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  1. B5: USC down 3-2 Hopkins - long AB, but K's Cortes - popped up in foul territory, caught by the 1st baseman, 2 away Stokes - SINGLE TO 3RD....... ************** PITCHING CHANGE ************* Bride - SINGLE..... 1ST AND 2ND WITH 2 OUTS Row - HBP, BASES JUICED WITH 2 OUTS Tolbert - 1-0, 2-0, 2-1, 3-1, WALK, GAME TIED AT 3!
  2. 3 Ole Miss homeruns today and we are only in the 5th....... hard to win when you serve up BP. SINGLE...... Sure hope that bullpen is warming up as Demurias day is almost over IMO. K, 2 away WALK flyball to RCF, 3 away
  3. B4: Tied at 2 ROW DOUBLE DOWN THE LF LINE...... Tolbert - full count; HBP Williams - flyball to LF, runners hold, 1 away Olson - popped up to catcher, 2 away Taylor - K, 3 away
  4. Demurias in to pitch for Cody Morris...... 2 on (and a 2-0 count to the hitter), 1 out for Ole Miss with the game tied at 2 in the T4.

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