yards for a first down.
— Matt Hinton (@MattRHinton) January 1, 2013

First down.twitpic.com/brm6x4
— Chris Mottram (@ChrisMottram) January 1, 2013

Jesus Clowney Christ!
— Bunkie Perkins (@FOTProgram) January 1, 2013

Jadeveon Clowney: “Fixed that for you.”
— Alex Nobert (@alexnobert) January 1, 2013

If you believe in football gods balancing the scales, they just issued the angriest possible corrective in the Outback Bowl.
— Mobutu Sese Seko (@Mobute) January 1, 2013

Best part of that Clowney play was how far the RB’s helmet went flying. At least 5 yards. Helmet didn’t just fall off. It went AIRBORNE.
— Jimmy Traina (@JimmyTraina) January 1, 2013

I like the way Clowney just plucked the football up off the ground like, hey, this might be that guy’s spleen.
— @BarkingCarnival (@BarkingCarnival) January 1, 2013

I want an ESPN 30 for 30 that is only about that one Clowney play.
— thejuiceisgood (@thejuiceisgood) January 1, 2013

I think Clowney could pick me up by my head with one hand.
— Kaitlin (@kaitlinwithani) January 1, 2013

Jadeveon Clowney killed a man, then PALMED THE BALL. Holy GIF sbn.to/Vr0xH6
— Brian Floyd (@BrianMFloyd) January 1, 2013

Connor Shaw on 4th and 3 could mean literally anything. He might turn into a flowerpot mid-play.
— edsbs (@edsbs) January 1, 2013

Important: Connor Shaw is considered the toughest guy in his family, over a guy named Jaybo who ran the triple option.
— Steven Godfrey (@38Godfrey) January 1, 2013