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 South Carolina Gamecocks  vs.  Chattanooga Mocs 


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  1. The talent is there and more help seems to be on the way. I think the biggest thing is the depth of the team. The more there is, the more we can hang with the big guys on the playground.
  2. Don't think we expected a win, necessarily, but we fought hard and did have the win in our hands but then squandered it.
  3. AC/DC/GC

    2020 Recruiting Class

    That sounds great but I worry that recruiting so far out, some of the top recruits may change their minds and/or decommit.
  4. Gonna be tough but I think the good guys will win by less than a TD.
  5. AC/DC/GC

    I Don't Know if Muschamp is a Great Choach

    To piggyback on that thought, I think that is going to help tremendously with recruiting. Every kid wants a coach who is going to inspire him to greater heights. IMO, it won't be long until the coaching staff is doing more w/ more!
  6. Man, the guys have GOT to get a handle on that!
  7. No argument here. I knew the chemistry wouldn't be matched when Lou retired.
  8. Hope everything is good. Many thoughts & prayers for you, my friend.
  9. AC/DC/GC

    OrTre Smith to have season-ending knee surgery

    Sad to hear this. Hope he gets better soon.
  10. We'll miss him, but kudos to this young man for going to a tribute to his brother.
  11. So in other words, 1. Win 2. Win 3. Win
  12. Giving the script helmet some thought, I do like it. But I would love to see a white helmet, black script, and garnet trim.

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