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 South Carolina Gamecocks  vs.  Clemson Tigers 


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  1. ConwayGamecock

    WR Keveon Mullins delays decision

    Mullins delays no longer!
  2. Excellent breakdown. As I have said before, this roster is a solid roster that will only get better as long as the players stay in the program. Coach Martin and staff have proven themselves to be great developers and teachers - the players that stayed their careers at USC under CFM (Carrera, Chatkevicius, Kacinas, Thornwell, Notice, McKie) and were healthy during them all developed and most became major contributors and leaders on the team. Carrera and Thornwell became all-conference players. Silva looks to be next in line this coming season. The big issue has been the large number of player attrition from the program, causing the staff to have to rebuild the roster many off-seasons, and depend on young players or transfers with little experience in playing in a Frank Martin system. At least this coming season we'll have some experience and continuity in Silva, Gravett, Kotsar, Minaya, Haase, Hinson, and Cudd to build the team around. The first 5 have been our starting units to tip off many games last season, so hopefully the season next season will start off more consistent and on the same page, while our opponents are figuring out their starting units, and we can get a jump on the OOC part of the schedule......
  3. ConwayGamecock

    AJ Lawson to announce commitment Tuesday

    Lawson chose the Gamecocks! Huge get for the program! I am liking this class more and more - we already have Minaya, Kotsar, and Haase for the next 2 years at least that provides solid depth, and adding this decent class with Moss, Cousinard, Frink, and Bryant of solid guards and wings continues to bring in athleticism and length into the program. There have been positive reviews about all these players, especially Frink and Bryant in recent months. Now we add Lawson to this class (he was originally a part of the 2019 class but was reportedly re-classified for 2018, so he comes in with this class for this coming season), and add to them PG graduate transfer Tre Campbell. It will be another young roster for the staff to develop, but as long as these players stay in the program, IMO we will have another strong team soon....
  4. ConwayGamecock

    AJ Lawson to announce commitment Tuesday

    Apparently his announcement will be made tonight around 7 pm.....
  5. ConwayGamecock

    DB Chris Steele reportedly makes decision

    Yes, ultimately it was no surprise at all, as Steele ended up staying home and committing to the home school, as opposed to moving all the way to the East Coast and choosing either Florida or South Carolina. The funny thing is there's some controversy with his commitment, as the Rivals SoCal reporter sort of let it out of the bag before Steele was ready for it to be made public, and did it without Steele's permission. I don't know what source the reporter had to go by, but he got quite the blacklash about it, and then posted an apology and explanation on the Rivals site, but did so only for subscribers, which inflamed the situation more than helped it. Haha, so a little bit of drama going on there.....
  6. The 5 Gamecocks who were drafted but yet to sign were R. Chapman, Lawson, Cortes, Hill, and Tolbert. The author left out Lawson, but now we've seen both Chapman and Lawson have already tweeted that they will not sign, and return to USC for their senior years. This helps the pitching staff by adding a pitcher with starting experience, and a experienced BP reliever to the group. I'm also interested to see what Ganopulos brings to the pitching table: he looks like a talented arm.....
  7. ConwayGamecock

    Gamecocks rank No. 27 in Athlon's Top 130 for 2018

    It's a good spot to start out at to begin the season. Hopefully we stay close to the top 25, and we'll have an excellent chance to finish within it at the end of the season. One player I'm also excited to see return for us on defense, is LB/Buck Bryson Allen-Williams. It was a shame that his season last season was cut short due to the shoulder injury, but all reports are now that he's fully recovered and should be 100% for fall camp. Everyone talked about how strong a season Deebo Samuel was having before he got injured, but Allen-Williams wasn't doing too badly himself. In the 3 games he played - and the 3rd one against UK, where he got injured, he played a good part of that game with the injury - Allen-Williams had 3 TFL, 2 QB sacks, 1 INT and 1 fumble recovery. Over the past 2 seasons, involving 16 games, he's collected 85 tackles, 10.5 TFL, 4.0 sacks, 3 INTs, and 2 fumble recoveries. That's not bad production for a guy that's been shifted and shuffled around in the box his entire career. I'm hoping that he has a full and healthy season, and added to Brunson and Greene helps make our LB unit one of the best in the SEC....
  8. ConwayGamecock

    DE Savion Jackson announces his chose today

    Yep he chose NC State. I posted in the 2019 discussion thread my thoughts on the matter. I wish Jackson well, and am just glad he didn't pick anyone we have to battle with regularly, like a Clemson, UTjr., UGA, etc......
  9. ConwayGamecock

    Westwood DB Cam Smith has top four

    It's pretty doubtful we will pull Steele away from SoCal, so I am looking at Jaydon Hill and Smith as our top remaining CB options, and McCullough as our top S option, to close out the class with 4 DBs prospects. We also are recruiting 4* JUCO DB DJ Daniel (he's leaning UGA IMO) and high 3* DB John Dixon, who has us as one of the top choices, should we miss out on either Hill or Smith. Both Steele and Hill are visiting USC this weekend - while neither are on any commitment watch, we'll keep our eyes open...
  10. ConwayGamecock

    Discussion Thread: 2019 Football Recruiting

    One particular note about losing 2019 WDE prospect Savion Jackson to NC State: while Jackson is a very talented prospect and I would have loved to have him added to our 2019 class, I am not chewing my teeth over losing him in the slightest. USC's best success under Spurrier - the 11-win seasons - were teams that had ferocious DLs that came at opposing offenses in waves, and had opposing QBs looking over their shoulders and opposing OLs quitting in mid-game. One huge reason for the program's decline at the end of Spurrier, and what Coach Muschamp has had to rebuild, was the depth and talent at DL withered up. Now we're seeing CWM and staff start building that depth back with great talent evaluations in under-rated players like Wonnum, Kinlaw, Thomas, Fennell, etc. and then ramping up the talent levels with Sandidge, Webb, Pickens, Belk, Anderson, etc. Before too long we'll be back to those terrorizing DLs we had in the glory years. So why am I not sweating losing on a DL talent like Jackson? Because of the 2020 class: the top 5 rated in-state prospects for the next cycle are all 4* or higher, with 2 of them 5* rated. And they are all five DL prospects. One of them have already committed to the up northerly school, and we won't factor with him, but the others we'll all have strong chances to add to our roster, especially with another strong season this season with 9+ wins and possibly a top 25 final ranking. So, it's probably already going to be a battle for the staff to get as many of those kids into the program, with the DL depth we've already compiled. We'll most likely lose Wonnum and Kinlaw after this season to the NFL, but that's it, unless someone else blows up. No one else at the position are seniors. But in any case, if the staff will work to add to the talent depth along the DL, they'll have plenty of quality options in our own backyard for 2020. So I'm OK with Jackson choosing NC St.....
  11. Shame to read about Jacobsen leaving: with Cortes leaving, I figure that Olson and Hopkins will lock down an OF position, but Blair isn't exactly a sure bet IMO for the other spot, and Campbell is more of a INF than OF. Kyle had opportunity for more playing time. I guess he feels he needs to be starting somewhere though. Now we'll start seeing more of a Mark Kingston-recruited team from here on out - the incoming class of players are a talented group, even with the MLB losses of Owen White, Taj Bradley, so Kingston will have plenty of options to rebuild the roster. And hopefully Hopkins is healthy next season, and Olson returns to his 2017 form when he led the team in batting, and Coach Meade can have an entire offseason to work with the pitching and develop a dependable staff. We'll see - either way this past season had some dips and bends but overall ended up being a solid first season for the new staff....
  12. ConwayGamecock

    VIDEO: Frank Martin summer update news conference

    I like Coach Martin, and feel he is a solid coach at developing competitive basketball teams. I think he has some decent quality players coming in for this season, that if they stay in the program could end up being major contributors for the team. But he is not a great recruiter, and doesn't have the ability to lure the bigger name talent to USC. I hope the recruiting game isn't so corrupt these days that all elite prep BB talent requires dirty tactics to get their attention, but often I've felt that Martin and his staff are just slow to react to the better talent in-state when they start blowing up. We always seem to be a year late in offering the guys, if not more. But if the players can just stay in the program for a few years, I think Coach Martin could have the team winning consistently on a moderate level, like 20+ win seasons and participating in post-season tournaments most seasons. If he can stay in Columbia long enough to get the program to that level, perhaps we'll start having better results on the recruiting trail, where prep players start wanting to come play for South Carolina, in spite of Martin's recruiting efforts....
  13. I'm concerned with this game, particularly where our defense is involved. Their dual threat QB Flowers will give us trouble as we have not defended the run very well at all - especially where there has been a rushing QB - and their RB is also a stout rusher. IMO our defense has sort of back-slid ever since the UT game where it played its best of the season. Hopefully the benefit of the extra practices will give us a chance to have a strong game-plan and clean up some of the arm-tackling bad habits we have. But I know USF will be coming with a chip on their shoulders: they will feel that at 10-2 they should be playing in a better bowl, and will look to prove something against us. I hope we come with the same fire as ending this season with a winning record and a bowl game win would be a huge stride forward, but our own team hasn't played with a lot of fire in recent games, so I dunno....
  14. ConwayGamecock

    USC men match highest ranking since 1997-98 season

    Very excited with how the season is going, although Thornwell's suspension worries me. Hopefully he'll return soon, but I've been hearing it may be for a while. I still think we can take down Seton Hall: they played Florida tough and lost to 3-loss Stanford by 15 pts., both on neutral courts. The wins they have have come against weak opposition thus far. We'll have a very good chance to remain undefeated after Seton Hall, but it would be great if Thornwell could be playing. It leaves very little margin for error from our other players: Dozier, Notice, Silva, and Kotsar would all have to play good games. I do like that Keita got his most minutes yet with 19, and scored 6 pts and pulled down 4 rebounds as well as 1 block. Those were season-bests for him I do believe - maybe he's now getting back to form after his hand injury, and will be able to contribute more as the season progresses.....
  15. Pretty tough loss on the road. We need to prepare better for UGA at home, and try again but better on the road against Arkansas, which will be a tougher road game IMO than this one. It's strange how this team struggles to get going in road games like they do, but they came out fired up versus Texas A&M in their house earlier, so perhaps they can rebound against Arkansas. Need to beat UGA at home though, because that's a revenge game. Keep chopping away at it, Gamecocks...

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