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 South Carolina Gamecocks  vs.  Vanderbilt Commodores 


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  1. MorganGamecock

    GAMECOCK-GAMEDAY THREAD: ***South Carolina vs Georgia***

    Well tonight game was really a fail for us
  2. MorganGamecock

    GAMECOCK-GAMEDAY THREAD: ***South Carolina vs Georgia***

    Well most of us knew we’re not gonna win this one, so it’s ok
  3. Man what awesome score, good job to the entire team
  4. Crap, this sucks, we thought he will sign...
  5. We have some nice guests on the list
  6. MorganGamecock

    Observations from the Tennessee game

    They screwed us
  7. MorganGamecock

    Which school will Zion Williamson choose?

    Yeah, it is clemson for sure

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