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I don't care what the "pumpers" say. Dylan Thompson is NOT an SEC QB. His constant overthrows, throwing high, taking sacks, throwing off of his back foot, etc, etc are classic Freshman mistakes and not the mistakes of a 5th-Yr Senior. Why hasn't Spurrier given someone else a chance in a real game? Why? Nosovich? Mitch? Sometimes these guys coming off of the bench will surprise you. I mean, while at USC, Spurrier has not been able to recruit a very high profile QB other than Garcia and we see how he turned out. What baffles me is the fact that Spurrier is still running the same offense that Shaw ran even though Thompson is definitely not a dual threat QB..... I thought that as a coach, you adjusted your system to fit the strengths of your team and not the weaknesses.

Post Source: My honest take on the season and it's future.
Quote added by picknroll


No matter how you look at, he's pretty much middle of the road. He's not killing us, for sure. But he's far from what we were expecting. Still got 6 games to go though.

Link: http://www.garnetand...-gamecocks-2014

Post Source: Thorough analysis of Dylan's play thus far

I feel like I've recently read this exact post somewhere else recently. :P
Quote added by K.O.T.R.


Any updates about her status mate?

She has her good and bad days. Looks like she will be going to a rehab facility soon. She has a ways
to go before she will be able to come home unfortunately.
Thanks guys for your prayers and comments

Post Source: prayer request
Quote added by garnetspur


DE: Julian Obioha, Jr.
NG: Hardreck Walker, Soph. OR Zaycoven Henderson, Frosh.
DT: Alonzo Williams, Jr.
RUSH: Daeshon Hall, Soph.
SLB: Donnie Baggs, Sr.
MLB: Jordan Mastrogiovanni, Soph.
WLB: A.J. Hilliard, Soph.
CB: Victor Davis, Frosh.
CB: Deshazor Everette, Sr.
BS: Howard Matthews, Sr.
FS: Armani Watts, Frosh.

The thing of special note is at cornerback: They had a veteran starter at CB that will miss the next month or so with a urinary tract infection. He's out for our game, and in place will be a true freshman CB. Kinda evens things out there with all of our young CBs stepping up. Here's the story link for the starting CB out for our game:


Post Source: Texas A&M releases its first depth chart
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One of my favorite quotes

“I go back and look at that game and examine how did we physically play, and to be honest with you, if you just graded it out, we won in every phase of the game,” Swinney said. “We lost on the scoreboard. We outrushed them, outpassed them, outdefended them. We did everything. But you can’t win when you have that many turnovers.” Of course if you look at the box score there is evidence that he is clueless…

Box score of the game:

Haha we rushed for more yards and scored more points. IDIOT!

Post Source: Dabo spouting nonsense again
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So, are you 39 again?

Post Source: Happy Birthday garnetspur!

you got it..lol
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6-11 center Adonis Delarosa wins title then talks recruiting

March 09, 2014

247sports bio
Rivals bio

3 star 6-11 center Adonis Delarosa of New York helped lead his Christ the King High School team to the 2A Catholic League championship Sunday scoring 10 points and grabbing 15 rebounds.

After the game in an interview with SNY.tv, Delarosa said he remains wide open on his college decision. USC is one of his offers.
Delarosa also has offers from St. John’s, Fordham, Hofstra, Rutgers and Miami. He said he’s also considering Georgetown, Purdue, Florida State, Wichita State and others.

St. John’s head coach Steve Lavin and an assistant were at his game Sunday. USC coach Frank Martin has also been up to scout Delarosa.

The big man said he ‘ll start to take some official visits after his state tournament which begins March 21st.

Link: http://www.goupstate...ategory=psports

Post Source: 6-11 center Adonis Delarosa wins title then talks recruiting
Quote added by picknroll


Anyone else can't wait until the NFL defense breaks this punk in half?

nah, not me..I want him at the Vikings camp this summer :ok:

Post Source: Manziel: I want to be first rookie QB to win Super Bowl with Texans
Quote added by garnetspur


Unfortunately, you and I are never going to agree on this.

So you don't agree that if those coaches did this it was despicable and dishonorable? Because the way I see it I've not really given you anything else to disagree with.

I did not comment at all about the manner in which Carey brought this about. Personally I would never have done what he did, and I would not encourage anyone else to do so either.

And the scenario you gave.....it named me personally. Carey did not name them personally. But had he done so, he would have been sued by them for slander. He obviously has an ax to grind, and all he can hope for now is that his assertion gets picked up by other journalists and researched.

I don't know if the story is true or not, and I honestly don't really care at this point. I think most Gamecock fans don't either. It's just innuendo, and it happens a lot in today's media. Most people who use their brain are going to immediately realize that there is no proof of what he says, and they will also realize that in today's volatile social media sphere that anyone can assert anything about anybody, but that doesn't necessarily make it true.

But this also illustrates why I don't desire to be a public figure, because when you are, your life can very easily be put under a microscope by an opportunistic journalist (and this fact makes me dislike journalists in general).

If it were a bonafide verifiable story with quotable sources and proof, of course I would care what the coaches did. But it is NOT - it is mere innuendo so it has no credence with me and I wouldn't discuss it. And the scenario I gave - though it said you - it also plainly stated that it was a made up scenario and not true, but I did it deliberately because I wanted you to see first hand how it feels when you engage in innuendo, as we have discussed before over on your website when you were discussing roster players by name who you thought should have their scholarships revoked. Maybe now you can appreciate how those coaches, their wives, children, parents, etc, would feel about seeing their loved one slandered in public. Furthermore, as far as the Carey Rich statement is concerned, by NOT naming the specific individuals involved he casts suspicion on ALL the coaches on the former staff, so that is even worse. And as you yourself said, these are serious charges which could have career threatening implications. You might not care whether the story is true or not but I do. I care about innocent people who get slandered by irresponsible journalists and anonymous bloggers. I think it sucks that certain people don't care whether what they say hurts other people. I think we should all be accountable for our public statements and should take care to do no harm.

Post Source: Anybody hear Carey Rich on 560 AM this afternoon?
Quote added by picknroll


But they really play hard and compete! When he gets a lil more talent look out!

He recruited virtually every player on the team. What decent player wants to play basketball in Cola for Frank Martin? What's the incentive? I don't see it. I hope we keep Thornwell. He's too talented to play by himself.

To respond to BigSpur's comment, perhaps you're not aware of how competitive our university is in terms of facilities, academics, access to the beach, mountains, hot chicks, etc. Perhaps you should consider why other top tier coaches like Spurrier, Martin, Holbrook, and Staley would want to come here. This university is extremely attractive and now also a top tier competitor in all sports (only a matter of time in basketball, too) in the best sports conference. The better question is why wouldn't a star athlete want to come here?

Post Source: They're not very talented, very young
Quote added by picknroll


A "physical and desperate team" is how Coach Kennedy described us. We certainly need to continue playing with that sense of urgency going forward.

"That was the story of the game, really," Texas A&M coach Billy Kennedy said. "Their guards out-physicaled us and made plays at the rim that we didn't make."

And one angry A&M fan had this to say:

Hyman should of taken a page out of USC's AD Pat Hayden play book and met the plane at Easterwood Airport, pulled Kennedy off to the side and said "Your Fired", go home and take care of your health and family. Losing like they did to a team with no SEC wins ranks up there with Sherman's loss to Ark. State and Fran's 70 plus loss to OU. Men's BB is the worse sports program in all of A&M Athletics!!

Quote added by ShepCock


Makes me sick about Caldwell. I was really looking forward to seeing him in garnet and black

Post Source: VIP Zone Insider Tidbits - Jan. 28

Agreed. I didn't know much about him, sounded like a stud though..
Quote added by Superb Owl


We're losing almost our entire D-line and possibly both of our corners. The LB corps should be much improved, but that's not much consolation considering they were our weakest link this year. Any and all positive input would be appreciated, because I just don't see how we're not going to be much worse on D next year

JUMP! GO AHEAD AND JUMP! No, you're too chicken to jump. GO AHEAD - DO IT!

Post Source: Someone talk me off the ledge RE: next year's defense
Quote added by picknroll


"Lackluster performance from the student section the last few years?????????" Are we really hearing this????? Frank, you had me at hello.....until I read this.

Just win. That's the way to change the culture. Win and the fans will be behind you like you never dreamed. I hate to say it, but it sounds to me like you're trying to blame the fans for the sorry state of the team. You can't expect people to come out and watch the sorry product that this University has put on the floor this last decade or so. The fan support for that has been amazing - amazing that ANYBODY turned out. And if you can't put a winner on the floor, it doesn't matter what you call the student section.

So if you want my advice - and I know you do :D - just concentrate on winning basketball games and don't try to make the fans an excuse for losing.

I understand what you are saying in terms of putting a winning product on the floor attracts fans, but basketball players don't want to play for a crowd of 200 people. The guys we need to sell on being gamecocks see a lackluster fan base and aren't blown away by it making it a ho-hum experience and then make other visits and decide to go elsewhere.

Football recruits go to games and its an electrifying atmosphere that leaves them wowed. No football recruit is wowed going to duke or wake forest. Why would we expect basketball recruits to feel differently?

It's a chicken or the egg kind of thing, but I think Martin would be better served by setting aside issues like this one. The garnet army was really pretty popular and it would build into a nice tradition for us.

Post Source: Frank Martin lays to rest "Garnet Army" name
Quote added by picknroll


In an article at ESPN.com Davis is quoted "We're all looking at it as a statement game. Everyone's angry and we're looking to take it out on somebody. No one's chill. No one's laid back. No one's laughing about it."

Link: http://espn.go.com/c...mecocks-defense

Post Source: Quotes from Mike Davis about Vandy game
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He may be known as “The Freak” now thanks to ESPN, but this article reveals him as something else entirely: The Teammate.
“‘I believe in all those guys,’ Clowney said. ‘I talk to Chaz every day. I tell him that everybody’s going to be looking at me, but that this is his season. It’s the same thing with Kelcy.’”

What an awesome quote from a guy who has been the face of college football for the past 7 months. Even though he’s the odds-on favorite to be the #1 pick in the draft and a serious Heisman contender, he tells his teammates that it’s THEIR season. Great stuff.


Post Source: Great quote from Clowney
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Posted Image

“You can look at a guy and tell if he’s scared. If he’s staring at me before the ball is snapped, if he’s staring at me before every snap, I’m just like: 'Oh, we got him.' He is scared every time we play them,” Clowney said of Boyd. “I know he’s listening to this right now but I’m telling the truth.”

Post Source: Looks like Clowney did tell the truth.....
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Featheredcock the boss

13 Best Quotes from 2013 SEC Media Days

SEC Media Days came and went, reminding us that football is close, but still so far away. Six Saturdays stand between the end of the event and opening weekend, a far-too-long lull where far too little actually happens.

But media days do provide us with something to talk about in the interim. It serves us a nice little cocktail of quotes that help slake our thirst until real news starts breaking.

And in 2013, those cocktails were aplenty. (read on)

Post Source: 13 Best Quotes from 2013 SEC Media Days
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Steve Spurrier is known, in some circles, as the king of SEC media days. Batting clean-up on the event's first evening, he was every bit as good as advertised. (read on)

Post Source: SEC Media Days 2013: Quotes and Highlights of Steve Spurrier's Wild Presser
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Looking forward to kicking some more tater butt! GO COCKS!!!! :dancincocky: :gamecocks: :lol: :angrycocky: :cockybaseball:

Post Source: South Carolina To Host 2013 NCAA Baseball Regional
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